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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poll shows 'in-and-out' scandal has hurt Tory credibility

Elections_can A Toronto Star / Angus Reid poll released today shows “the ongoing dispute between Elections Canada and the Conservative Party has had a negative effect on the current minority administration.”

58 percent of respondents think the so-called “in-and-out” scandal has damaged the credibility of the Conservative government. Here are the key findings:

» 58% think the dispute between Elections Canada and the Conservative Party has damaged the credibility of the Conservative government
» 47% say the Conservative Party won the 2006 federal election in a fair manner
» Respondents are almost evenly split on whether political parties should be allowed to channel funds for advertising from the national campaign to local campaigns
» 52% believe the Conservative government should not resign over this matter

Readers can learn more about this story by reading posts by Western Standard blogger and post-partisan pundit Gerry Nicholls here and here -- and Western Standard blogger Steve Janke here and here.

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Scratch that last post. REBOOT!

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-04-29 8:41:28 AM

Excuse me Shane but I didn't write half of what you credit to me. Why don't you scroll up and get the right poster for your anger. at least try to respond to the right posting.

Posted by: patraig | 2008-04-29 8:52:56 AM


"So finally we get a half-intelligible quote—it only took a whole day of constant prodding to get it out of you.'"
So you had trouble understanding it? I do have a job, that takes precident.

"But how does a single incident explain all the violence perpetrated by Leftist protestors everywhere? The answer is, it doesn’t. This is a red herring, the lamest one I have ever seen."

so thousands of people march and because a few throw rocks then the whole protest was violent? That's a strech even for you. I would say that the vast amount of protests are NON Violent. at least if you take into account the sheer numbers.

"If ONE example of questionable ethics is enough for you to condemn an entire group, then we have enough dirt on Leftist protestors to put them away for the next nine hundred thousand years."

Shane, please consider carefully what you say. This is not the press twisting a story, This is not Black ripping off shareholders. This is the police. They have to be held to a higher standard. I fnot there is a real possibility some one could die. A few bad apples or rogue cops is not a small matter. Remember that poor polish fellow in Vancouver? I will say that the police are by most standards great folk but they must be held to a much higher standard.
As for the coulerful digs you thrust at me I really don't need to respond to that but if it makes you feel better then have at it.

Posted by: patraig | 2008-04-29 9:16:26 AM

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