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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Battle of the Sexes

Grantbrownheadshot Grant Brown, a lawyer who holds a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, is the Western Standard's newest columnist. His beat? Most broadly, he takes an interest in the battle of the sexes, as his first column is titled.

More specifically, Grant has been busy defending fathers in Canada--in parental custody cases where fathers get short shrift, in cases of domestic violence where husbands received markedly different treatment compared with wives, and in popular culture where "deadbeat dads" dominate headlines at the expense of the nuanced truth--and we can expect him to do the same here at the Standard.

Welcome aboard, Grant.

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Very good. It's about time we had a columnist who tackles the issues bedeviling fathers in Canadian politics. Besides all the well-known access/custody/support issues, there is the horrendous suicide rate that the militant radical state feminists want to sweep under the rug.

Posted by: Ken Wiebe | 2008-02-05 7:01:37 PM

"in parental custody cases where fathers get short shrift"
Yep that`s all we need is another `expert` complaining the courts are bias against fathers.
Just another bit of noise to distract attention from the million plus fatherless children in Canada that were created through the immoral, unconstitutional and mostly illegal use of sole custody.
Lets not talk about property crime in Vancouver going from an incredible NA leader to the latest, four times higher than NYC because it`s the sole custody capital.
Best keep it quiet on how the record number of single parent children creates 80% of crime and how much profit that creates for the sole custody champs.
Blow all the smoke you want Mr. Brown but it`s a little late to hide this criminal enterprise behind gender bias. The results are in.

Posted by: got rope? | 2008-02-05 9:46:43 PM

Multibilion dollar divorce industry is thriving on false allegations of violence fabricated by women. Family courts in Canada are just tools used for the purpose to "get back at him", strip him from his children and divide his property between her and the players of the divorce industry. We need to oppose this legalized criminal activity taking place daily in our so called "family" courts.

Posted by: Wes | 2008-02-05 11:14:56 PM

Congratulations on the hiring of a man interested in the profession of truth. May there be many others to follow in his footsteps.

Posted by: Alfred Watson | 2008-02-06 6:10:16 AM

Karol Karolak

Of course bias judges have to be assigned. How else could this myth that record numbers of single parent children are created because of bias and not profit.
The results are in for Vancouver and other Cdn cities. and the record number of sole custody abused children are now just starting to prowl the streets.
This is a societal disaster in the works and it`s all about maximizing the justice industries profit.
BC has 50% more lawyers than doctors and they are reaping the benefits.
Furthermore the idea that gender bias has a benefit to women is absurd. There are more single mothers on welfare than ever before, not exactly a benefit to women. I`m sure we agree fathers don`t benefit and as the crime rates show it certainly doesn`t benefit the children. That only leaves the justice industry and their record profits.

The proof is out, the results are in. It`s not gender bias, it`s a criminal enterprise.

Posted by: got rope? | 2008-02-06 9:45:55 AM

The RCMP just announced crime in Vancouver is down. roflmao Thanks to programs that put offenders in programs instead of arresting them or the order from Ottawa to stop arresting youth, crime is down. lol The latest report on crime that bumped Vancouver property crime from the highest in NA to 4 times higher than NYC. Someone should send them the addy of the study so they know what`s going on at the street level. That`s what happens when a predominantly western police force is run out of Ottawa, they are all politicians.
btw The real crime that is at historical highs is before taking into account unreported crime has climbed to its highest historical level.
If they all lie about what every citizen knows and what the reports show how can we ever expect them to deal with the root cause of 80% of crime, sole custody.
As I`ve said many times before, economic conditions will bring about the required change.

Cash is Good

Posted by: got rope? | 2008-02-06 1:25:24 PM


How you get your copy and paste verbal diarrhea past the spam filters when I've got to chop mine into two or three parts I'll never know.

Posted by: Speller | 2008-02-07 9:48:11 PM


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