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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saskatchewan's race for rare earth metals

China China is unlikely to welcome a made-in-Canada solution to its monopoly on rare earth metals. This is the conclusion of writer Cyril Doll in his Western Standard exclusive on rare earth metals exploration in Saskatchewan by Great Western Minerals Group (GWMG).

Here’s an excerpt:

Much like its western neighbour, Saskatchewan's boom is resource-driven, thanks to myriad oil and gas deposits, lying beneath the province's relatively flat surface. But unlike Alberta, Saskatchewan holds one-third of the world's uranium and a quarter of its potash deposits, and, thanks to recent discoveries by GWMG, also has the potential to break into a resource sector now monopolized by the Chinese--rare earth metals.

Rare earth metals are a type of mineral with properties conducive to applications in high-tech electronics--from IPods to missile guidance systems to hybrid cars. The Chinese supply 130,000 tonnes or 97 per cent of the world's demand, 77 per cent from a single mine in the Bautou region--and the Communists estimate demand will increase to 600,000 tonnes by 2010.

Read "Rare Earth in Saskatchewan" here.

If you want to learn more about rare earth metals, GWMG’s chairman Gary Billingsley will be in Calgary on March 27, 2008 to meet with investors. Seating for this private presentation is very limited and investors wishing to attend must contact Ron Malashewski at (306) 659 4516, or by email at [email protected].

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Hmmmmmmmmmm; This reads like one of Matthew Johnson's infamously planted advertorials. Or is that adverTORYals? ;-)

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Doll; your readers (as many as you have) are not fooled by this sort of shenanigans.

Posted by: Beggar | 2008-03-27 2:05:38 PM

Beggar -- This article was written long before I had any editorial control of the Western Standard.

It's a great read -- and a real news story. And since our friends from GWMG are in town, I thought I'd reacquaint our readers with it.

Your vigilance is nevertheless appreciated.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-03-27 2:31:41 PM

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