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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WS Radio: Boris Dingin audio

On Monday's "Political Animals," we interviewed Boris Dingin, the former Soviet naval officer who was on the submarine that the movie "The Hunt for Red October" was based on. We also talked about "purity balls," and chimps getting human rights. You can listen to the whole show by clicking here.

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Great show!

It’s not everyday I hear co-host, Promiscuity Pete, pushing guilt-free sex and prostitution-inspired relationships in his mockery of Purity Balls and the movement to encourage chastity among young women. What happened to developing a conservative culture in the libertarian movement?

Jay’s insights into love, sex and marriage are excellent, while Peter playfully tugs at our social fabric without, thankfully, tearing it apart completely. :-)

I was intrigued to hear that Gerry Nichols has voted for the Libertarian Party in the past and believes it has a “valuable role” to play in Canadian politics.

As for your point, Peter, that markets work because of incentives, there is more to it than that. Markets work because of the price information or signals it creates that allow for the rational allocation of resources. Incentives are, of course, important.

Jay's comments on the banks being forced to lend to the poor were excellent. I'm glad someone finally pointed out that government policy played a hand in this mess in more ways than one.

On a technical matter, the volume is inconsistent – too quiet sometimes, too loud other times. It got much better after the first 30-minutes.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-05-28 1:34:50 PM

Matthew: Thanks for your comments!

I was mostly just teasing about the purity balls--something about them strikes me as a little too prudish to take seriously. I think it's a good idea to encourage chastity, but, really, *purity balls*? Come on!

Also, we shouldn't just push "no sex before marriage" messages, but also "use a condom if you're going to do what I don't want you to do" messages as well.

If you know Gerry as well as I do, you'll know that the man is serious about liberty in Canada. He's a bonafide freedom lover, so him casting a ballot or two (or three) for the Libertarian Party makes sense.

Re: Markets: You're right. I was kicking myself during the break for not mentioning Hayek's *main* point, and the reason why the Austrian free marketeers destroyed the central planners during the great economic planning debates not so long ago. I made myself feel better by thinking that the information contained in prices affects our incentives, meaning that incentives are, ultimately, what matter. But that's clearly not good enough--at every opportunity, we should stress that incentives operate at the employer-employee level, as well as at the consumer level. And the consumer level is vitally important, and importantly different from, the other level. Thanks for pointing that out.

As for the volume--someone prior to our show changed the levels on the CD recorder. After 30 minutes, I spotted the levels on the recorder, and adjusted the levels. For the first 30-or-so minutes, there was no audio being fed from the left "speaker" (or whatever it's called). This has happened to us once before... someone turned the volume all the way down, and the result was no audio whatsoever... Sad day in radio-land for us.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-05-28 2:03:35 PM

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