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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grant Brown: Judge not, lest ye be judged

Grantbrownsmall Dr. Grant Brown takes another hard look at gender-based inequality in the courts in his latest Western Standard column "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

Dr. Brown writes that: "In family courts across the land, judges hold effectively the same powers over separated parents as feudal lords held over their serfs, and it pleases them to exercise this power without much restraint."

Read Dr. Brown's exclusive column here.

Posted by Matthew Johnston on June 15, 2008 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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Just a quick question on divorce in Canada. If some men are threatened in a heated argument by their wife, using these Canadian laws against them,[eg: I will divorce you, take the children, and marry someone else. And you will be paying me for the rest of your life.] Is it possible that these sort of threats could drive some men to kill their whole family and then themselves? Because something is driving these men to do just that. Anybody?

Posted by: Glen | 2008-06-15 4:45:15 PM

I think you are right on the money Glen!! I have wondered about this question for years but no one wants to deal with it. The media never investigates these murder / suicides properly and writes about them. Not that this is an excuse for murdering your family but it's a fact and the system is partially responsible for it...


Posted by: Doug P | 2008-06-16 5:03:27 AM

I don't think so guys. Guys who murder their families usually have other issues.

Posted by: dp | 2008-06-16 5:12:37 AM

dp wrote:
*"Guys who murder their families usually have other issues."*

And, just what are these other issues and is it still not true that the Family-law system and or our society failed not only these men but more importantly our children??

Glen and Doug are both on the right track: Our Media and the complete 'DV' Industry actually go towards promoting and propagating what they characterize as 'Femiside'. Women in our society are schooled into believing that every man is capable of murder while every father lives with the realization that all it takes is a presumption of fear to have him removed from his life, and his children... our children.

With the billions of dollars indiscriminately funneled annually to the Women's Shelter Industry, [with no apparent effect] certainly, someone in our government might begin to notice that it is high time to stop throwing money at these women for alleged symptoms and just perhaps a few dollars could get spent on efforts that would look at the causes [other issues]?

Allan Buteau,
Redwater, Alberta

Posted by: Allan Buteau | 2008-06-16 7:38:22 AM

Anyone who commits murder-suicide has serious mental-health problems, no matter what the circumstances. A pending family break-up and the injustice of the family-law system may be catalysts for triggering a rage, but murder-suicide would not happen in most cases (at least) without an underlying psychological problem.

The problem is that men are simply demonized in popular culture, instead of being given help to deal with their issues. Male rage is "normalized" rather than treated, so many men don't think they need treatment until it is too late.

By contrast, whenever a women kills a family member, we look for reasons -- she was abused as a child, she had a drug problem, she was in an abusive relationship, she was suffering from PMS (no kidding) -- and those reasons become her excuse. She gets a reduced sentence with emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation. See the recent case of Teresa Craig for yet another typical example.

UBC Psychology Professor, Dr. Donald Dutton, has recently testified to this effect at the public inquiry into the Lee murder-suicide in B.C.

Mental-health problems are very difficult to deal with because if the person suffering from them is not willing to seek help, the standard for involuntary committal is very high. There is often very little anyone can do until it is too late. But a family-law system that was gentler on fathers and looked for solutions to conflict rather than inflaming it into an adversarial, winner-takes-all battle where men are bound to lose, might save some of these guys from going over the brink.

Posted by: Grant Brown | 2008-06-16 9:22:39 AM

Thank you Grant. Thank you for bring this to main stream media. Thank you for sharing your educated view. Thank you for showing Canada that this is a problem many father faces. Thank you from me, and my daughter.

Posted by: Brendan | 2008-06-16 9:49:44 AM

We hear "best interests of children" all the time, but everyone knows it's best interests of mum.

Shame on them.

Posted by: Rick | 2008-06-16 11:52:45 AM

"She gets a reduced sentence with emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation. See the recent case of Teresa Craig for yet another typical example."

Speaking of domestic violence committed by women:

I wonder what Penny Boudreau's defense will be in the murder trial of her daugher.

Abusive relationship? Nope.
Post-Partum depression? Nope.
Self-defense? Unlikely.
And how will this affect the outcome.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-06-16 3:47:38 PM

Yo Grant- how'd that little discipline problem you had work out?

Posted by: Nbob | 2008-06-16 10:07:10 PM

Best Interest Of The Child

This phrase was coined by HITLER, when he wanted to remove all the children at birth and give them to those who were loyal to him and his Patriarchal Dictatorship.

Divide and conquer is the name of the game, and once parents come to court, then they and their children become pawns for the legal system to use in any way they want- IN ORDER TO MAKE MONEY.

Why are self professed judges PUNISHING parents and children for committing no crime??

It has nothing to do with the child at all.

It is all to do with keeping their secret a secret.

Kangaroo Courts in 2008 is ridiculous.

But man has been enslaved since the time of the Changos, and knows no different.

Time to wake up, before the state comes to remove children by the million.

Posted by: Lady Portia | 2008-06-17 5:09:46 AM

I think you have fallen for the trick my dear man.

Motherhood is not treated as sacred at all by this system.
This is how the system uses the media to divide and conquer society.
It tells the those in male bodies that females have it all their way and you believe it- they give you a few examples and bingo- you are brainwashed.

I then can give you the other side of the story- where mothers are locked up for protecting their children from violent men.

I can show you paperwork where a mother got months in jail for shouting- I love you to her son.

What kind of judge makes such decisions.

One that has unresolved inner issues of his own.

The idea at this time is to balance male and female.

But the old Patriarchal system does not want that- because then there is no money to be made out of people.

Do we need Boys in Curls to sort out our differences??

NO- we are told by others that we do.

That is the trick - so then they can perform open wallet surgery on you and your family.

To love your child- is to love the mother of your child.
Without her- as creator- there is no child.

She is sacred and only a mother can mother.

A father has a different role- but he rarely performs it these days.

Come on, bring back the Matriarchal Strong Male.

See, he died, when you killed off the Mother- the Goddess.

Without Mother Earth- we are all doomed.

Posted by: Catherine Mills | 2008-06-17 5:22:41 AM

Does the so called learned judge realise that he is in fact a sheep??

He/she is conditioned in his/her training to think in a particular way.

How well does he know the family??

Has he a degree in psychology??etc.

No, he only rules on what the lawyers etc tell him.

That is their personal view of course, and could be totally wrong.

I know many psychopaths- male and female who have fooled all the professionals, won the children, like spoils of war, then abused them big time.

It is a war and the children are taken as spoils of war.

No different to thousands of years ago- when women and children were taken as spoils of war.

You see Man made law still views women and children as chattels.

They may not admit to it- but it is in their consciousness- inbred for thousands of years.

My experience in Ireland was-

Judg said- now be a good girl - go home to your violent husband and obey him.

Otherwise this court will put you in your box, or you can go homeless from your home.

Then we will take the children, give them electric shock therapy to force them to comply.

That is how Irish Judges rule.

Posted by: Lilith Barrett | 2008-06-17 5:36:46 AM


"But the old Patriarchal system does not want that- because then there is no money to be made out of people."

Patriarchal rule? Are you kidding?

There may be mostly men at the top ruling but that is a far cry from most men ruling. Give your ideological head a shake.

"See, he died, when you killed off the Mother- the Goddess."

I'm an atheist so your mystical mumbo jumbo new age crap is the same as the old crap. Oh, wait! It is the old crap but recycled.

"A father has a different role- but he rarely performs it these days."

Yes, it's different. However, I disagree after that. Most men take their role as father seriously and perform accordingly...even when stripped of their home, assets, and access to their children. Your assumptions are showing!

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-06-17 5:54:33 AM

Posted by: Catherine Mills | 17-Jun-08 5:22:41 AM

"To love your child- is to love the mother of your child.
Without her- as creator- there is no child."

Catherine, your comments merely go to support the fact that women who chose to treat children as possessions stand as the *root cause* for all the Gender issues and family-law problems in this country. Forcing fathers out of the lives of children simply because they have fallen out of love with the mother is so wrong in so many ways…

A more caring mother might write: "To love the child is to accept that they are a product of both a Mother and Father, And it is only when we as a society accept that actuality will we ever begin to understand the real meaning of *the Best Interest of the Child*."

Posted by: Allan Buteau | 2008-06-17 10:33:23 AM

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