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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Media is the Message

Parliament resumes tomorrow.

I can't wait to see what issues the Liberals raise in the House of Commons on behalf of the CBC.

Posted by Gerry Nicholls on January 27, 2008 | Permalink


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I imagine Dion to produce a video of him crying:


Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-01-27 6:31:45 PM

The Liberals want the Taliban to be informed of every operational decision made by the military in Afghanistan as soon as possible. Uuuumm, why?

Taliban are trying and occasionally succeeding in killing our troops, so why do the Liberals and their media want to give the Taliban more information about Canadian operations?

Wouldn't it make sense to ensure the Taliban have less information about what our troops are doing?

The troops probably think so since they're the ones who'll get killed. So screw the Liberal media and their whining in Parliament.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2008-01-27 7:18:23 PM

Ah, the Liberals, desperate to get back in power, will be all over the map on crap that means squat to our every day existence. The same kind of crap they ignored themselves when in power.

It'll certainly start with their extreme worry and concern for Taliban prisoners. As well as how come EVERYONE wasn't informed about the new arrangements for those prisoners, etc. etc, yadda, yadda.

They'll call for the firing of Sandra Buckler.
Hell, maybe even Peter McKay and the Chief of Defense Rick Hillier. Jeeze, this is so serious, heads will have to roll! Those poor, poor Taliban bastards who've only been setting roadside bombs and killing our guys must be treated gently.

Of course don't forget the Mulroney Inquiry will have to be started immediately, no need to wait for the Ethics Committee to finish it's fishing expedition.

I could go on, abortion and the death penalty and gun control are all possibilities.

Posted by: Liz J | 2008-01-27 9:09:09 PM

As if I give a rat's patootie about the welfare of some polygamist paedophilic barabarian terrorist prisoner.


Posted by: epsilon | 2008-01-27 10:00:58 PM

Nothing will change. Taliban Jack will whine the Ministers are responsible for the pain these terrorists are feeling. Poor guys. Dion will bumble his way through the english language trying to posture himself and show he is a credible leader. He will fail miserably. I hope they bring down the government at the first chance. Imagine a full on debate with Harper (who is equally as good in french as english), and howdy doody Dion. IT will be like shooting fish in a barrel. This country will see first hand what kind of "leader" this guy really is.

Posted by: SICKofEast | 2008-01-28 7:04:53 AM

Won't matter what is raised. No one expects a straight answer anyways.

Posted by: Trudeau's Ghost | 2008-01-28 11:55:17 AM

"who is equally as good in french as english"
Is he that bad in English ?

Posted by: Marc | 2008-01-28 12:11:14 PM

ok Marc, a bit of an exageration, but Harper is alot better in french than Dion is in english.

Posted by: SICKofEast | 2008-01-28 12:33:19 PM

For all I'm concerns, Duceppe is very good in french.

Posted by: Marc | 2008-01-28 12:41:09 PM

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