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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big city? Big government

An exclusive Western Standard article by Terrence Watson:

"As the Conservative Party is learning, buying votes by lavishly doling out grants is not as easy as it used to be."

Posted by Matthew Johnston on January 30, 2008 | Permalink


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But, doing the job that Ralphie should have been doing while he was doing whatever he was doing in the last three years should count for something.

Remember the stupid Eddie has no plan commercials run by the union commies straight out of the Marxist-Leninist songbook?

Guess what? Eddie's got a 20-year plan which is based on a vision of the Alberta population increasing from three to five million during that time.

Any other ideas on how the needs of a skyrocketing population be handled?

Other than the do-nothing, let us keep our money until we move to B.C. storyline?

Posted by: set you free | 2008-01-30 5:38:56 PM

Hey SYF...good to read you again. Haven't noticed you around lately. Can't say I agree with you about Stelmach. Too red for a real conservative. I know Ralph wasn't either...

Posted by: Markalta | 2008-01-30 10:43:30 PM



Is is ‘red' to do a necessary job that was ignored by your predecessor?

Is it ‘opposite of red' to have insufficent roads, schools and hospitals for a population that's going to increase 40% in the next 12 years?

Posted by: set you free | 2008-01-31 11:16:19 AM

Projecting population growth is a bit like projecting climate change. Just when you decide to put your parka in storage. Damn, look outside.

The oil patch is cooling off big time, except for the oil sands. I doubt there'll be jobs for 3 million, let alone 5 million. But I've been wrong before. Maybe NG will hit $10.

Posted by: dp | 2008-01-31 11:24:37 AM

Set: I just cringe when I hear that truckdrivers can't smoke in their own vehicles anymore. I hate smoke and do not smoke myself, but if I own a restaurant and want to have a smoking section, that is my right! The government needs to keep its nose out of private business!

If Ed wants to make progress with the dis-enfranchised right, he needs to reduce government, not try to run everything. By all means put money into infrastructure, but stop regulating everything...less is best!

Posted by: Markalta | 2008-01-31 3:31:26 PM

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