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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another surprise in Pakistan

The PPP and PML-N have managed to form a government after all.  Yet they still don't agree on the fate of President Musharraf.  For that reason, I suspect this coalition will be a thing of the past before the year is out.  Then again, I've been wrong before.

Posted by D.J. McGuire on February 21, 2008 in International Politics | Permalink


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No offence DJ: But I'm more worried about the white parasites over here than I am about the brown parasites over there. Maybe some of the "Oh gov't please protect me from the bad drugs and Muslims" types will have more to say.

Posted by: Veteran | 2008-02-22 6:06:59 PM


Wow, that sounds so incredibly racist..."white parasites over here"

Imagine the outrage if someone here said they were worried about the "brown parasites over here".

I guess it's a leftist condition to be simultaneously racist, hypocritical, and perpetually outraged.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-02-22 6:36:05 PM


I also wish to add that you attempted to change the topic of the post again by injecting a racist slur.

The topic is Pakistan and President Musharraf.

If you wish to continue injecting your racial theories, please visit Stormfront.

Posted by: h2o273kk9 | 2008-02-22 6:40:48 PM


Veteran made the statement over a week ago that everyone who fights in the 'government's wars' were suckers and that the flag waving supporters were suckers too.

Then he tries to claim respect for being a CF 'Veteran' for 'fighting for us' in Bosnia.

Veteran/Sucker thinks he is a Libertarian and is the only one who understands Libertarianism but doesn't know who Lysander Spooner is.

Posted by: Speller | 2008-02-22 7:18:16 PM

While I'd like to keep to myself and have everything be nice an cozy and safe at home, if others have nuclear weapons and have no scruples about using them, I guess I need to be concerned about it after all. Pakistan is hugely important. Musharraf has been far from perfect, but that he's helped at all, against the pretty widespread popular sympathy with the Taliban of most Pakistanis, let alone the split loyalties within the armed forces, has been remarkable. It's a quagmire, and there is a lot at stake. The west should be watching and praying, and should have a much better resolve to act effectively if needed.

Posted by: momathome | 2008-02-23 9:45:58 AM

Veteran:.... The white parasite is back... what do you want? Glad to know I've made that much of an impact on your life.

Props to speller for calling it like it is.

momathome: your right on when it comes to the importance of understanding pakistani politics. A country who is armed to the nines with nukes, who carries religious extremists in the mountains, who hates just about everything we stand, I would say would be a valid concern. I agree the west should be watching this, just as it does NK, China, and all the other countries with the same components.

It's just too bad that some of us are more concerned about whether we can smoke dope or not, than being concerned about international affairs that have a potential to create a catastrophy.

Posted by: Redneck Ryder | 2008-02-23 11:18:56 AM

H2: Thanks for again missing the point and being consistent. How is that a racist comment? People are black, brown, white etc. Worshippers of big gov't like you should understand that your hero parasites are the real threats regardless of their color. The head parasite in Pakistan happens to be brown. Ours is white. Ours will cause you more pain than the parasite in Pakistan will. Get it now? It only sounds racist if english is your second language.

Now, on to your retarded brother Speller. I know who Spooner is and even have friends who've named their pets after him. I'm far from being the only libertarian on here, I'm sure you've read but didn't understand posts from Jane, Pierre Lemieux, Jan Narveson, Peter Jaworski etc. They are also libertarians.

I don't know if you're calling BS on me being in Bosnia, but I'd be happy to get the owner of this site to take a picture of the Veteran plate on my car and we could include my certificate of service and medals. Or we could meet and I could show them to you. Would your mom lend you her car? Do you have the balls to meet or do you want to hide behind your laptop?

I understand that I acted as a sucker because I put my money where my mouth was when I was a simple gov't worshipper like you. You on the other hand won't stand up for your beliefs and do the same because you are a little basement dwelling coward. My knowledge came first hand. You have no first hand knowledge and lack the ability to rationalize abstract/complex issues. Your little pea brain makes assertions that you can't comprehend. You are left guessing like a retard that walks into NASA and guesses how they got to the moon.

Redneck: I wasn't talking about you being a parasite. I was talking about politicians. But thanks for the admission if you are one.

Posted by: Veteran | 2008-02-24 3:30:12 PM

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