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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bob Barr on McCain and Obama's energy policies

Bob Barr has been "Waiting in Vain" to see a sensible energy policy put forward by any other candidate, in this video he focuses on McCain's policy and concludes that it is "inconsistent... completely meaningless" and that Obama's "makes even less sense."

Most cringeworthy line: "The Bob Barr solution is the American people's solution." Hey, what a coincidence: That sounds like the Wayne Allen Root solution.

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Bob who?

Posted by: epsilon | 2008-06-24 7:19:15 PM

Barr, epsi, Bob Barr. Used to be a congressman from Georgia (that's in the U.S.).

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-06-24 8:34:25 PM

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Posted by: String Cheese | 2008-06-24 10:04:02 PM


Posted by: epsilon | 2008-06-24 10:57:05 PM

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