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Monday, February 04, 2008

CTF wins fight to eliminate Alberta health care premiums - UPDATE

Scott Hennig and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have won their fight to eliminate Alberta's health care premiums.

The Stelmach government announced today that they would phase out these premiums over the next four years. Of course, they have to get elected first - and the new Wildrose Alliance has also promised to eliminate this tax.

Can you beat this four year timeline, Paul?

UPDATE: Premier Ed Stelmach just announced that Albertans will go to the polls on March 3. 

News Release

February 4, 2008

Plans to eliminate health care premiums, boost savings highlighted in throne speech

Edmonton... Plans to phase out health care premiums for all Albertans within four years and introduce a new savings strategy are detailed in the 2008 Speech from the Throne.  Lieutenant Governor Norman L. Kwong outlined the government’s plan for Alberta in the speech delivered February 4.   

“Our government has a vision for Alberta’s future – and a plan to get us there.  It’s a plan to build communities, green our growth and create opportunity for long-term prosperity,” said Premier Ed Stelmach. “Today, our government has laid out the elements of that plan.  They build on the steps we’ve already taken, and will position Alberta for continued leadership in Canada and the world.”

“Helping families in our growing economy is a priority.  Phasing out premiums will save the average family $1,056 per year,” said Stelmach. “Collectively, municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals can expect to save more than $84 million per year - dollars that can be re-invested in frontline services.”

Highlights of the speech also include the government's plans to:

• increase the number of health care workers;
• continue to implement the 20-year strategic capital plan;
• create more than 11,000 new affordable housing units over five years;
• allocate significant new funding to implement a crime reduction strategy;
• begin work with industry to put in place carbon capture and storage infrastructure; and
• implement the new royalty framework.

The full text of the Speech from the Throne is available online at www.alberta.ca.


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So they had a Speech from the Throne, which is to announce the legeslative agenda for the comming session, knowing full well that a few minutes later they would disolve the legislature and call an election. That reads like a play straight out of the "How To Act Like A Banana Republic" playbook. Add to that 36+ years of one party rule and Alberta really DOES seem like a totalitarian state.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-02-04 4:43:36 PM

I completely agree Fact Check.

Looking forward to giving Ed Stupid a big kick in the ass.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2008-02-04 6:10:38 PM

I can hardly believe how different I feel about my provinces political leaders these days....down right depressing. I guess I'm still reeling from a Ralph Klein hangover...

Posted by: prairie dog | 2008-02-04 8:16:26 PM

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