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Friday, April 25, 2008

Different takes on conservatism

Rebecca Walberg, who works as a policy analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, has an excellent column in the Sun media chain today discussing some of the ideas I put forward in my manifesto, The Trudeau Empire Has Fallen and it Can't Get up.

Walberg compares the arguments I make as to how conservatives can win the war of ideas with the arguments put forward in two other works: David Frum's Comeback and Tom Flanagan's Harper's Team.

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Tom Flanagan's "Harper's Team"? That's the book that contains this tidbit of wisdom, right?

"Even though there is a cap on national campaign spending, it is easy and legal to exceed it by transferring expenditures to local campaigns that are not able to spend up to their own legal limits."

And when the shit hit the fan, the Conservatives obviously forgot to heed this other bit of Flanagan's wisdom:

"People expect conservatives to be tough. They believe in the values of self-help, individual responsibility, criminal justice, economic realism, and national interest. They look ridiculous, if they go around snivelling and complaining about fairness every time an opponent takes a shot at them. Political campaigning is a civilized form of civil war. The point is to win the war, not to complain that people are fighting. Leave the whining to the utopians who fantasize about conflict-free societies."

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-04-25 9:02:43 AM


Yep, the incessant whining about how Stelmach is spending too much in Alberta without offering solutions about how to get roads, hospitals and schools built is an example of what Flanagan was saying.

It does make a certain constituency who were content with Klein's inability to deal with those issues not that much different from the utopian whiners.

Take yesterday's example of the Greenpeace extremist at Edmonton's Shaw Conference Centre yesterday: ‘The best premier big oil can buy.'

Yet, it appears to be big oil Gollums (‘the precious money is mine, all mine') who are opposed to a status quo they were used to under Klein.

Stelmach has taken a correct path, away from the extremists on both sides, and is doing what's best for ALL Albertans.

The voters recognized this and delivered a mandate that has rivalled that of Lougheed and Klein.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-04-25 9:45:23 AM

set you free wrote: "The voters recognized this and delivered a mandate that has rivalled that of Lougheed and Klein."

What mandate? 22% of the voting population? That's not even a minority government in a REAL DEMOCRACY (which Alberta isn't).

Posted by: Werner Patels | 2008-04-25 9:28:38 PM

SYF: There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep the oil that one invests plenty of risk/$$/work in. The real greed lies with the parasites that do nothing to get the oil and expect to benefit from it. They have real greed.

Posted by: abc | 2008-04-26 1:13:05 PM

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