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Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Mario Dumont could save Canada . . . by destroying it

As the day of the Canadian bureaucracy's laughably ironic tribute to Franz Kafka approaches, the forces of free speech are growing increasingly glum.  Already, Mark Steyn and Macleans have been convicted in the court of pessimistic opinion, with little, if any, relief in sight.

However, there is, IMHO, one person who could bring this entire charade to a screeching halt, if only he knew (1) that he could do it, and (2) how much it is in his interest to do it.  That person is Mario Dumont.

Quebec's opposition leader is not having his best year, but he is still in a position to radically change the entire nature of this debacle.  For one, he still has 41 MNA's in Quebec City.  Secondly, his support for Jeff Fillion (on which he was practically alone in Quebec politics) gives him the free-speech credentials he would need for what I am about to suggest.  Finally, given what has been happening to him and his party recently, he doesn't have much to lose.

So, what dramatic statement could he make that could reshape the entire human rights tribunal fiasco?  I was figuring something like this: threatening to introduce legislation for a referendum on Quebec independence the moment Steyn, Levant, Macleans, or anyone else exercising free speech is convicted by any tribunal.

What makes this actually powerful (as opposed to useless grandstanding) is the current state of politics in Quebec.  As soon as Dumont were to make this statement, the PQ would have to choose between supporting him or watching half its vote go permanently to the ADQ.  I'm guessing they'll take the former - meaning the human rights commissions will have to add "potentially killing Canada" to the already long list of damaging consequences from going after Steyn, Levant, Macleans, etc., especially if - as I suspect - the new, right-wing justification for separation puts the "Yes" side back in front (at least on the condition that convictions are handed down) for the first time in a dozen years.  The entire episode would take on a new dimension, and it would be front-page news every single day for weeks (if not months).

Furthermore, odds are Premier Jean Charest, in a desperate attempt to deflect this, will himself be compelled to come to the defense of free speech and in opposition to any conviction.  He might even try to burnish his credentials on this by calling for an end to Quebec's human rights tribunal.  Either way, the entire Quebec political establishment would end up on the side of freedom (whether it wants to be there or not).  This would force federal politicians to take a stand, or risk the wrath of la belle province.

Naturally, the usual suspects will flip out, but so long as they include the Muslim muzzlers who are going after Steyn, Levant, and Macleans, it will be spring 2007 for Dumont all over again.

More to the point, the lefties who are so desperate to silence the Canadian right will have to ask themselves if its worth bringing Canada itself (or their version of bilingual, multicultural Canada) to an end.

For decades, the left has been using the Quebec separatist threat to hold Canada hostage for bigger and more oppressive government.  The question is: will the right be willing to do the same for free speech?  Is it ready to destroy Canada in order to save it?

Or is this just easier for me to consider because I'm an American?

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Please do more research when writing on Quebec politics.

First, Quebecers dont care about Macleans, Stein or Levant. The vast majority dosent know those names.

The only place where Dumont can regain some political assets would be by attacking the results of the commission Bouchard-Taylor. This commission, mandated by the Liberals, came to the conclusion that Quebecers should reshape their vocabulary regarding religious accomodations and immigrants. According to them, Quebecers should also learn more English to accomadate new immigrants.


In short, the State, backed by la Canadian Democracie, wish to dictates how we talk and think.

This should bring Dumont back to reality, which means his first loves, Québec independance.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-05-19 9:10:49 AM

D.J. McGuire makes salient points regarding the outcome of the BC HRC charges against Maclean's and Steyn.
If those charges stick and the current Harper government fails to reel in the HRC's, then you can bet that Canada is finished as a protected free speech nation and separation will indeed be on the front burner.

Both Alberta and Quebec ( Saskatchewan and BC?)will be encouraged to separate, without question and I right here in Ontario will be cheering them on, while divesting my Ontarian possessions, getting ready to move to a speech protected free country, be it Alberta ,Saskatchewan or even Quebec.

Are you listening Stephen Harper and Rob Nicholson?

Posted by: Joseph ( Joe ) Molnar | 2008-05-19 9:48:50 AM

There is some logic there but I think that you need to frame the debate in such a way as to tap into the fear of loss of Quebec culture and history as demonstrated by the reasonable accommodation furor re Islam (although I suspect that was largely the voice of rural "old Quebec").

Marc is right, the attitude towards Canadian Anglos in Quebec is virtually indistinguishable from their attitude towards Americans (welcome as tourists only). Quebecois are quite used to and supportive of the jackboot of the state to stomp on civil liberties (certainly free speech) in the name of preserving Quebec's 300 year old version of the French language. Bill 101 anyone?

I suspect that given that Quebec has unfortunately become one of the most secular, advanced welfare-state, basket-case economies in North America, don't hold your breath.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-05-19 10:02:35 AM

Mr. Chittick,

"Marc is right, the attitude towards Canadian Anglos in Quebec is virtually indistinguishable from their attitude towards Americans (welcome as tourists only)."

If more and more Quebec Anglos would not vote PQ and immigration from US citizens into french Quebec would not be constantly on the rise, maybe I would accord importance to your interpretation.

Your comments fall in line with the Commission Bouchard-Taylor which point out that the sake of Quebec social cohension absolutly need to pass by the "anglicisation" of its population.

I almost died laughing hearing that this morning.

Even under the PQ, there's not a better served minority in Québec than the Quebec Anglos.
I'm glad you're, like me, in favour of Quebec independance and since you sir decided the best way for acheiving this goal is by promoting awful lies, I won't get in your path.

You simply ease up the process and that's fine with me.

Best regards,


Posted by: Marc | 2008-05-19 10:49:03 AM

Vi..Vi.. Vi.. Vive..ve..ve..ve.. Le..Le..Le..Le.. La..La..La..La..La..
Que..Que..Que..Que??? Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cock-a-Doodle..Doodle..Doodle..Do..Do..Do.. Pecker..Pecker..Peck..Peck..Peck..Bec..Bec..Bec..Bec.. Li..Li..Li..Li.. Br..Br..Br.. Bre..Bre..Bre...

Posted by: Agha Ali Arkahn | 2008-05-19 11:26:02 AM

It is critical that both Harper and Nicholson address the issue of the Commie inspired Kangaroo Courts, HRC's. These are the tools that will lead to the downfall of this democracy if they're allowed to continue.

If no action is forthcoming on this issue by the Conservatives it will be difficult for many Conservatives to support them.

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-05-19 1:18:04 PM

I still maintain that the best defense against the Islamic terrorists abusing those horrid tribunals is to file actions to declare the Koran hate literature and to punish anyone who imports, distributes, sells or quotes from the hate-verses of that book.

If that does not work, I give the following advise, in antique French: Tues-les tous; Dieu Redonnatdea les sein!

Posted by: James Pawlak | 2008-05-19 7:33:30 PM

It's not commies who are inspiring the kangaroo courts.

Ezra Levant:

"Bernie Farber and Len Rudner of the CJC have both written to the CHRC, encouraging them to do an end-run around the CRTC, and to set up a political Cybertip [blocking child abuse and child pornography sites] site. Here is an appalling couple of letters to this effect. Look at the second paragraph of Farber's letter:

'Indeed, CJC, more [than] 10 years ago, observed that the internet might have the appearance of a wild frontier, but that it could be -- and must be -- tamed.'

Oh, really? I know that throttling dissenting views is Farber's personal fetish. But does anyone at the CJC -- or its funders -- know the kind of things this man writes? Do the two figurehead presidents, Reuven Bulka and Sylvain Abitbol? What do they think of Farber's dream of "taming" the Internet?

'We will of course not be satisfied until the number of "Canadian [hate] sites" has been reduced to zero, but the work is well underway.'

Well, we know the kind of sites that the CHRC considers to be "hate sites". They investigated Free Dominion, a mainstream conservative site. Maclean's magazine's website was specifically named in a section 13 "hate site" complaint to the CHRC. And the Western Standard magazine itself was hit with an Alberta HRC complaint for publishing the Danish cartoons. But Farber and the CJC won't be satisfied until they're gone."

Disolving Canada will have no impact upon groups bent on burying free speech.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-05-19 11:25:18 PM

"In short, the State, backed by la Canadian Democracie, wish to dictates how we talk and think."

What else did you expect, Marc? :]

Posted by: DJ | 2008-05-19 11:38:17 PM

"What else did you expect, Marc? :]"

Honestly DJ?

For 7 millions $, I would have expect a commission that would do strong recommendations to our elected politicians so that they would secure our system inna way that no religious duty or beliefs of special groups of interests would be imposed on our secular society and public system. By the way, those recommendations are needed not only for new comers but for those groups of special interests already in place as well.

I would have expected a commission that would emphasised on stronger programs to make sure our immigrants are able to get faster on the work market and a better recognition of their qualifications.

I would have expect a commission that would do strong recommendations so that future immigrants would know, before coming here, what Quebec is about and what’s not acceptable as religious requests.

It’s not like if the hosting society is imposing strong religious ideologies or if we’re against religious freedom. So buzz of with those stupid requests that only serve religious extremists who feel like fishes in water when the fire is pogné dans cabane.


We sure have some adjustments to do as a society wishing for new immigrants to come here but, reshaping our vocabulary so that new comers don’t feel as new immigrants is plain stupid. To request that our French society needs to anglicize itself so that more new comers feel better is not only very stupid, it’s a declaration of war.

7 millions dollars to receive a slap on the wrist and a call for Anglicisation of our society is not only an insult to our intelligence, it’s a call for hate and more divisions among our society.

This 7 millions circus illustrates pretty well how Charles Taylor and our provincial Libs work for the people behind the curtain. This commission was put in place so that religious groups would understand that we don’t want our society to return to middle ages for the benefit of extremists.

Now it’s became a thing between French Quebecers and la Canadian Democratie.
The most constant and vicious enemy to the Québec Nation.

Nous vaincrons!

Posted by: Marc | 2008-05-20 1:48:54 PM

Prison de Montréal

14 février 1839 à 11 heures du soir

Le public et mes amis en particulier attendent peut-être une déclaration sincère de mes sentiments : à l'heure fatale qui doit nous séparer de la terre, les opinions sont toujours regardées et reçues avec plus d'impartialité. L'homme chrétien se dépouille en ce moment du voile qui a obscurci beaucoup de ses actions, pour se laisser voir en plein jour; l'intérêt et les passions expirent avec ses dépouilles mortelles. Pour ma part, à la veille de rendre mon esprit à son créateur, je désire faire connaître ce que je ressens et ce que je pense. [...]

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(Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier, 1839)

Posted by: Marc | 2008-05-20 1:59:46 PM

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