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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maxime Bernier’s final act: Canada-Ukraine joint statement

Maxime Bernier, while still Minister of Foreign Affairs, and his Ukrainian counterpart, foreign minister Volodymyr Ohryzko, issued a joint statement yesterday recognizing that Canada and Ukraine are committed to developing and expanding their “Special Partnership.”

The statement was issued on the occasion of the visit to Canada of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko – and only hours before Bernier was forced to resign for mishandling classified information regarding a recent NATO summit in Romania.

Here are a few key points found in the joint statement:

1. Canada is hoping for an additional contribution from Ukraine to the Afghanistan mission, especially an increase in ISAF air-lift capabilities.

2. Ukraine intends to open a Consulate-General of Ukraine in Edmonton, Alberta...a nice consolation, perhaps, for being overlooked in Yushchenko’s brief tour.

3. Canada supports recognition of the Great Famine (Holodomor) of 1932-33 in Ukraine and specific recognition that the “cruel actions and policies of the totalitarian Stalinist regime caused the death of millions of Ukrainians.” Conservative MP James Bezan has a Private Members Bill before parliament that would do exactly this.

The full text of the joint statement can be found here.

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.....so how is the pandering to QC in terms of effort, millions (approaching billions) of dollars, and Official Bilingualism/Multiculturalism working for you now?

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2008-05-27 7:47:31 AM

I was pretty active on this blog regarding this issue because, unlike other bloggers who have strong allegeance for one or the other federal party, I was mostly concerned as for the Canadian image on the international stage and I tought the questions regarding our national security were highly appropriated.

Now that Bernier has resigned and that all the questions will be answered (this have to be seen), I don't wish to tarnish the Man or the CPC for it. As we know, that could have happen in any >Canadian< political parties.

What I would like to say however is that now that Harper have acted properly (to late, I would say), I find a bit funny that no Cons cheerleaders who defended the party seems to make a case of this resignation.
Just wanna put to light that we're dealing with many hypocrtites.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-05-27 2:43:04 PM

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