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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's time for a change in the Conservative Party of Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made his retreat from anti-Communism official with the permanent appointment of pro-"engagement" David Emerson as Foreign Minister (CTV and National Post).  As someone who supported Harper in the 2006 election for the anti-Communist policies he had espoused as Opposition Leader, I have no choice but to withdraw that support now and call for the Conservative Party of Canada to change leaders.

Placing Emerson permanently in Foreign Affairs is a terrible mistake; wrong on principle, wrong on national interest, and wrong on politics.  That Harper did it anyway reveals a PM who has lost his way, and unless he is removed, will also lead the Tories into the wilderness.

On principle: Under Harper's leadership, the Conservative Party became arguably the most anti-Communist party in the democratic world.  Its election in 2006 gave Canada an opportunity to be the world's genuine conscience (as opposed to the phony conscience the Liberals and used as a model, which the rest of the world ignored, BTW).  That potential is now in ashes.

On what is best for Canada: After the scare on exports from Communist China, the numerous attempts by the cadres to grab Canadian resources, and the espionage-intimidation network exposed three years ago, one would think most politicians would be aware of the danger the Beijing regime poses to the free world.  Sadly, the elite in Ottawa (much like Washington, I should add) do not see clearly enough - and one of the worst was Liberal Industry Minister David Emerson.  To put him in charge of Foreign Affairs is to ignores these and many other ways where Beijing's action damage both Canadian economic interests and the health and welfare of the Canadian people.

On the politics: It is all but certain that in the next election, the Liberals will try what they always try - scare left-wing and center-left voters who have tired of them to "Stop the Conservatives."  Yet, on this issue (before today), NDP and Bloc voters were closer to the Conservative view than the Liberal one.  Anti-Communism was one issue where these voters would see why it would not make sense to vote Liberal just to prevent the Tories from winning a majority.  That rationale is now gone.

I want to make clear that this change, in my view, must be within the CPC.  This is no way is meant to imply any support for the Liberals.  In fact, replacing one ex-Liberal Foreign Minister who spouts the "engagement" line on Communist China with an actual Liberal who will spout the "engagement" line on Communist China would accomplish nothing.  It must be another Conservative, an anti-Communist Conservative, who replaces Harper; the sooner, the better.

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So Mr. Emerson a floor crossing Liberal gets foreign affairs. I wonder how the real conservatives - if there are any left -feel about this appointment. No wonder people are cynical about politics.

Stephen Harper’s “worst enemy” crosses the floor
By Stephen J. Gray

"I'm going to be Stephen Harper's worst enemy,…" (David Emerson)

Wow, Liberal David Emerson crosses the floor and is made a Cabinet Minister to boot. I wonder how all those faithful conservatives who toiled in the trenches, feel about being left out of cabinet to a floor crossing Liberal? Still Belinda Stronach crossed the floor to join the Liberals as did Scott Brison, so I guess what goes around comes around. Hey, maybe those two will re-cross again to the Conservatives? The way “ethics” and “principles” are being enacted in politics today anything is possible. Are Liberal values coming to the fore?

Regarding Emerson; a Liberal head honcho was reported to have said Mr. Emerson was "pragmatic" and still had "liberal values." Who could argue with that!!! And so our political farce continues. A former NDP and now a Liberal MP on the opposition benches was heard to say he was "disappointed" in Emerson. This NDP/Liberal should look in the mirror, he double crossed the NDP. And a "principled" business leader was heard to say: Emerson did a "good thing." This makes one wonder about business "ethics." Oh heck, I forgot ethics is probably dead and buried under political expediency. Is it any wonder over 40% of the people do not vote. They realize there is no ethics or principles in politics. Once you place that X in a box next to any name, the game is over for you. Your fate is sealed. Hey, you people out there, would you like a Cabinet Position? Well, run for politics under any banner, and if you win and your party should lose, just cross the floor to the winning party.

Still the party is the thing. Mr. Emerson said he would have stayed with the Liberal Party if Paul Martin’s Liberals had won the election, and of course they did not. But hey, who wants to be a winner on the losing side? The real losers are those who voted for Mr. Emerson believing he was representing their point of view. Tough on them. But that’s politics in Canada today. So get used to it. Congratulate the guy on being a winner. Don’t be sore losers if you voted Liberal. After all Mr. Emerson did say he would be: “Stephen Harper’s worst enemy.”

Stephen J. Gray
Feb. 6, 2006.
[email protected] website: http://www.geocities.com/graysinfo

Posted by: Stephen J. Gray | 2008-06-25 12:33:29 PM

Geez...you guys sound bitter, lol.

First off, Emerson is was a CEO. As such, to him, switching parties was like switching companies. Not a big deal. He wanted to get something done for the forestry industry because that was his job before he got into politics. If you ever wanted a Liberal to cross the floor, it would be him. He is no slouch and used to make millions a year and is settling for a minister's paltry salary to get something done..like solving the softwood lumber insanity..which he did, and he could only do it if he joined the Tories. He's pretty non partisan.

As for Harper..look, I live in Toronto. It sucks because I am surrounded by idiots. Unfortunately they vote...and they vote Liberal...but in the suburbs they are closer to being on the fence politically. All they need is a little push...

Steve has a minority. He can't go changing stuff willy nilly, because the opposition would take him down. The point is to stay in power as long as you can so that people get used to you. Don't make big waves..just small ripples. The Tories have changed lots of things quietly under the radar and passed quite a bit of legislation..Conservative legislation...it's the little things that count for now; it lays down the foundation. They are also clearing out the bureaucracy and appointing their people.

So, just be patient...I think Harper will be the best PM we ever had...

Posted by: Trawna | 2008-06-25 3:04:31 PM

Ooops, hey sorry, posted twice..

At any rate, I have one more thing to say: Reality; We LIVE in a country that leans to the left; out East anyway...Harper is doing what he needs to do..he left the Reform Party after all, because he disagreed with Manning. Harper thought that the party should veer closer to the centre. Manning disagreed, so Harper left. It is the only way to win. If you notice, Jack Layton is sounding more to the centre these days too, and that is no coincidence..the both of them want to reduce the Libs to a rump and Jack wants to be the Official Opposition.

Posted by: Trawna | 2008-06-25 3:17:15 PM

Emerson is an unprincipled windbag who has never stayed long enough in any job to end up wearing the blame for his "fixes". The Softwood agreement penalizes the Canadian softwood industry when they are down because they aren't a real example of capitalism but a group of rent-seeking holders of crown tenure incestuously in bed with provincial governments flooding the market at the bottom due to annual cuts imposed on them. The rest of the civilized world produces timber on private land. The current agreement is not a fix but another variation of a temporary penalty.

Emerson has no moral dilemma dealing with the Chi-coms because to him it's just business and positioning and ego-building and dealing with issues as a tough-guy to look good for the next couple of quarters.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-06-25 10:17:02 PM

Chtick, read Trawna's post. You don't look so good next to Trawna.


Posted by: epsilon | 2008-06-25 10:54:18 PM

Bet all you Reform rubes never thought you'd have to rationalize having your asses punk'd by a Mulroney-loving Liberal and senator appointing Torontonian like Harper.

Losing that $35 billion to Harper's income trust lie must sting, too....

Posted by: joe bleau | 2008-06-26 1:14:27 AM


I worked in the BC forest industry in management for many years including working for Emerson. I don't care how I compare to Trawna who seems to be justifying Conservative power over principles. One might just as well defend Gordo because he's not NDP in name. The art of successful politics for it's own sake is not any higher morally than prostitution.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-06-26 9:45:44 AM

It appears the only problem with Mr Emerson is he was smart enough to get the hell out of the Liberal cesspool. Part of the problem could have been pure frustration that the Liberal Boss/PM could not manage to cut a deal.
Looks like politics trumps common sense and doing what's best for the people affected by not having a deal on softwood lumber in the world of Liberals.
Emerson's riding must be another brain free voting area, Liberal or nothing. Sometimes people have to lose their shirts/be whacked over the beano to see reality

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-06-26 10:17:54 AM

Your welcome to your opinion, Mr. McGuire. In my opinion you're way off base with it.

If it's principles you're looking for, happy hunting. You'll find it a scarce commodity in the Liberal Party. It's to the point in politics, maybe always was, you do whatever it takes to get power and put forth that which you believe the best for the people.

Bye, bye. Happy hunting.

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-06-26 10:31:39 AM

Just curious D.J. In what way are the Chinese still "communist"? They do have private enterprise, they do seem to be trading quite heavily with the rest of the world (to a degree that we're all lapping up their products etc.).

So if they are communists... What are we?

Posted by: Snowrunner | 2008-06-26 12:18:35 PM

Well, all I can say to John Chittick's post is: Ya gotta get in to get out...

And that's what Harper needs to do to change this country for the better. Conservatives need to be patient..you can't undo 13 years of Liberal BS in a day...not to mention the mess Mulroney and Trudeau left.

This country is a nightmare win an election in AND to govern..it's going to take a little finesse..

Look on the bright side..we got Emerson, and they got Belinda...

Posted by: Trawna | 2008-06-27 11:23:26 AM

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