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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Will Pennsylvania Be the End? (Hillary Wins - But By How Much?)

I'm going to be sporadically liveblogging the results from Pennsylvania.  You can follow them with me here.

Fox has some execrable thing on about how "Millennial" voters are strongly for Obama.  This is a phenomenon that is easily explained - being a member of that generation myself: Millennials are, on average, astoundingly stupid and have spent an average of twenty years being indoctrinated in the Soviet-style factory of ideological conformity known as the "public education system."

Of course they love Obama - he represents everything that they've been raised to admire - cowardice, effeminacy, and treason.  No wonder I hate the man so.  I've spent so many years struggling against this movement that would destroy our civilization.  He - and his supporters - represent everything that is evil and wrong with the world.  If given the chance to wield power, they would destroy us through their moral weakness. 

They are not Barbarians come to destroy - far from it.  They are the sons and daughters of luxury who will moan with idle pleasure as the barbarians ride up and over the seventh hill.

Continued below, until I get bored and decide to watch "Boston Legal."

The polls are closed.  Fox says too close to call.  I think that Hillary wins by six or seven points - but not enough.  Not nearly enough.

There are two factors here.  First of all, I don't think that Ayers and Bittergate are particularly large factors here with Obama - for leftist Democrats (Obama's base) being associated with terrorists and despising God are a plus.

As well, I'd say that the Democrats must be eager to get this thing over with.

UPDATE: Still no results.  Once again, they're reporting that the exit polls and the actual vote totals for Obama don't synch up.  The Wilder effect in action, one supposes.  It's interesting in this context, as others have mentioned, that McCain consistently does better in the Rasmussen robo-poll than in human-based polls.

UPDATEX2: Fox calls it for Hillary.  But, by how much?

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Adam Yoshida admits he is astoundingly stupid! Wow, Such insight! Guess what Yoshida? Everyone else already knew and now you do too! LOL!!!!

>>This is a phenomenon that is easily explained - being a member of that generation myself: Millennials are, on average, astoundingly stupid<<

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 6:35:28 PM

This just in;

Barack Obama has been swallowed by roger's girlfriend's vagina. It had previously been sighted over Manitoba, but apparently made an abrupt change in direction, taking the secret service by surprise. They have started an action to rescue the democratic front-runner, but at this point the outcome appears grim.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 6:55:10 PM

CNN predicts Hillary will win the Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-04-22 7:17:03 PM

Obama's base of supporters are the communist sympathizers and America hating fascist "liberals" who will do anything in their power to destablize, weaken, then destroy western civilization as we know it.
They are traitors to our way of life and our freedom that had to be paid for with sacrafice and blood.
There will be a reckoning for the damage they've inflicted and the penalties will be dear.

Posted by: robert | 2008-04-22 9:55:54 PM

Sounds like robert is one of those McVeigh wannabes I heard infested this blog. Officers, take him away.

BTW, as far as 'destabilizing, weakening' you clowns and your hero Dubya have just spent the last 7 years doing just that.

Posted by: joe bleau | 2008-04-23 2:03:48 AM

Roger I think you might have been part of that millenial age bracket in your native Suadi Arabia . Leave it to you to parse through a sentence and come up with a chidish talking point . This trait on your part , leads me to believe that you are indeed a Liberal Party operative wannabe , probably hiding out in Scarborough .
And Roger , newsflash ;the world does not rotate around your vagina .

Posted by: daveh | 2008-04-23 6:56:45 AM

Watching Boston Legal is a bit of an oxymoron. It is one of the shows that would epitimize someone like Obama. The scripts are so over the top liberal thatit is laughable but I must admit I was a fan for awhile. It was a show that presented its' message with good writing and humour but lately, not so much. Cheers.

Posted by: sor | 2008-04-23 8:30:27 AM

Joe Blow,

Here's the thing, it is only you "communist sympathizers and America hating fascist "liberals" who will do anything in their power to destabilize, weaken, then destroy western civilization as we know it" that truly believe by finally going on the offense against these murderous bastards that Bush has weakened anything.

Only you enemy sympathizing, enabling freaks, think that Bush, by standing behind the commitments that not only he made, but most of these now flip flopping fascist Democrats that somehow consider themselves patriots by voting to go to war then the next day starting a war on the war itself, is the weak one.

Bush has been a stud when it comes to standing behind the commitment his country made toward their potential allies.

That is something you useless pussy's can't seem to get through your head around, presidents, or even parties, don't go to war, counties do.

Congress, and that includes your hero panty waist Dems, voted to go to war, Bush didn't go it alone.

And only he seems to understand the importance of that commitment.

It has been said before, if these panty wearing Dems and the equally corrupt press put half as much effort into destroying the enemy as they did their own country, this war would already be history.

Posted by: deepblue | 2008-04-23 8:46:06 AM

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