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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Your Sunday distraction

While we're all waiting to see who will be the Democrat and Republican nominee, you can have your own primary and caucus battle with Kongregate's Campaign Game.

The game is simple. Pick your candidate from the list provided. Select three staff members from a list of four: a hatchet man, a spin meister, a fundraiser, and an operative. Each one has their own special skills and talents. Then go on to try and win states to earn money for special attack moves (like an attack ad, a scathing attack, a flag wave, and so on), or just go ahead and attack the other campaign and their staff to eliminate them from the board.

While the game nails the Democrats--John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are your choices--it gets it terribly wrong on the Republican side. Fred Thompson, who has withdrawn, Rudy Giuliani, who, if he doesn't win Florida, will have the distinction of being trounced by Ron Paul in every primary and caucus with the exception of one, and Mitt Romney. No John McCain, no Ron Paul, and no Mike Huckabee. Take a look:


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