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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The audacity of hype

I'm certainly not out to displace Adam Yoshida as the biggest Obama basher on The Shotgun, but I'm certainly no fan of the man, as I make clear in my latest Face to Face column in the Tri-City News. Here's an sampling:

"A prime reason for [his popularity] seems to be his facility with language — both his soaring rhetoric and the hopeful message it contains. But in the speeches I’ve heard, Obama constructs nothing more than an empty palace of pap, replete with pat phrases and verbal pablum. He talks of hope, but doesn’t spell out what he’s hoping for. He promises change, but doesn’t specify what such change would bring...

"Obama’s campaign slogan is 'Change we can believe in.' On the evidence, I’d say a more accurate one would be: 'Hype we cannot trust.' ”

My debating partner, Mary Woo Sims, would--as expected--be very happy to have the "bi-racial" (her expression) candidate as president. One final point: While I disagree with much that Sims says, I'm pleasantly surprised that she believes the U.S. is "the world's only legitimate super power." Funny, I would have guessed she would have thought the U.S.'s power to be illegitimate.

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All of the "excitement" that Miss Simms senses is merely the self dilusion of stupid Communists in the "main stream media."

All three of these media-made candidates are big-government-enthralled Leftists with the infantile notion that they are "elite" people (in America, of all places, the most open and welcoming culture on earth).

These are "government people" exclusively, with NOTHING of the essence of American free enterprise, fair dealing, freedom loving, personal responsibility, noble character coming even within a hundred miles of any part of their life experiences.

What a creepy unrepresentative group of phonies.

Media fiction wihout even a sense of the authentic article.

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2008-03-30 9:02:16 PM

Obama reminds me of the beloved 'world leader' in Michael O'Brien's "Father Elijah".

Obama's whole effort seems to be towards getting the people lulled into complacency with word candy. If he becomes President, most people (as now) will not even notice his repressive tendencies. The media will continue to praise his 'hopeful' countenance, his will to 'change'(something).

In O'Brien's book, the 'world leader' was a really really really BAD guy....(with an amazing ability to give 'hopeful' speeches!)

Posted by: lwestin | 2008-03-31 7:56:37 AM

"He promises change, but doesn’t specify what such change would bring..."

Here's the specifics. 64 pages of specifics. Not counting the cover and the table of contents, it's something like 45 more pages of specifics than the Wildrose Alliance provided, and they weren't discounted as 'hype' for only providing 16 pages of bullet points with very little detail on how they'd actually fulfill those points either, so I'm guessing we're all good then.


Not that this matters. I mean the whole Mary vs. Terry thing is a contrived product to pad out some ads. How does that line go... "punditry is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". If you tun your head and listen closely you can hear America not giving a rip.

There's this goofy character in the X-Men comics I read as a kid, named Sebastian Shaw, and his "power" was to become stronger and faster every time someone hit him. His superhero name was The Black King. Yeah, I know.

Posted by: Pattern Recognition | 2008-03-31 8:32:54 AM

Hey PT,

Barack ain't no King...


Posted by: lwestin | 2008-03-31 2:46:25 PM

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