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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pro-life in the banlieue

Some results from a May 23rd Gallup poll investigating views on moral issues in the Western countries and among Muslims in European cities:


On various social issues religious Americans hold views much closer to European Muslims than to their compatriots or the Western European public. Steven Ertelt, Editor and CEO of Lifenews.com says that "members of the Islamic faith in various European nations are more pro-life than religious Americans" and further suggested that: "the results show pro-life groups in both the United States and Europe should consider a greater outreach to members of the Islamic faith to encourage them to get involved in the battle to protect unborn children. Muslims may also be a voting block receptive to the pro-life message from political candidates who strongly oppose abortion."

This strategy  has not been extensively explored in North America, but before pro-life activists start attending their local masjid for Friday prayer, I am curious to see polling data from American and Canadian Muslims to see if they would be similar. The cultural, economic and educational make-up of the Muslim community in North America is quite different from that in Europe. The significant differences in opinion between the Muslims of Berlin, Paris and London may have something to do with the different cultural background of each city's Muslim populations which originate primarily from Turkey, North Africa, and South Asia respectively.

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Islam may be the salvation of the European people. It certainly enhances fitness, i.e. more babies are born to Muslim women. It also appears to be the only enemy of liberalism. A syncretic Islamic Europe may evolve as a replacement for the post-modernist zeitgeist.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-05-27 8:35:06 PM

A syncretic Islam may not be possible without revolution and "blood in the streets" first.

There is a story about a frong and a scorpion, where the dying frog asks the scorpion why he would kill him when it meant they both would die. The scorpion's reply was simply "I am a scorpion and that's what scorpions do."

Posted by: TM | 2008-05-27 10:02:11 PM

"I am a scorpion and that's what scorpions do."

Of course it's a lie because scorpions are not suicidal.

"A syncretic Islam may not be possible without revolution and "blood in the streets" first."

All it will take is demographics. More babies will suffice.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-05-27 10:46:19 PM

DJ, I am not sure what you are saying. Of course scorpions are not suicidal, it is just a story to illustrate a point, as you well know. So I assume I am missing something in what you mean.

I also don't get the demographics comment. Please flesh that out a bit.

Posted by: TM | 2008-05-28 2:52:47 PM

At some point, most probably, the Muslim population will be such, voting as an ethnic faction, to influence political outcomes. Political expediency might suggest Sharia be exchanged for Muslim votes.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-05-28 3:02:42 PM

That is likely what would happen, which would be a threat to freedom.

Posted by: TM | 2008-05-28 3:55:01 PM

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