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Sunday, April 20, 2008

RCMP raid targeted alleged Tory campaign spending scheme

Tomorrow’s (Monday's) Globe and Mail is reporting that...

The RCMP raid on Conservative headquarters last week was initiated to obtain information related to an alleged scheme to exceed spending limits during the 2006 federal election, documents released yesterday [Sunday] confirm....

“Funds were transferred into and out of each of the bank accounts of the 67 campaigns identified as having participated in the alleged scheme, entirely under the control of and at the direction of officials of the Conservative Fund Canada and/or Conservative Party of Canada,” CTV reported, quoting Mr. Lamothe's affidavit....

[Ronald Lamothe is the assistant chief investigator of the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections.]

Essentially, Mr. Lamothe said, the party was trying to get around the election spending limit of $18,278,278.64 by getting local candidates to pay for national ads – and then asking Elections Canada to reimburse the candidates for those costs.

CTV is also reporting that Conservative Party officials spoke privately Sunday night to a select group of reporters saying “the party did nothing wrong and that they had followed all regulations in election spending” and that “other parties had acted in a similar way during federal elections.”

The only good that can come out of this mess is perhaps a broad realization that campaign finance laws unjustly restrict free political speech and have the real potential to create a whole new class of "paper criminals," to borrow a phrase from Pierre Lemieux.

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LOL! Secret press briefings to create spin! LOL!

What are the facts of the case? By sending money to the ridings and then laundering the money back to national headquarters, not only could the spending limits law be circumvented, but taxpayers could be defrauded at the same time because local candidates got matching funds from taxpayers money to the tune of 60%! So, CONservative Party of Canada sends $40,000 to your local CON candidate, who sends it right back to Ottawa CON HQ, and the local candidate collects a cool $24,000 of taxpayers money for that little bit of fraud! Nice huh. That is what CONs call responsible accountable corruption free government and the shameless people on this blog defend! I am waiting for the criminal charges to be laid. Harper micromanages everything, from bribes to moneylaundering. When is he going to come clean with taxpayers?

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:04:22 AM

My god, those CONservatives sneaking around sheepishly on the CBC footage of the secret briefings and the sheepish looking Mike Duffy make for one big scandal blowing up in Harper's face! The CONservatives look and behave like guilty people! They are running scared, as well they should! They have been caught commiting fraud.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 1:07:38 AM

Man those CONservatives look bad! Everyone is laughing at them now! Where will the next scandal erupt? This is the best laugh I have had in a very long time! LOL! Keep Harper and his clowns around--they are the best comedy in N America! LOL! Pity they cost taxpayers so much.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 2:27:17 AM

Now its gone from breaking election law to FRAUD!

Go on you Con jokers; come and dare to tell me Harper and these clowns are the BEST you have to represent your party to Canadians!

Posted by: joe bleau | 2008-04-21 3:57:04 AM

Ya there sure is a whole lot of scandal out there . That`s why the Liberals [ and NDP and Blocheads] will do everything possible to avoid an election . Roger can bet his flying carpet on that.
Of course there wasn`t an ulterior motive here on the part of EC to put Harper in his place . Of course not. So stay tuned turban breath. .

Posted by: Codger | 2008-04-21 6:34:54 AM

A coup d'etat by the Liberal hard-core---official party, media, liberal-appointees in the civil service, Boards, Commissions and possibly even the judiciary--- is underway. It's been going on since the last election. The process is to denigrate and de-legitimise the Harper government, not by providing a strong and principled Opposition with its own policies and with the best interests of Canadians as its central concern, but by smearing, embarrassing and outright lying. This is the height of Liberal arrogance. The legitimacy or not of a government is solely in the hands of the electorate, and it is only the electorate that can make that judgement.

One may think that accusing Opposition parties of a coup d'etat is alarmist, even paranoid. But what else can one think is going on, when the Official Opposition de-legitimises Parliament by refusing to vote? What else is going on, when organs of the state act against the government? What else is going on when a senior member of the Official Opposition accuses the governing party of having "stolen" an election?

It is clear to this citizen that the power brokers of this country will not allow a Western Canadian based party to rule. This will be the third of these media-assisted coups: Diefenbaker, Clarke---and now Harper. Throw in the retrospective destruction of Mulroney by the media and a loaded parliamentary committee, and you have a pattern so obvious that one finds it impossible to refute.

Posted by: Patrick B | 2008-04-21 10:47:00 AM

When RCMP arrived for their documentation search, cameras for the Liberal Party, CBC and Radio-Canada were there.

Curiously, the CBC did not invite any other networks along.

Yet, Keith Boag is upset that the other media was allowed to yesterday's news conference and they were shut out?

Hmmmm. The plot thickens.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 10:52:24 AM

In Canada Political Party Funds are entrusted to
political Bagmen "in trust" the transfer of funds between bagmen during National election and Provincial election campaigns is not unusual,nor illegal and has been going on for many,many decades.
Chretien was and is well aware of this when he manipulated the structure of Elections Canada,and drastically changed the process of political gift giving and contributions to Political Resources.He and his sleazy flunkies and minions,many of whom were Party workers who moved from junior bagmen to
positions in the PMO,where several in fact thought they had more clout than elected MP Cabinet Ministers which proved career fatal for several of dem as Chretien would say.The process of financing the Liberal Party will never survive a Due Diligence through a Forensic Audit which I would wager is being considered by Uncle Stephen Harper and his Country Bumpkins at the moment.How would a Canadian Political Party explain and justify a bank account in a foreign country which in fact is what the United States of America is, last time I looked.Uncle Stephen Harper and his Bumpkins will have the last laugh in this latest ill conceived debacle. Tut Tut, MacLeod

Posted by: JackMacleod | 2008-04-21 11:02:13 AM

LOL! Welcome to the monkey house! These Alice in wonderland idiots are hilarious! All their far fetched conspiracy theories and excuses for Harper paying bribes, defrauding tax payers of hard earned money and efforts to obstruct justice is just too funny to behold! I am waiting for the auditor general to unleash her investigators to uncover the full fraud by Harper's CONservatives and to expose them so all Canadians can see what sleaze bags are in the government! Alberta, keep your con artists at home in your one-party province! LOL! Send in the clowns, and Harper, Stockwell Day, Maxime Bernier, John Baird, Flaherty and the gang showed up!!! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 11:20:37 AM


You are irrelevant and powerless and therefore, according to your own expectations, useless.


Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 11:32:11 AM


It's hard to control other people's minds when you yourself are mindless.


Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 11:33:44 AM

LOL! Harper supporters are left speechless with their mouthes hanging open, mindlessly repeating words with no meaning. They cannot defend the obvious wrongdoing Harper has been engaging in behind their backs! It took decades for Liberals to become corrupt and arrogant in office. It has taken Harper a mere 30 months! LOL! Harper is a quick study! If it is corrupt, Harper will take to it like a duck to water! Quack quack, the pigs are pulling up to the pork barrel and elbowing their way to the taxpayer funded largesse! Shame on Harper supporters for ignoring and trying to defend this fraud and rifling of the public purse!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 11:47:03 AM

LOL! The CONservative spokespeople at that secret propaganda meeting with their handpicked media cronies escaped out the back door and ran down a fire escape! Are these the actions of innocent minds? Nope. These are the actions of people with guilty minds!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 11:51:52 AM


In roger's case LOL stands for "Lesbian On Line"


Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 11:58:34 AM

Hands in my wallet, hands in my pocket, la la la la, Harper has his hand in your pocket, wants to take your money, la la la la.... LOL!

Harper, take your greasy hands off my money! Finance your own elections and quit asking Canadian taxpayers to pay for your unwanted junk mail and spam, your fraudulently purchased ads and to be reimbursed as added insult to taxpayers!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:00:53 PM


It would be good to know who the CONs think are "their media friends!" Man does this ever look bad on Harper and his gang! They look more and more like Conrad Black before he was convicted of fraud! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:04:15 PM

What do you call a handcuffed butch?



Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:06:55 PM


Be careful what you ask for.

This question will move beyond partisan considerations and will shine some light on practises by your friends in the Liberal Party.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 12:07:58 PM

Some possible reasons for roger's condition:



Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:12:57 PM

LOL!!!!! Let the investigators loose! Let them go wherever the trail leads. If they find loot in Stephan Dion's closet, let them expose him! If they find that Ignatiev has been doing wrong, let them expose him too! If Jack Layton has been on the take, let them expose him.

But none of the other parties have been raided by the RCMP! In the beginning, it was a "visit"! LOL! Now it was a "storming" by the RCMP, according to the guilty acting spokespeople for the CONs! A storming! LOL! Which was it? A visit or a storming? Get your lies right! LOL!

The ones in the spotlight are Harper's CONservatives--criminal investigation for defrauding Canadian taxpayers and filing false affidavits and declarations! WOW! A criminal matter, on top of that other criminal matter of trying to buy the vote of a MP with a big bribe! The trail leads to the PMO and to 24 Sussex Drive--and it aint the butler who is the suspect! LOL!!!!! This is the best clown show around, bar none!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:14:47 PM


Sorry, I forgot.


Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 12:18:28 PM

SEE! Even Set You Free is laughing at the CONservatives now!!! LOL! Join in the derision of Harper's CONservatives everyone! No one can logically and honestly defend Harper's CONs wrongdoing! They have been caught red-handed with their pants down! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:21:40 PM


We're not laughing with you, we're laughing AT you.


Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 12:23:27 PM

LOL! Excellent Set You Free! This blog is a joke with clowns and fools everywhere! But nothing compares to the Harper CONs running with their pants down to get out the fire escape! LOL! I like how Harper is turning red and fuming while you his loyal supporters are laughing with us at him and his stupid clumsy efforts to defraud the public purse! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:26:18 PM

"They have been caught red-handed with their pants down! LOL!"

Mixed metaphor, or sick fantasy?


Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:27:44 PM

You're quite a clown, ROGER


Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 12:27:54 PM

Soon Harper will be back in town, claiming to be innocent, just like Conrad Black did before he was convicted!

You know this scandal has shades of KH Schreiber written all over it! Schreiber engineered a political campaign financing scheme in Germany which was criminal. Somewhere, someone in Harper's entourage, possibly Harper himself, was inspired by Schreiber! Maybe Mulroney suggested it? Who knows?

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:29:44 PM

"But nothing compares to the Harper CONs running with their pants down to get out the fire escape!"

LOL (Lesbian On Line). Bedwetter?

Sick fantasy?


Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:31:39 PM

Harper has his hand in your pocket, in your wallet, ripping you off, hand in your pocket, hand in your wallet.... LOL! Too funny how he thought he could fool Canadian taxpayers! Auditor general is coming! She is gonna burn the CONs good when she investigates! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:31:48 PM

Expect nothing substantive from the humiliated Harper supporters here! They have been stunned and are just mouthing sweet nothings in their chaos and confusion and disillusionment! LOL! Harper is done like a thanksgiving turkey at dinner time! LOL! The trimmings are being prepared! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:33:50 PM


I'm guessing ROGER leaves out the inconvenient truth that Harper comes from the Reform tradition, a party that was formed in protest of Mulroney and one which was punished by the Canadian electorate with two seats in the 1993 election.

Never let the facts stand in the way of a good smear or a good conspiracy theory, I suppose.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 12:46:33 PM

LOL (Lesbian On Line)

"She is gonna burn the CONs good when she investigates! LOL!"

The flames. I'm so hot. They are touching me. She will burn them.

Definitely a bedwetter. LOL LOL LOL LOL

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:48:04 PM


I gave up trying to analyze this fruitcake.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:50:35 PM

LOL! Harper is from Reform! Did Harper himself not say that Mulroney was his advisor? Did Harper himself not entertain Mulroney and his family together with Harper's family at an official residence of the Prime Minister? Has Harper not himself defended wrongdoing by Mulroney? Was Mulroney not one of the midwives present for delivering the PCs into Reform hands with Harper as the leader? Yes, yes, yes, yes! Mulroney and Harper were tight! Now Harper is trying to dump Mulroney when he is radioactive! LOL!

Speaking of Harper and Reform, didn't Reform say they were never going to use chauffeured limos, never live in official residences and claim to be grassroots with referenda for everything and no leaders out of touch and careful with public money and no waste on their watch and they were never ever going to take the MP pensions and were going to bring civility to the House of Commons? Yeah, they did, didn't they. Seems so long ago. They musta forgotten all those phony promises they made--Harper sure has forgotten completely! LOL! Thanks for reminding us! How are those gagged populist Reformers doing? LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 12:54:22 PM

Much better than the thieves in the Liberal Party.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 12:56:34 PM


"How are those gagged populist Reformers doing? LOL!"

Gags, flames, bondage. It gets more exciting with each comment. Stop it. I can't concentrate.


Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 12:58:27 PM

Canadian Taxpayer Federation, Harper has his hand in your pocket, his hand in your wallet! LOL!!!!!

Get those thieving fingers outa taxpayers pockets! LOL!!!

Why are we paying for CONservatives to mail out campaign literature? Taxpayers give these sleaze bags more than enough money, why are they ripping us off for postage too? Are we footing the bill for printing too? Scumbags are not in Afghanistan alone--they are in Ottawa in the House, in government! Jeez, why are Harper supporters making excuses for criminal wrongdoing and the ripping off of taxpayers? Don't they have any Christian ethics or morals? Thou shalt not steal! Thy shalt not bear false witness! Apparently, when it comes to Harper, satan rules their hearts!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 1:00:39 PM


Yep. It's obvious ROGER is burning with desire.


What kind of desire, only his satan know.s


He could get a grant to make a film about it though.


I'm betting there's a goat involved. Too funny.

LOL x 12

Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 1:01:11 PM

Roger walked into a sex shop to buy a blow up doll. The clerk asked if he wanted a Christian or Muslim model. "What's the difference?" asked roger. "The muslim doll blows itself up" said the clerk.


Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 1:03:03 PM

Harper's CONs are obscenely pornographic frauds out to rip off Canadian taxpayers! Their excuse? We are no worse than the Liberal crooks! LOL!!!! I am not kidding, that is what they are saying! We are crooks, but everyone else is crooked too, so quit criticizing us for being a crooked governing party! Hello! Banana republic time on the Ottawa River! LOL! How embarrassing! See those guilt ridden types sneaking out the backdoor down a fire escape? LOL! Not the actions of innocent people!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 1:04:23 PM

" See those guilt ridden types sneaking out the backdoor down a fire escape? LOL! Not the actions of innocent people!"

Yes yes, call a fireman. I'm on fire. Yes yes, the backdoor. I'm burning.


Lesbian On Line. LOL LOL LOL

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 1:09:33 PM


Once during the jihad, ROGER's imam pointed in the direction of a bus and instructed him: Go blow up that bus.

ROGER came back with burnt lips.


Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-21 1:10:24 PM


Stop it. Thinking about burnt lips will surely turn him on.


Posted by: dp | 2008-04-21 1:13:07 PM

New rules:
Every party gets a fixed amount of airtime and a fixed amount of space inside of a nationally distributed information packet delivered to everyone on the election roster before an election.
Each party will have to issue a strictly standardized platform statement in addition to any platform statements they wish to issue.
Each party will be given space within an Elections Canada hosted site from which they may distribute all the online advertising they want.
Each candidate will be given a fixed amount of time in five public forums per riding, to accommodate attendance by persons of all faiths, schedules, and interests.

No more billboards or public signs, no more TV ads, no more radio ads, no more leaflets or handbills. No more busses and planes. No more campaign budget bull. Let's have a meritocracy instead of a cashocracy.

Posted by: Pattern Recognition | 2008-04-21 1:17:08 PM


1. Remember the Gurmant Grewal affair? Tried to sell his vote!

2. Remember David Emerson crossing the floor and Harper appointing a senator to be a cabinet minister-minister of Public Works--so he never had to face question period in the House and never had to run in an election to be a MP, let alone be a cabinet minister? All this after calling the lovely B'Linda nasty names by those preachers in Alberta--they called her a whore for crossing the floor! Very nasty, disgusting preachers in the CON party!

3. Remember Harper admitting to trying to bribe the honourable, Honourable late Chuck Cadman? Yeah, Professor Tom Flanagan was involved as a bagman!

4. Remember Harper promissing honest, clean, open, transparent government? Next thing, we had war crimes and prisoner torture scandals erupting. Harper also violated the sacred trust of Canada's word in a signed international agreement!

5. Remember how Harper was going to deal with French on the corn flakes boxes for Westerners? LOL! Next thing Harper was speaking more French than Trudeau and shovelling billions into Quebec and telling them they were a separate People! Hell, Lucien Bouchard must have been pleased! Harper is doing what Mulroney did--pandering to Separatistes in Quebec to buy votes!

6. And now we hear about money laundering, defrauding taxpayers! This after Harper and Flaherty blew the surplus and is taking us into deficit spending and ruining the Canadian economy with free give-aways to buy votes!

Where is the Canadian Taxpayers Federation? There is waste of unimaginable proportions going on--why are they not manning the barricades? LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 1:19:56 PM

Come now Pattern Recognition, there is not systemic problem here. It is the criminal behaviour of only one party that is in question. Only one party's HQ have been raided by police--the Harper CONservatives have engaged in criminal conduct. No amount of rules will stop criminal conduct. The answer is enforcement. Be tough on crime! Bring back the death penalty! Have a permanent gallows on Parliament Hill for criminals in the government who use what amounts to sedition to steal elections! I am tough on crime while Harper CONs laugh off crime! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 1:24:21 PM

HARPER IS FINDING ALL THE BANANA PEELS IN HIS PATH! lOL! Those guys running out the back door is the most telling image of wrongdoing. They might as well have donned sandwich board placards admitting guilt!

Once the list of invited news people is released, those reporters work will be carefully scrutinized for bias and spin! What has Harper done? LOL! Watch him return from his meeting with the amigos full of fake moral outrage and nasty snarling. lip curling churlishness and oozing arrogance and contempt for Canadians who want answers! Conrad Black tried the same stunts! Now look where Black is!!! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 1:56:22 PM


Like an acid drip, it will wear away the facade of honesty and integrity to reveal the bedrock sleaze of Harper and his CONs. You heard it here first!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 2:07:24 PM

"Harper is doing what Mulroney did--pandering to Separatistes in Quebec to buy votes!"

Enough with this crap Roger and gang.

Yes, Harper is pandering to Québec but not to "separatists". He's pandering on Charest's request; the Liberal / former Federal Cons.

Charest is the least appreciated PM ever in Québec. Haper's pandering is his only lueur d'espoir and Charest is the only hope for Harper regarding the federalists vote who have less confidence in the man in our history.

Quebec Federalists are the ones who profit from all this - not the Separatists who simply want us out of the Federation. In fact, we're pretty sick of all these federal gimmics. A next referendum will come whether you like it or not and I'm looking foward for Preston Manning to send us the Queen's armies (Hahahahahahha).
At the end, an unhappy women go even if you keep buying her nice shoes and you're threatening her. Of course she likes shoes and money comfort but, she likes her Liberty more and that's what they always choose. Separatists represent her voice of reason while the federalists, her whore side.

Keep on reading your medias made by and for Anglos.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-04-21 2:14:30 PM

Patrick B, good points. I agree that it appears that since the Liberals were unable to win through the polls, they are determined to get in through the back door aided and assisted by their supporters.

For any party with a conservative ideology to gain and retain power, they must do a complete house cleaning of the public service. I have seen personally how these agenda-driven bureaucrats manage to sabotage politicians of a different political view. Granted there is nothing much one can do about the leftist MSM, but MSM do not have the same power as the bureaucrats behind closed doors.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-04-21 2:19:51 PM

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