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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mrs. Grundy strikes again

"Bar managers and store owners face large-scale compensation claims if their customers ogle their barmaids, waitresses or check-out staff. New sex discrimination laws also mean that landlords who allow loud sexist jokes or banter among drinkers could be taken before a tribunal. The regulations say that bosses are responsible for protecting their staff from sexual harassment by customers - and that those who fail to do so can face unlimited compensation claims.They mean that a pub landlord could be sued if a bar worker complains about being called 'love', or over customers telling each other off-colour jokes. Restaurant managers or hoteliers risk action if staff object to backchat from diners or guests asking for a date."
Wecome to the Fair New World. My only question is: Is the trend to sanitize speech in private businesses (where nobody is compelled to work or to frequent) more or less disturbing than what's going on at Canada's human rights commissions?


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Okay, I think this will lead to a situation where it just won't be worth hiring the weaker sex for any job or any reason. And if they weren't the weaker sex, they wouldn't need so many rules and regulations and protection from life in the workaday world.

This will lead to putting women back in the kitchens.

Actually that may not be a bad idea.

- Here are some of the benefits.

- Families may get better nutrition

- There will be fewer delinquent children

- House holds will be more like homes and cleaner too.

- There will be fewer break ins as there will be someone home all the time.

- Kids will be happier

- Governments will not have to provide day care.

- Husbands will be happier

- Women will not be as tempted to have affairs at work.

- Mostly women will not be in a place where they might have their feelings hurt.

After all ... to quote the late great James Brown "It's a man's world"

We might also consider taking the vote away from women. After all, they are largely responsible for voting in all those morality busting anti family leftist politicians like PET and in the USA Clinton and now maybe Obama.

If you think I am being chauvinistic, it's only because I am so tired of the whining and complaining from women. They are never happy. At least not since they left the home and entered that man's world.

If they want equality, fine, then they should shut up and take their lumps like men do.

Fortunately, the women in my life are not wimps and know how to take care of themselves. They are already liberated, equal and hot. They don't need or want the government to look out for them.

By the by, I do all the cooking at my house. I am liberate too.

Posted by: John West | 2008-03-31 4:06:09 PM

It's not an attempt to "sanitize speech" ... it's an attempt to protect workers from harassment. Regardless of gender.


Perhaps if you men were doing a better job taking care of your women, fewer would be out working. ;0)

I'm not one to whine and complain about much, I could care less what someone male or female thinks about me, my feelings are not hurt very often.

I'd MUCH prefer to be at home with my children and managing my career (freelance writer) from home, but it's not feasible at this point. However, I (just like any other person) have a right to work in a harassment-free environment.

Harssment is different for men and women. I would argue for protection from harassment for both genders.

So is it because men were weak that they needed to create unions and put laws against murder in place? I mean really, do you need the protection of your governement to stop someone from killing you? Can't you just be a man and stop them?



Posted by: Heather Cook | 2008-03-31 6:41:38 PM

You are really full of bull aren`t you .

A . It`s getting tougher to ' do a better job taking care of women ' , when they are out there bidding down the wages and filling jobs they shouldn`t be in , as prescribed by the ' ministry of equality ' . Not to mention bidding up housing prices .
B ' I`m not one to whine and complain ' - That`s all they ever do ; I know I work with a whole bunch of them . They are even sick of it themselves.
C I want to work in a ' harrassment free environment ' . Don`t we all ; welcome to the real world.
D I want ' protection from harrassment for both genders ' - Go out and hire your own bodyguard , if you are so delicate and insecure.
E ' Can`t you just be a man and stop them ' - not since the communist inspired feminazis took over . What am I going to hit them with , a purse . Anything more offensive and it`s off to jail and sensitivity training .

West wrote jokingly . Lighten up and stop trying to control everyone .
And finally , address the point about voting in the girlie men Trudeau , Clinton et al who did such a fine job in ruining what was once a decent society. Abortion , day care , multi culti BS . Sounds like you`d like to go back to the good old days yourself.

Posted by: daveh | 2008-03-31 7:37:15 PM


The government cannot prevent anyone from killing me, they can however, stand by my body and wonder who did it while they fill reams of paper to chronicle the event.

The government can neither prevent me from being harassed or beaten up, that is up to me and I have worked toward being capable of doing those things. It's really not that difficult. It usually only takes the nerve to tell someone to piss off and leave you alone. You'd be surprised how well that works. People are so afraid of offending anyone in today's Canada that they will stay quiet and continue to be offended themselves. Am I right?

Regarding unions. I agree that weak people flock to the collective where they can fine some courage and strength in numbers. I abhor unions and have avoided them my entire life.

Like you, I wanted to work out of my home so I developed the skills to make that possible and I have been doing so successfully for 30 years. That is why I have time to be the cook while my wife goes out to work. She chooses do work because she is career oriented and has the education required to have a good job that pays well. We chose to not have kids so we could do what we want with our lives.

There are two schools of thought on that. One is that we are an eco friendly family who decided not to pollute the planet with more consuming humans. The other is that we are selfish DINKS.

We subscribe to the latter because 1. We don't care what other people think and 2. We are not worried about the climate change thingy because there is nothing we can do about it anyway. The sun is in charge of our climate along with cloud density, ocean currents and the like. Those things are beyond human endeavor.

Dave is right I was being tongue-in-cheek in my comments but only to a point. Women really don't know how live in the man's world. In part because they are still knew to it and in part because most men are still jerks and don't know how to behave around women they are not likely to get into the sack with.

We have a long way to go, but we would all do well to whine and squawk less and spend more time figuring out how to deal with harassers, bullies, bad bosses and obnoxious co workers.

I wish you well in your quest to get your home based business going. It would benefit your kids a lot I am sure. I can tell you there is no better way to work. It's a bit lonely at times, but eventually you get used to your own company and after a time you start to feel less comfortable when you spend too much time in the company of others. I guess you just become reclusive over time. That has been my experience. It's worth it though. I like my own company now. I get to do a lot more of exactly what I want to do whether it's commenting on blogs or reading a book.

Some days I spend the last hour of work drinking a glass of wine or scotch, then dart into the kitchen to start supper before wifey gets home.

Do you still hate me?

Posted by: John West | 2008-03-31 8:25:57 PM

I did not know that Karol . I`m starting to worry that we are rearing [ no pun there ] a whole new generation of Orwellian ' neuters' . I doubt that most of these kids are capable of sexually harrassing anyone . Probably has something to do with all the steroidal estrogens pis--d into the drinking water or maybe too much TV viewing with the mandatory bisexual themes and casting. But of course that was always how it was supposed to turn out. Instead of keeping them [ us ] barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen , we`ve progressed to the mushroom society ; keep them in the dark and deep in bullsheet , metaphorically speaking.

Posted by: daveh | 2008-03-31 9:08:33 PM

Ever since the introduction of VLTs in bars and restaurants the food quality and service has gone to the dogs.

Oh, this is happening in England because of the EU?
Never mind.

>"The European Equal Treatment Directive which the regulations will enforce says that women at work should not be "subjected to any conduct related to their sex which violates their dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment".

Forget about the beer halls, this is going to put a serious crimp in the sex trade in Germany and that snotty attitude that French waiting staff are famous for just got a legislative boost.

Posted by: Speller | 2008-04-01 10:40:14 AM

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