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Monday, February 04, 2008

Link Byfield to run for the Wildrose Alliance


4 February 2008

High-profile journalist will carry Wildrose Alliance banner

Alberta senator-elect Link Byfield declared today he will run for the Wildrose Alliance party in Whitecourt - Ste. Anne, northwest of Edmonton. Supported by previous Alliance candidate David Dow, he is expected to be acclaimed as the candidate at a party meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Mayerthorpe Legion.

The constituency extends from Onoway to Whitecourt and almost to Edson. Byfield has lived near Onoway for 25 years, and raised a family there.

Byfield was a founding member of the Wildrose Party, which merged with the Alberta Alliance on January 19th to form the Wildrose Alliance. He was editor and publisher of the weekly magazine Alberta Report for 18 years, and one of four Senate nominees elected in 2004, with 238,000 votes. In 2006 he co-chaired the Calgary Congress, a national symposium on reforming the Senate and restricting federal spending; speakers included Preston Manning, then-premier Ralph Klein, Ted Morton, and a roster of constitutional and economic experts from all regions of Canada.

Byfield was elected as an Independent candidate for the Senate. He says he has declined several invitations over the years to run for the provincial Progressive Conservatives. "The PCs have served the province, but have been in office too long," he said today. "Over time they have become just another top-down, tax-and spend-party like the Liberals. Albertans don't need more spending, we need better leadership."

The Wildrose Alliance is founded on grassroots democratic principles similar to the federal Reform Party. "A great many Albertans now realize," said Byfield, "that there will have to be a viable new centre-right alternative in the Legislature, to push this drifting government in the right direction. And if the government refuses to be pushed, Albertans will then have the means to replace it."

The goal of the Wildrose Alliance in this election is to open up that alternative.

Wildrose Alliance Leader Paul Hinman states" We are thrilled to have Link on board as our candidate in Whitecourt -St. Anne. Link is a well known personality who has been consistent in his views regarding democratic reform and citizens initiatives. We look forward to seeing him in the legislature."


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Well, it's a safe bet to say that seat is going WA. I think there's alot more going to go that way throughout rural ALberta. It would be nice to see the WA hold the balance of power in a minority government. That way they can be sure to keep the PC's on the "right" side of things. Worries me a bit to see a few Calgary ridings fall to the Libs.

Posted by: DCR | 2008-02-04 2:19:29 PM

he still has to take his head from between his legs to run..

Posted by: Brtian | 2008-02-04 2:38:28 PM

This is GOOD news for ALL Albertans; I wish I lived in Whitecourt so I could vote FOR Link Byfield. I predict a win (huge win!) for the WA party in the Whitecourt riding.

Posted by: jema54j | 2008-02-04 2:54:04 PM

I have been waiting to see if the Wildrose Alliance is going to run a candidate in Calgary Lougheed. It doesn't seem so and for that reason, I've decided to run as an Independent. My application to register was mailed today (Feb 4) and I will put up a web site shortly.

In the meantime, I set up a blog at ab-first.blogspot.com and it is active.

One of my first priorities would be to put forth a private member's bill to remove freedom of speech from the AB HRC and reduce considerably the legislative powers granted to investigators of the HRC.

G. Keith Laurie

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2008-02-04 5:43:50 PM

"One of my first priorities would be to put forth a private member's bill to remove freedom of speech from the AB HRC..."

I think they beat you to it. :-)

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-02-04 5:54:38 PM

...vote me!

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-02-04 6:39:53 PM

Can someone tell me what this guy has ever done?

All I can see is that he followed his daddy around his whole life. As soon as he took his thumb out of his mouth, he immediately stuck his foot into it. This nincompoop actually said that the Indians killed off the Buffalo in Alberta.

If this party wants any respect, it won't get it by hitching onto this little punk.

Posted by: dp | 2008-02-05 8:35:50 AM

To DP, careful you racial bias is showing.
I believe Alberta needs a change but its not the Lyberals, the NDP or any other Left wing Socialist party. All they have ever given Canada is Debt.

Posted by: JL | 2008-02-05 11:33:38 AM

Racial bias? Not intentional at least. I'm pretty well conservative.

The buffalo comment was to demonstrate this guy's lack of common sense. Alberta is ready for change alright, but not a switch back to bible thumping social credit characters like Byfield.

If Alberta is going to survive the transition to a high tech 21st century, it won't be with leaders who don't believe in dinosaurs.

Posted by: dp | 2008-02-05 12:06:36 PM

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