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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jimmy Carter reminds Americans why they turfed him in 1980

"When I go to a dictatorship, I only have to talk to one person and that's the dictator, because he speaks for all the people."  - Jimmy Carter, last weekend on his way to have tea with Hamas.

This would be news to a lot of folks, like Ling Baizeng, people of faith in Communist China, the voters of Zimbabwe . . .

Posted by D.J. McGuire on April 17, 2008 in International Politics | Permalink


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And I met the man last year.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-04-17 9:06:08 AM

Let us hope the Peanut King Jimmy Nuts comes dressed in the traditonal garb of Hamas, a black dress, balaclava, headband and a vest. With any luck the vest will be adorned with the usual Hamas ornamentation of 2 kilos of C4 and a remote switch.

Posted by: JDamn | 2008-04-17 11:56:53 AM

He likes those dictators, especially the ones that gave his library all the money. He's a big phony!

Posted by: Markalta | 2008-04-17 3:31:46 PM

Jimmy Carter is an enemy of freedom and democracy. Even the dems are distancing themselves from this friend of terrorists.

Posted by: Roy Eappen | 2008-04-19 6:04:36 AM

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