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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barr on YouTube

This is a pretty awesome video. And not just because of the message (which is good), but also because of the choice of music--Canada's own Arcade Fire.


Posted by P.M. Jaworski on June 28, 2008 in International Politics | Permalink


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Epsi: No yawning, please. The video is pretty exciting. And if you have the urge to yawn, drink a cup of coffee or three.

And no groaning either. Pretty please.

(And it's former Republican Congressman Bob Barr).

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-06-28 8:19:04 PM

Sure, but what about Ron Paul? Will he jump the GOP to join Barr? Give me either one of these guys for Prez any day.

Posted by: Buchanan | 2008-06-28 10:34:15 PM

Yeah, OK. But who the **** is Bob Barr?

Posted by: epsilon | 2008-06-29 10:08:51 AM

Geeze, am I sick of the status quo.

As a constant supporter of the the status quo I am seeing that there really is NO QUO that remains.

There is only THE STATE!

All I see is the chipping away of the liberties that as a supporter of the QUO I imagined I was supporting and defending.

I could not have been more mistaken.

The QUO is being liquidated, WITH PREJUDICE, by the STATE.

I say this as one whose eyes have been newly opened.

I am tired of CINOs whose excuse for enacting Liberal legislation is that they have to pander to socialists to get elected.

I am tired of RINOs for the same reason.

I KNOW that there is a WINNING number of voters, myself included, who are disenfranchised because there is no candidate to vote for who represents true liberty, the hopes and dreams of those who still believe in freedom.

I hate the idea of anarchy.
I despise those who champion anarchy either through ignorance of history or pure licentiousness.

The walls of fascism are closing in.
Choices are limited and confusing.

I walked into a small private convenience store today and saw all of the cigarette shelves covered in black cladding, like an Islamic burka, and the repression of it made an impression on me like an iron fist.

The intrusion of the STATE in Alberta is now visually oppressive in a way that was earlier invisible to me because of it's lower profile.

The black cladding in that convenience store was so visually ugly and so obvious I had to take notice.

Bob Barr = Liberty?
Yeah. That is looking like a believable proposition to me.

I'm starting to see it now.
As long as when the pass is thrown it doesn't get intercepted by the Anarchists or the Communists.

It was a good video, a powerful video, but my biggest question is, IF Americans aren't pulling the lever for the LESSER of TWO evils by chosing between McCain and Obama, is pulling the lever for Bob Barr the GREATER of THREE evils? if choosing Barr means choosing against winning a war that Islam has unilaterally declared against my way of life and choosing Bob Barr means choosing for the candidate favoured by Islamists, Anarchists, or the Communists?

Posted by: Speller | 2008-06-30 11:17:57 PM

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