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Friday, December 28, 2007

Weakness for power

Dec. 26, CP: Canada--Limping into 2008

"When the year began, Harper's Conservatives were sitting at 34 per cent in public opinion approval, according to Harris-Decima, just ahead of the Liberals at 31 per cent. The NDP was at 15 and the Green party at eight per cent.

As 2007 draws to a close, Harris-Decima's rolling three-week averages had the Tories hovering around 34 per cent, the Liberals at 29, the NDP at 15 and the Greens polling 11 per cent."

Michael Den Tandt in the Owen Sound Sun Times: Fearless predictions (and why Harper, and I, got it wrong)

"What better way to set those fears to rest, get ahead of a rising global political wave and severely undercut the Liberals than to go Green? It couldn't fail.

But it did."

And then Den Tandt goes into the technicalities of policy. I'm sorry, I just don't buy it. Canadians I believe don't pay that much attention to the technical aspects of policy.

The only lesson here is apparently you gain nothing by bowing down to people like Gore and Suzuki. Give an inch and they'll just keep bashing. They don't have to compromise because they're not running for office. They can't give an inch because that would p-ss off their core constituency  which wants control, power, and hates you for a whole lot of other reasons. And in passing, you alienate the people who did vote for you. Back to waiting for the wave.

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Many people who sing the "go green" fight song are only moving their lips. When it comes to the possibility of losing their jobs, their conscience takes a back seat to their paycheques.

When Joe Clark's budget called for an 18 cent rise in gas prices a lot of good conservatives quietly moved away from the brawl. I had just started a new job and bought a new vehicle to use on the job. My budget was tight, and I was being paid by the mile to use my vehicle. It was quite a dilema. Blow my budget, or vote for Trudeau. Like a lot of good conservatives I stayed home and didn't vote.

Posted by: dp | 2007-12-28 1:12:30 PM

I read the link. I agree that Guilliani will likely get the nod if only because when most Americans are faced with the prospect of having either a women or a Negro as their President, they will balk.

My prediction for 2008 is that it will be the year the 'debate is over' crowd realizes, bu won't admit that it they have lost that debate.

There may be some climate change, which is normal for a ball in space with a huge sun beating it's rays upon it, but for the past 8 years there has been no substantial global warming.

The trend will more likely be to a bit of cooling which they will insist is a result of global warming. They won't quit, because they are famous for continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. That, as we all know, is the recipe for, or indication of, insanity.

I agree that Harper will win another minority, but will govern as though he has a majority.

I suggest that if he and his troops can hold out and bullshit everyone long enough, the costly emission reduction carbon credit scheme will become less important and start to look as stupid as it is. China's emission levels will have ballooned to a point where all efforts on our part will be futile. We must not be assimilated into Gore-World.

The warming zealots will make trouble because they have nothing else going for them and like most true fools, they are incapable of change.

Posted by: John West | 2007-12-28 1:25:24 PM

As a white male forester (could I be more politically incorrect?) with 32 years in the forest sector on Vancouver Island, and battle-scarred from consistently losing land-use wars against the Greens (leaving no real environmental benefit to show), I can ditto your comments.

Greens have acquired religious fanaticism and have effectively replaced Marxism and Christianity as the great societal movement of our time. Any alignment of campaigns based on sound science is purely coincidental and one of temporary convenience.

Appeasement and compromise elevates their basement and the march continues. Largely funded by post-capitalist foundations (useful idiots), they have absorbed most of the reds who were no longer socially acceptable and disguised them as watermelons.

As elitists, Corporations cut deals with them, Politicians suck-hole and subsidize them, Academia becomes one with them, the people they fear the most are the Joe six-packs of the world, particularly the people that become informed and have the guts to call BS on them.

As Emperors, these assholes have no clothes but they have become emperors none the less.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-12-28 1:33:21 PM

29% of voters would support the leaderless corrupt Liberals?

That just seems so hard to believe.

If the Liberal Party ran a bank, would these same 'supporters' trust them with their life savings? Are there that many dumb people in Canada?

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-12-29 12:47:01 AM

Yes there are that many dumbkopks in Canada right now . Through a combination of selective immigration and draft - dodging along with an osmotic reconfiguration of the Canadian psyche as encouraged and inculcated by 2 generations of L[ l]iberal nanny - statism , yes they do march to a different drummer . The solution is to purge Canada of this almost communistic mentality via the tough love of a couple of Conservative majoritys and since we know that that will not happen , to have a skilled negotiator at the helm [ Harper, etc.] , to drag us kicking and screaming into the real world .

Posted by: daveh | 2007-12-29 6:43:55 AM

"Liberals at 31 per cent."

There are that many loonies running around in Canada?

Ho camonie!

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-12-30 10:03:30 AM

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