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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mark Levin gets too dizzy spinning for Romney (Part I)

It really hurts for me to write this.  I’ve liked Mark Levin from the moment he went on the air, for he is just about the only talk radio host who notices the danger from Communist China.  However, I have to respond to the erroneous (and I’m being generous) attack Levin launched against John McCain in his spin-laden endorsement of Mitt Romney in National Review.

I’ll start with the worst one - Levin’s insistence that McCain “lied” about what Romney said on Iraq back in April.  Here’s Levin’s paragraph on the subject:

Even worse than denying his own record, McCain is flatly lying about Romney’s position on Iraq. As has been discussed for nearly a week now, Romney did not support a specific date to withdraw our forces from Iraq. The evidence is irrefutable. And it’s also irrefutable that McCain is abusing the English language (Romney’s statements) the way Bill Clinton did in front of a grand jury. The problem is that once called on it by everyone from the New York Times to me, he obstinately refuses to admit the truth. So, last night, he lied about it again. This isn’t open to interpretation. But it does give us a window into who he is.

Out of the eight sentences written there, seven are incorrect.

If you want the details, look here.

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Romney clearly doesn't support and didn't propose a date for withdraw from Iraq. Romney was obviously talking about putting pressure on the Iraqi government to get it's house in order and setting goals for it to do so.

McCain knows his attempt to paint Romney as supporting a withdrawal before success is achieved is a lie. Hopefully McCain will not become president of the US.

Posted by: Fred T. Ward | 2008-01-31 2:23:34 PM

DJ: You're wrong, and what's worse, you are blatantly biased regarding McCain,and you don't have the Chinese noodles to answer questions when you're asked about Juan McCain's open border friends and amnesty policies.

Posted by: Markalta | 2008-01-31 3:13:37 PM

Actually what's clear is that Romney DID support a withdrawal date, he simply didn't support making that date public. Which most certainly was the wrong position.

Not so shockingly, Romney has recanted that position in light of the success of the surge, and apparently resents that he's being called out once again on changing his position.

Posted by: Tom | 2008-01-31 3:37:13 PM

Leave Levin alone! In my opinion he was accurate in what he said. If you have a nasty for Romney, then make a good case for it. Don't try to twist words and phrases like McCain did. It doesn't become your otherwise excellent posts of the past.

Posted by: atric | 2008-01-31 3:52:32 PM

Whoever wrote this, you are an idiot.....What more is there to say

Posted by: Terry Go | 2008-02-01 6:04:37 PM

Want 20 more reasons to NOT vote for Juan McAmnesty? http://www.davidkfuller.blogspot.com

Posted by: davidkfuller | 2008-02-01 9:40:11 PM

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