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Monday, May 12, 2008

WS Radio: Michael Munger interview


Listen live (QuickTime), Mondays, 4 - 6 p.m. EST

"Political Animals"--the flagship radio show of Western Standard radio--is a weekly political talk show on 88.1 WBGUFM hosted by Jay Lafayette, Peter Jaworski, and Terrence Watson.

Today, our phone-in guest will be Dr. Michael Munger, Chair of the Political Science department at Duke University, and currently a candidate for governor of North Carolina on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Munger Our interview will focus on third parties in the U.S.: Why is it so difficult for third parties to get ballot access, and why are there such onerous restrictions on just getting on the ballot in the first place? We'll also ask him about laws that disallow high prices during times of emergency, and about what libertarians are for. We all know libertarians oppose the state, oppose drug laws, oppose gun laws, oppose... well, you get the idea. But what are libertarians for, exactly? This is the title of Munger's talk at the forthcoming Liberty Summer Seminar over the July 26, 27 weekend put on by the Institute for Liberal Studies (Peter Jaworski is one of the Directors of the Institute, and is helping to host the Liberty Summer Seminar... just so you know).

Gerry Nicholls, one of the best political pundits in Canada, may join us today. He "may," rather than "will" because he has jury duty. And that duty may keep him from his radio duties.

Political Animals is on every Monday from 4 to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, broadcast out of 88.1 FM in the Bowling Green, Ohio area, and on www.wbgufm.com worldwide. To listen to a direct stream, click here (QuickTime). To participate in the discussion, you can call 888-7-WBGUFM, or send us an email at politicalanimals-at-wbgufm-dot-com.

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