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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Commercial interruption...

The Western Standard hosts regular seminars about investment opportunities presented by our advertising partners.



Here’s one on investing in farmland being presented by Amcapita Investments. I think you’ll enjoy their presentation in Calgary and their research report on the macro-economic trends driving the agriculture boom. Amcapita Investments has created Canada’s first RRSP-eligible farmland investment partner – and they are big supporters of the Western Standard.



If you live in Northern Alberta, you may want to attend the North of 60 Resource Conference. With gold reaching new highs everyday, many investors have turned their attention to mining stocks. The Western Standard is a proud sponsor of the North of 60 Resource Conference each year. Canada’s North is becoming a resource hotspot with many exciting projects and investment opportunities in the junior mining sector. Don’t miss this resource show in Edmonton on February 12th. Here are the details.

The Western Standard events page will be up shortly and I'll post this information there in the future.



Matthew Johnston
Western Standard

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Thanks Matthew. I'm already well invested in mining stocks in the Americas. Farmland sounds intersting. I am looking for more ideas but will be unable to attend your suggested events. Looking forward to news on money ideas, I'll watch for more of your financial input on this interesting, wild blog.

Posted by: dewp | 2008-01-30 9:16:06 PM

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