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Sunday, April 20, 2008

RCMP raid targeted alleged Tory campaign spending scheme

Tomorrow’s (Monday's) Globe and Mail is reporting that...

The RCMP raid on Conservative headquarters last week was initiated to obtain information related to an alleged scheme to exceed spending limits during the 2006 federal election, documents released yesterday [Sunday] confirm....

“Funds were transferred into and out of each of the bank accounts of the 67 campaigns identified as having participated in the alleged scheme, entirely under the control of and at the direction of officials of the Conservative Fund Canada and/or Conservative Party of Canada,” CTV reported, quoting Mr. Lamothe's affidavit....

[Ronald Lamothe is the assistant chief investigator of the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections.]

Essentially, Mr. Lamothe said, the party was trying to get around the election spending limit of $18,278,278.64 by getting local candidates to pay for national ads – and then asking Elections Canada to reimburse the candidates for those costs.

CTV is also reporting that Conservative Party officials spoke privately Sunday night to a select group of reporters saying “the party did nothing wrong and that they had followed all regulations in election spending” and that “other parties had acted in a similar way during federal elections.”

The only good that can come out of this mess is perhaps a broad realization that campaign finance laws unjustly restrict free political speech and have the real potential to create a whole new class of "paper criminals," to borrow a phrase from Pierre Lemieux.

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I think Marc , I`m referring to the fact that %80 of our trade goes to the US . Last time I looked they and we were still buying monster homes and eating like pigs.
It`s probably a good thing that we`ve ' lost our democracy ' . Half or more of the population shouldn`t be allowed to vote anyway .I think I`d prefer a benevolent dictator like Harper than any kind of wacky coalition of Liberals and NDP . driving us into 3rd world ruin. I can understand how upset the socialists were that the last political buy of the campaign might have swung the election. We just might have ended up with that benevolent dictator instead of the usual bunch of communists , so loved by somnambulent Canadians.
And if you`re hoping for a civil war to change things , stay tuned . That`s probably what the banker - industrial complex has in mind for us down the road. Think WW1, WW2 , Vietnam , Bosnia , all illuminati driven .

Posted by: daveh | 2008-04-22 1:50:50 PM

Hey Marc

Don't let the little turd fool you. He's sucking up because he thinks your're his ally against the filthy anglos. LOL LOL LOL LOL

Albertans have a much better understanding of Quebec's desire for autonomy than any transplanted semi-human from the ecclectic mess of TO.

LOL!! We'll come and spend lots of money once you find your way. As long as we have a decent free trade agreement. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 1:57:18 PM

LOL! Wow, Daveh is actually admitting that Harper is a goosestepping fascist!!! And I thought I was critical of Harper!

Daveh, if you oppose democracy then you are a revolutionary trying to overthrow the democratic governance of Canada. That would make you an extreme radical, worse than any political entity in Canada!

In admitting, as you do, that Harper stole the last election, that would make Harper a criminal, according to you! Why would you want a criminal head of government? Have you no shame? Why are you soft on crime and criminals? You are ethically and morally bankrupt. Well, at least you admitted it yourself! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 2:01:26 PM


If the CONservatives want to survive, they better dump Harper fast! Harper is fatally wounded politically. He is not viewed as a crook even by his supporters!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 2:07:16 PM

As usual Roger you see only trees instead of a forest . I`m reminded of that famous quote by Peter van Loan . ' You are the small man [ of confederation ] '. And Roger when I say half the population should be excluded from voting I don`t mean you , because as crazy as you are , you are informed .
And Harper didn`t steal anything . He merely did anything he could to win ; that is admirable in my opinion . Just as it is admirable to logically defend those actions , which he / they will do . Do you not think it admirable that someone , anyone , decided to stand against a gov`t buying elections by throwing money from helicopters , planting their operatives in every facet of our lives , be it the courts or the dogcatcher office , or setting up a mind control style of media , the likes of which would make Goebbels or Bernais , envious ?

Posted by: daveh | 2008-04-22 2:33:19 PM

"Quebecois need to stop being nationalists"

Why ? Quebec as a country would still be a great partner with the States and Canada and Mexico.

There's also the fact that Europe is a mix of old and different Nations with their specific languages and way of thinking - witch is great for the world. Here, it's the English way and the English way only. Look at what it have done to the Natives Cultures and the French people in Louisiana.

I will fight to keep the old ways until my last breath. I'll stick with our ancestors who had much more maturity and sense of pride than today's North Americans for a few lousy dollars.

Rogers, Québecers are very open to the world and to new comers but not at the price of losing the great culture we have protected and built because Ottawa, bankers and foreign and industrial complex lobbies want to. I don't care what Europeans are doing with their countries. I don't care other place in the world are getting more power than us. The only thing I care about is that my kids will be able to live their own culture in their own country as long as it is possible. I always tought our chances are better as an independant country and seing the world today and the behaviour of our elected politicians is just a great remender of it.

You think I'm wrong ? I don't mind.
Must people here thinks like me and this include our local Anglos who have deep roots and faith in Québec. Most people immigrating here also come here for those reasons and wish to preserve this great culture.

Are we fools ? Maybe.
But we don't wish to see it change for the ideals of new schools of thinking.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-04-22 2:36:47 PM


Culture is not the same as nationalism. Mussolini was a chauvinistic nationalist extremist who used culture as a means to exclude and inflame passions. To criticize such nationalism is not to reject the great things of Italian culture, from food to movies to clothing to motorbikes, to style and opera and other aspects to Italian culture. Likewise, the Quebecois have a cultural identity, have unique movies, literature, belles lettres, art, music, food and lifestyle that makes Quebecois proud and satisfied. Cultures change over time--once the church organized many areas of life in Quebec, once demagogues like Duplessis ruled with an iron fist, but those days are long gone. But culture endures. Culture is what keeps a society healthy and sane. But nationalism can become an unhealthy extremism which excludes and closes off a society. The world is moving to multiculturalism, whether one likes it or not. The Europeans are not happy with moving to multiculturalism, but they realize that the future is multicultural. Kicking and screaming, they are adapting. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are cosmopolitan cities. They have a fusion urban culture. Small town people are scared and fear the cultural changes and retreat into nationalism. Mario Dumont and that little town (H--ville) has done much damage to Quebec's reputation around the world. Jacques Parizeau did much damage to Quebec's reputation with his "les ethnique, les juifs" comments. The ugly side of nationalism. So, celebrate your culture, but not become a chauvinistic nationalist.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 3:09:33 PM


If you need another legitimate reason for separation, look no further. Roger's plea for unity is absolute proof that it's best for you to leave. You don't need this sort of support. The absolute rot of this once great country is going to stink up your home as it has mine. Run. Run as fast as you can.

Be very cautious of any sudden darkening of the sky. It isn't an eclipse. It's roger's girlfiend's vagina rising up to swallow the great landmarks of your colorful history.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 4:42:37 PM

HARPER BUYS OFF NEWS REPORTERS WITH BOTTLES OF VODKA AND OFF-THE-RECORD PRIVATE MEETINGS! Scumbag. Harper is running around screaming, "I am not a crook, I did not steal the election, I am principled, I didn't know about the thievery! Someone else is to blame!" LOL!!!!! Micromanager gets his cumuppence! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 6:29:44 PM

The "Right Honorable One" has found the true spirit of the Canadian voter. What could be more sincere than the clarity of a bottle of vodka. Our great leader, and friend, deserves credit for his kindness.

Imagine a man who does not drink himself, having the foresight and downright hospitality to make vodka available to his social drinking friends. You have to respect a man who puts aside his own beliefs to be accomodating.

The "Right Honorable One" will always have the full support of all righteous Canadians. This talk of dissent is simply the ramblings of immigrant malcontents.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 6:40:48 PM

>>Canadian families work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules – and they expect their government to do the same.<<

The Harper CONs has been trying to bribe MPs to vote their way, a criminal offense, have been trying to defraud taxpayers and claim over $1 million they are not entitled to, and have stolen an election. They have not played by the rules. They have worked hard at feathering their own nests instead of protecting the interests of all Canadians! THE POLICE ARE INVESTIGATION THE HARPER GOVERNMENT FOR CRIMINAL OFFENSES!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 7:00:37 PM

HARPER CON LIES PART 2: >>Strengthens the power for the Auditor General to "Follow the Money"<<

The RCM Police and Elections Canada are following the money and all the leads go back to Harper's CONs trying to defraud the public purse! Follow the money and put the fraudsters in jail! LOL!

Harper is trying to cut a deal to avoid prosecution! No deals, no plea bargains, just charge, convict and jail the crooks!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 7:04:00 PM

FRAUD 101: >>Bans political contributions by corporations and unions<<

The University of Calgary took public money and gave it to a pro-Harper CON artist lobby to go to a climate change conference and engage in partisan politics!!! University pubic monies used for CON party partisan politics!!!!! Jail time is needed!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 7:06:36 PM

RCMP have called off the investigation after learning roger's girlfriend's vagina has swallowed all the evidence pertaining to the case.

The Right Honorable one was unavailable for comment, but a spokesman said "we heard rumors some time ago that this was a possibility".

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 7:10:10 PM

Harper Lies: >>Conservatives are making government more accountable to build a stronger, safer, better Canada.<< All this while Harper was trying to bribe an MP, trying to defraud the public purse and use taxpayer money to finance CONservative election campaigns, use taxpayers money to finance the mass mailing of CONservative partisan attack literature and stick it to Canadian taxpayers every which way he can to siphon money into the pockets of the CONservatives to use for partisan campaign purposes! Scumbags! Liars, cheats and hypocrites! Harper has his hand in your pocket, his hand in your wallet, stealing your taxpayer money!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 7:11:05 PM

HARPER CONservative lies:

>>A belief in loyalty to a sovereign and united Canada governed in accordance with the Constitution of Canada, the supremacy of democratic parliamentary institutions and the rule of law...A belief that good and responsible government is attentive to the people it represents and has representatives who at all times conduct themselves in an ethical manner and display integrity, honesty and concern for the best interest of all<<

LOL! Hypocrites! Unethical scumbags bribing and cheating and stealing from the public purse, acting only in their own self-interest!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 7:16:47 PM

Harper's fall:

>>A belief that a responsible government must be fiscally prudent and should be limited to those responsibilities which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual or others<<

How reasonable is it to mail out partisan campaign literature across the country at Canadian taxpayer expense? It is not reasonable. Indeed, it is the height of corruption!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 7:20:04 PM

HARPER BROKEN PROMISES: >A Conservative Government will streamline government services and eliminate waste<

Waste, as in using taxpayer money to mail out CONservative junk mail, partisan attack ads, to Canadian households across Canada! Talk about waste! Scumbags!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 8:21:08 PM


Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 8:40:05 PM

Just one or two things, Roger...

The futur is multi-ethnic and I have no problem there. In fact, like most Québécois, I enjoy and benefit from that multi-ethnicity.
It give us more options on friday nights ;-

They bring more zest in our local sauce and I can not conceive Québec without people from different nationalities who participate positivly in our Culture.

I grew up with people from different nationalities and I feel I'm a better and a more open person because of it. Those people I grew up with are Québécois pure laine and many are voting OUI when we hold referendums on Independance.

If we would be attacked by the country from where their parents are from, they would die proudly protecting Québec's culture and people. They swear like me, live like me, cherish the local culture, love la poutine and more important: They speak, live and think en francais. They are proud Québecois.

Of course we are multicultural in a sense that immigrants bring their own cultural background but once here, they live à la Québécoise. But Québec will always be Québec if people put the efforts in defending our great culture.

Those targeted by the nice (but surely affraid) people of Hérouxville and the thousands of people that have participated in the commission Bouchard-Taylor are those that come here but wish to force our society back to middle ages. I'm pretty happy the rest of the world have heard that in Québec, we refuse to go backwards. I applause the society I live in for being proud of what they've built and I really don't care it dosent pleased the religious ears of manny.

I would accept anyone in the Country of Québec but if you wish to hold our culture from going foward and force religious crap on it, you will be expose on the public sphere.

One last thing: Parizeau never targeted "the JEEEEEWS" and we all know idiots like you who keep this awfull lie alive are only people with bad intentions who look to benefit from it.


"The Europeans are not happy with moving to multiculturalism, but they realize that the future is multicultural."

What the hell does this have to do with Québec independance ? European Nations have their specific languages and those languages are secured. There's no competition between those and no one wish to impose them their language.

You have to be dumb en esti to compare multiculturalism in europe with the reality defended by Québec separatists.

And now that the US and Canadian federalism have decided to become one, there's less and less place for Québec specific culture.

I will never let go. Vive le Québec, vive le Québec libre.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-04-22 8:48:23 PM


Just as you value your culture, so Aboriginal people valued theirs. What would happen to Aboriginal title if Quebec separates? Will they be able to opt out? How has Quebec respected Aboriginal languages and cultures?

With respect to Europe, there are people along the Baltic sea where some languages are endangered because there are now only a few hundred (or less) native speakers left! Even such established countries as the Netherlands has to worry because there are not that many Dutch speakers in the world. There are even fewer Flemish speakers in Belgium--I hope you are aware of the Belgian crisis and possible separation? Germany has over 80 million people, yet they too are concerned about loss of their language! And they have the 3rd largest economy in the world!

Quebec is French speaking. Along with France, part of Belgian, Switzerland, Cote D'Ivoire, Senegal, Algeria, Mauritius, Reunion and a host of other places of la Francophonie, there are millions of French speakers around the world. There are very few Welsh speakers or Gaelic or Catalan or Basque or Frisian speakers in the entire world. Cultural and linguistic endangerment is not a monopoly concern of Quebecois and your dismissal of the concerns and experiences of others is distasteful.

As for religious and ethnic intolerance in Quebec, it is there. Parizeau did real damage. Rene Levesque was a great and respected leader. Parizeau and Camille Laurin were not! Pauline Marois is a refreshing politician after that pretty boy idiot Boisclaire. I agree with you that Lucien Bouchard was a rightwing neocon jerk, but he was a Separatiste courted by Mulroney and taken to Ottawa by Mulroney, and Harper is trying to play the same game.

The French have a history, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. The French wiped out languages and cultures and enslaved people's minds and forced Catholicism down people's throats, including in La Belle Province and across the Americas, most of which was explored by the great French explorers. If today you object to scarves, niqab and burqas, remember that under French rule in Algerie, the Arabic language was banned from schools and Arabic schools were completely shut down! The French claimed Algerie was a part of France and would be for all eternity! To prove it, the French murdered over 1 million Algerians!

As for the attacks on Jews in Montreal, that was extremely distasteful--what harm did the fishlines strung up on electrical utility poles do to anyone? None. If Quebecois wish to imitate Sarkozy's attack on French Muslims, or the American Bush propaganda wars, go ahead, and see how it damages your credibility, economy and social peace! There has been a shocking ugliness in Quebec recently and you seem to approve. It will weaken your efforts to get a OUI vote. People have become nervous---they do not want to descend into a reign of terror in an independent Quebec. Odd how you do not notice such important things.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-22 9:14:28 PM

And finally, a sad story that hits close to home.

In a bizarre and tragic turn of events, it appears the mother of conservative pundit Ali_Roger has been swallowed by her own vagina. There were indications at the scene that it may have been self-inflicted.

She had been reclusive in her later years. Apparently the stigma of having a son who strayed from his roots had a devastating effect on her. In a 1998 interview she said only "I wish I'd held my water and scuttled that little bastard". Larry King will be hosting a special broadcast with a lineup of guests including, Christopher Hitchens, Ted Haggerty, and Jim Belushi.

Mrs. Roger is survived by one daughter, and one handicapped sister.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 10:00:56 PM

"Just as you value your culture, so Aboriginal people valued theirs. What would happen to Aboriginal title if Quebec separates?"

Well, I’m both so…

"What would happen to Aboriginal title if Quebec separates? Will they be able to opt out?"

Independantists, Parizeau included, has always said that they would have the choice of keeping their land and rights as Canadians and Canadian soil or to renegotiate their status with a new and very open country of Québec.

"How has Quebec respected Aboriginal languages and cultures?"

We’ve made peace with them hundreds of years ago. We’ve built our first hospitals for helping them. The PQ is the one that have negotiated and signed La Paix des Braves. We pay 400 millions per year to help protect and secure their culture. Their schools in Québec system, funded by taxpayers, are teaching their history and languages. We don’t push by any means to try to assimilate them – even if every deep rooted Quebec families are proud to say they share blood with them. We learn in school their cultures; they’re customs, our shared history, and their traditional food, what come from them in our everyday lives. We’re proud to say our grandmothers’ tricks come from their wisdom and knowledge. We’re greener in Québec and a huge part of that is because the roots of our two cultures are very close since 400 years old. We hold many events all year across the province to celebrate their beautiful culture. Good luck finding one village that does not have its own Amerindians’ craft store. Québec moviemakers are producing films and documentaries on the harsh difficulties and reality in the Federal system of reserves. In fact, many have participated in la Commission-Bouchard Taylor saying it was important to preserve our heritage and our common but distinct cultures.

Oh we’re not perfect but I tend to believe we’re doing more positive things than threatening their cultures and languages. Or do you have the impression we simply don’t care or conspire against them?

Do you have the feeling that many of the pushers and weapons dealers on the reserves are doing a better job ?


As for the rest of your Barbara Kay's style analysis and Québecers bashing, lets just say I don't read these kinds of "journalists" and "Québec experts" unable to have 3 minutes discussion in french; and people who tent to generalized a whole nation each time there's something happening.

Or maybe one suggestion and one comment before we stop forever corresponding togheter...

If people u know are affraid Québec will "descend into a reign of terror", please ask them to leave. Not because their right but because the last thing we need is more stupid and paranoid people.

My suggestion would be that next time you try to paint Québecers as potential dangerous people (witch we hear from anti-separatists Cnd since always by the way), try not to be the one doing all the threats and intimidation.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-04-22 11:25:55 PM

My question is not how Quebec would treat Aboriginals, it's how would aboriginals treat Quebec. There's a chance they may have more respect for an independant Quebec. As you said, there is a centuries old bond between the cultures. There is much less day to day discrimination than in the rest of Canada.

I think the entire issue is a diversion.

We learned Native culture in Maritime schools as well. "The Passing of Cadeau" was part of our curriculum.

These liberal pansies will just have to face reality. Quebecois will not be frightened by these minor sideshows.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-22 11:54:30 PM

LOL! You all sit around a campfire in Quebec singing kumbayah! Sure. More Fairytales. Remember the noble Quebecois back around 1990 throwing stones at Aboriginal men, women and children as they crossed that bridge during the Oka crisis? Indeed, do you remember the Oka crisis--Oka, you might recall, is in Quebec.

Remember the disgraceful way that Hydro Quebec, flagship corporation of Quebec, pushed Aboriginal people around and tried to sideline them in Northern Quebec? They tried to rip them off over the James Bay power development and expansion. It was not until Matthew Coon Come took the Cree campaign to the USA and appealed to consumers there to boycott Quebec power if the Aboriginals were not fairly treated did Hydro Quebec negotiate in good faith.

Your paternalistic response of building hospitals for Aboriginal people and your trinket craft stores is demonstrative of the problem!

Aboriginal people are not interested in you paying $400 million or $4 billion. They want control of their land mass and resources! Just like Quebecois cannot be bought to stay in Canada, so Aboriginal people cannot be bought off with $400 million and it is outrageous you mention it in such a contemptable manner!

As for your claims at miscegenation with Aboriginal People, such forced or planned activities is in fact genocide! Why you would proudly allude to that is beyond me!

Aboriginal people are not, NOT, Canadians, as you claim! That is not what they aspire to! The most important things for Aboriginal people are control of landmass, resources and self-determination. Treaty rights are recognized in the Canadian Constitution and recognized by the Courts. What undertaking is there specifically that an independent Quebec would forever recognize (and not try to extinguish) treaty rights of Aboriginal peoples? And does the Separatistes accept that the Northern and eastern parts of Quebec can secede and remain apart from an independent Quebec? That would take all of James Bay and much of northern Quebec out, as well as return large chunks along the Labrador border, neither of which was part of the original French territory of Quebec.

Indeed, why has Quebec not been a strong voice defending Aboriginal issues at the Constitutional table over the years? Why has Quebec consistently opposed and prevented Aboriginal aspirations at various Constitutional negotiations, often to the point of allowing Aboriginals to be completely shut out of the process!

If you complain of a lack of proper media coverage of Quebec, then ought you not to advocate and recognize that Aboriginal people have not received their fair share of coverage either? Stop being so self-absorbed with Quebec nationalism and recognize you live in a much bigger world than your own frame of reference!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-23 9:01:01 AM

Roger: "Aboriginal people are not, NOT, Canadians, as you claim! That is not what they aspire to!"


"Happy too, that the record has been set straight…. That our FELLOW CANADIANS and future Canadians will begin understand our history, what we have endured, and that we have finally prevailed."

National Chief's Final Speaking Notes - Indian Residential schools announcement, Sept 20, 2007

Posted by: Pattern Recognition | 2008-04-23 9:13:30 AM

No one chief speaks for the collective aspirations of the Aboriginal Peoples.

But to be more precise, the relationship between Canada and Aboriginal peoples are governed by treaties. Who are the parties to treaties? If both parties to an agreement are of the same nation state or jurisdictional entity, then they cannot have a treaty! I know it is complicated--look it up and come back and we can then have a meaningful discourse once you understand the basic terminology.

For added effect, look up "enfranchisement" and 1920 and "O. Loft--forced enfranchisement!" LOL! Why do the ignorant always want to discuss these complicated matters with me?

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-23 9:21:35 AM

"Aboriginal people are not, NOT, Canadians, as you claim! That is not what they aspire to!"

Gulp...roger is, er, correct. There, I said it. Now I need to go and throw up.

Go to any sporting event that includes Natives. Wait for the national anthem. Watch.

However, this has little bearing on the Quebec issue. It may actually be a positive bargaining point for the Quebecois. Look to the future and all that.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-23 10:15:40 AM

"Aboriginal people are not, NOT, Canadians, as you claim! That is not what they aspire to!"

Gulp...roger is, er, correct. There, I said it. Now I need to go and throw up.

Go to any sporting event that includes Natives. Wait for the national anthem. Watch.

However, this has little bearing on the Quebec issue. It may actually be a positive bargaining point for the Quebecois. Look to the future and all that.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-23 10:17:19 AM

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