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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cross-border concerns

And speaking of cross-border trade issues (see my posting on "water," below), my debating partner, Mary Woo Sims, and I tackle the Security and Prosperity Partnership initiative in our latest Face to Face columns in the Tri-City News.

The issue might be on the back burner now, but there's a big SPP meeting coming up next month in New Orleans, and I suspect the usual collection of anti-free-traders, anarchists and ultra-nationalists will make enough noise there to put it back on the front pages.

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I certainly hope that Canadian citizens can make enough noise to put the SPP and the entire continuing process of deep integration with the U.S. back on the front pages. The very reason so many people are upset about the SPP is that there is currently no parliamentary or congressional oversight of the SPP at all, and no input from (or accountability to) the regular citizens of all three supposedly democratic countries involved. Instead, heads of industry (ie, CEOs of companies like Wal-Mart and Campbell's Soup) get together, make decisions that inevitably affect public policy, and neither you nor I nor our MPs now anyone outside of that small elite group get any sort of say in it. The point is that whether you like it or love it, the SPP has been going ahead without anyone even asking your opinion (or mine). And that is the real problem with the SPP in a nutshell. Only by getting the agreement back on the front pages can we ever hope to change that.

Posted by: Susan Thompson | 2008-03-27 5:58:23 PM

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