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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Honouring fallen heroes; Differences in Canada and Britain

The British newspaper Daily Mail tells us how different Canada and Britain each honours their fallen soldiers.

See it for yourself


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G.B. is a perfect example of how socialism/leftism destroys what was once a strong and vibrant country and culture.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-04-13 11:26:07 AM

The Brits have been de-sensitized over the centuries. Defending the empire has been costly. It doesn't mean they don't grieve their losses. It might be subdued, but their feelings of loss are no different than ours.

Stiff upper lip and all that.

Don't count the Brits out just yet. Churchill wasn't just talking when he said they'd fight in the streets.

Posted by: dp | 2008-04-13 12:30:39 PM

Britons have heard all the jingles before and know that propaganda and lies the government spins their way is cynical and devoid of basic truth.

Britons know that dead soldiers are dead and that there is nothing glorious in being dead in a capitalist society obsessed with consumption and personal self-interest. All over Iraq there are graves of long-forgotten Britons dating from around 1916. Some graves are today flooded over with sewage lagoons. Britons know these things and realize that the sands of history will bury the dead and that there is no heroism in wars based on lies and false intelligence and propaganda, such as the performance of Colin Powell before the UN Security council, complete with maps and pics and vials detailing WMD production sites, mobile labs, storage centres and vials of sample WMD, all of which were a pack of lies. So when Britons see coffins bearing the dead, they feel impotent rage that their government sent Britons to die for a lie, sent Britons to their deaths so Blair could save face, so Bush could be appeased, so Blairs and Bushes religious convictions could be championed with bombs, bullets and the unleashing of American WMD on innocent civilians. Britons are embarrassed and humiliated by being reminded of what their government did in their name. They feel shame. They recall Churchill advocate the use of chemical bombs on civilians to "civilize" them! They know who the real criminals are and the coffins remind them of dark deeds committed in their name.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-13 2:01:06 PM



Posted by: Kathryn | 2008-04-13 4:02:48 PM

"there is nothing glorious in being dead" and if you could get the islamists to view it that way then you might be remembered with less contempt.

Posted by: Sounder | 2008-04-13 4:14:16 PM

The strength of my argument has rendered mute those who wish to dispute my assertions. The best they can muster is "GFY" and such profanities. Sounder appeals to me to convince Muslims that there is nothing glorious in being dead. Sounder wishes me to convince Muslims of that which others here imply is wrong, that there is indeed glory in death! Am I to conclude that most here agree with what they claim to be the position of some Muslims who see glory in death? Oh for clarity! LOL!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-13 4:29:28 PM

"Rememberance Day" or whatever you want to call it has been hijacked by a few different ideologies.

In an ideal world it should allow people to remember how costly a war is in human lives and that it should only be a last resort.

But lately (or maybe longer) Rememberance Day has become "hero woreship" day where the idea being paraded around is that it is noble to fight and die for ones country.

Does anybody here really think that those Canadians who died in WWI, WWII etc. are glad they (personally) went to war and got killed?

Posted by: [email protected] | 2008-04-13 6:58:59 PM

Snowrunner, the Royal Canadian Legion is in charge of running Remembrance Day Ceremonies across Canada. They have always wept openly about the sacrifices made by our men and women at arms. They have never glorified war. There are associations of retired military that retain an interest in things military. Their purpose, generally is to support and enhance morale. It is also to lobby government to provide the best material resources so that our troops are well prepared and do battle with adequate equipment. We have not always succeeded in that but the effort is there.
BTW-since when, after the passage of the Anti-Combines Acts has the U.K. been a capitalist country? If we want to make that claim we should first define the term. Better yet use the terms "Market Economy" or "Private Economy" since "Capitalism" is a derogatory term coined by Karl Marx. But then i suppose if you shovel enough crap some of it will stick.

Posted by: DML | 2008-04-13 8:38:08 PM

Wow, capitalism is a dirty word!!! LOL! And the UK is not a capitalist country!!! Yikes! No wonder why Conrad Black wanted to make a splash over there, then hightailed it to America! I guess America isn't a capitalist country either? What would Grouch Marx have said?

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-13 8:43:21 PM

The Taliban are still there but soon Ricky Hillier will be gone. Hillier's role in the tortured prisoner scandal does not reflect well on Canada. Indeed, the torture of prisoners is an international war that was prosecuted at Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes tribunals. No wonder why Steve Harper is trying to block the investigation into those dark and murky war crimes. Who knows what they are hiding? It can't be good! I wonder if Hillier's departure is related?

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-16 2:07:54 AM

Hillier called the Taliban "scumbags." Is this what Hillier called these same people when they fought valiantly to defend their homeland from invasion and occupation by the Warsaw Pact Soviet troops? Did he call them scumbags then too? Some scumbags! Those scumbags smashed the Warsaw Pact in a stunning defeat that put NATO to shame! Now Hillier is giving up and the Taliban are still in Afghanistan and still contesting and fighting against the full might of NATO! Some scumbags indeed!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-16 1:27:14 PM

REX MURPHY, THE VOICE OF THE CONservatives on CBC Radio, had a requiem for Rick Hillier's departure. Murphy wanted a love-in for Hillier, but many callers to the call-in show blasted Hillier, despite Murphy's best efforts to spin the cheerleading support for Hillier.

Bottom line is that the Taliban is still standing and Hillier will soon be gone! Welcome to Viet Nam in Afghanistan!

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-20 9:49:49 PM

"Is this what Hillier called these same people when they fought valiantly to defend their homeland from invasion and occupation by the Warsaw Pact Soviet troops?"

Nope. 'Cause the Taliban didn't fight the Rooskies.

Inveterate liar.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-04-20 11:00:52 PM

So who defeated the Warsaw Pact? The ghosts? LOL! The Mujaheddin! And who are Mujaheds? LOL! Give you 3 guesses.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-20 11:15:06 PM

The United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (UIF, Jabha-yi Muttahid-i Islami-yi Milli bara-yi Nijat-i Afghanistan), also known as the Northern Alliance.

Mendacitious changeling.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-04-21 1:44:43 AM

The United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (UIF, Jabha-yi Muttahid-i Islami-yi Milli bara-yi Nijat-i Afghanistan), also known as the Northern Alliance.

Mendacious changeling.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-04-21 1:45:47 AM

LOL! Those rapist narco trafficking thieves of the Northern Alliance? Like Dostum? Dostum, the former Soviet puppet, key figure in the Northern Alliance defeated the Soviets, his erstwhile allies? What are you smoking? LOL! Idiot.

It took the Taliban weeks and months to defeat the Northern Alliance. Why? Because the Taliban are the victors who defeated the Warsaw Pact, not the collaborators like Dostum! Achmad Shah Massoud was the only one any good, and he was the one who started the civil war! You know nothing of Afghanistan. Your information is gleaned from poor sources who are as ignorant as you yourself are. Laughable if people were not dying for your ignorance.

Posted by: ROGER | 2008-04-21 2:02:51 AM

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