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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Republican Debate in Iowa

The last one.  It's on live now.

Continued after the break.

God, I hate Ron Paul.  Watching his lisping, weak, seditious self across the stage just makes my skin crawl.  I honestly cannot put into words how much I despise that man and his supporters.  They are, literally, the scum of the Earth.

Fred Thompson makes the key point.  Entitlements, entitlements, entitlements - that's the cost.  As a side note, hillariously, so-called "libertarian" Ron Paul seemingly supports keeping Social Security more or less as it is.

Who the hell invited Alan Keyes?  Seriously, folks.

Astonishing.  Ron Paul is being very carefully advised.  Remember who Ron Paul was two or three years ago - Dr. No, the guy who voted against practically all domestic spending and taxation.  Now, when asked what people should sacrifice in terms of domestic spending, he announces that it's not necessary for people to sacrifice any government programs because he'll cut military spending.  Someone - either Paul or one of his advisors - is well-aware that his support among kooks is largely a result of his support for the defeat and surrender of the West and they would be turned off by, you know, all of the things which Ron Paul supposedly stands for.

Fred Thompson says all of the right things.  But does he have what it takes to win?  The energy, the fire?

(11:19AM) Man, this modertator is terrible.  Just awful - like an uptight high school English teacher.

(11:26AM) Really - Ron Paul is being very carefully positioned to be the candidate of aid and comfort.  He answers a trade question by talking about how he wants to create American jobs by exporting to CUBA.  Yeah, I'm sure that the Cuban agricultural import market will save tens of thousands of Iowa jobs.  But, it's not a stupid answer - it's one calculated to appeal to the powerful and growing traitor constituency.

(11:28AM) I repeat my earlier remark about this moderator.  Just listen to her diction.  I'm going to modify my description slightly - she's like a substitute high school English teacher, with her flat but robotic delivery.

(11:33AM) "No hand shows today," from Fred Thompson.  Good for him.

(11:36AM) Someone shut up Alan Keyes.  Good God, what a waste of time.

(11:39AM) Keyes, Hunter, Tancredo, Paul - all a waste of time.  None of them are going to win the nomination.  Get them off the stage.

(11:45AM) Rudy Giulani's answer on education is exactly right.  I could support him.

(11:49AM) This is kind of stupid.  Someone should physically drag Alan Keyes from this stage - and perhaps take the moderator with him.

(12PM) This is Thompson's strongest debate so far, by a large margin.  If he can keep this up, this race can change...  Again.

(12:15PM) Yuck, Huckabee's economic liberalism will drown him eventually.  I hope.  I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to vote for an economic liberal and a foreign policy weakling just because he can quote the Bible real good.

(12:18PM) Did Duncan Hunter just accuse Mitt Romney of owning a company doing business with Communist China, Saddam Hussein, and the Taliban?

Also - this religion video by Romney is terrible.

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Keeping SS as it is? Hmm..., so, if you let the young opt out, and the old folks keep it, what happens in 30 years? That's right, it's *gone*.

Keep reading Adam, you'll get liberty figured out in no time at all.

Posted by: Bo Zimmerman | 2007-12-12 12:29:57 PM

Adam please tell us all how you really feel about Dr. Paul?

Anger, anger, anger...the intoxicant of the far left.

Posted by: Christopher Thurow Sr | 2007-12-12 12:32:22 PM

Ron Paul can't win? He obliterated his GOP opponents on National Caucus day. I mean, this is just to measure support (therefore it is THE most reliable poll on 50% of the GOP caucuses, since these are based on people voting in 08 not based on the voters in 04)... but no matter what you wanna say about it, Ron Paul has a VERY VERY good chance at winning due to the resilience of the Paul voters...

"On the Republican side, Ron Paul obliterated the field for the GOP generating the preference of 50% of GOP Caucuses. Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson follow, generating 33.3% and 16.6% of Republican Caucus preferences, respectively.

Among votes in Open Caucuses, Ron Paul wins with 62.5% of Open Caucus votes, followed by Barack Obama (18.75%), Fred Thompson (12.5%), and Hilary Clinton (6.25%)."

I mean, it's not even a joke, Ron Paul smashed his opponents here...

Posted by: michael | 2007-12-12 1:03:29 PM

the link:


Posted by: michael | 2007-12-12 1:05:02 PM

Adam, strikes me as an angry, not very bright high schooler. No?

Posted by: Paul | 2007-12-12 1:05:21 PM

Of course Ron Paul can win.
Why do you think so many >hate< him.
If someone need to post something against him here, at le Western Standard, that's because he have a real chance. Otherwise, no one would blast the man.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-12-12 1:13:04 PM

Paul - "Adam, strikes me as an angry, not very bright high schooler. No?"

Well, this picture of him suggests he is not a high schooler anymore: http://www.adamyoshida.com/newadam.jpg I also won't comment about whether his posing with a US flag instead of a Canadian one says anything about his patriotism.

This is probably what he did look like in high school: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/lorddream/autographs/Jamie-Waylett-Vincent-Crabbe.jpg

He even autographed it to you, Paul!

Posted by: Fact Check | 2007-12-12 1:30:56 PM

Other than your intolerance for Ron Paul's physical disposition; on what basis have you determined that “Ron Paul and his supporters are the scum of the Earth?”

Posted by: Michael Henriques | 2007-12-12 1:49:59 PM

[email protected]
Hey Adam, count to ten. Use your fingers if you have to. Your malice towards Dr. Paul is obviously derived from an unmoveable position based on a complete ignorance of the mans numerous qualifications and stolid integrity. You can hate the game but don't hate the player based on your enormous dislike for his many fans.
[email protected]

Posted by: Roger McKay | 2007-12-12 2:03:17 PM

I just got a ping about this, the Ron Paul hate-in has already made Digg.com. If you're pro-Paul, maybe digg the article, if you're anti-Paul get ready for a commenter landslide from 1st-time US visitors.


Posted by: Pattern Recognition | 2007-12-12 2:21:04 PM

I'm canadian, and disgusted by what I read here. Scum of the earth? one what exactly do you base this on? That is a very strong statement, and one I expect to be back up by some reasons. So some supporters believe 9/11 was an inside job, some believe some cave dwellers pulled it off, whatever they believe, they have one thing in common. They believe in Liberty, Peace, and the pursuit of happiness, which is what Ron paul is trying to bring back to the american people. I think you'll be in for a big surprise, along with all the MSM pundits, when Paul not only places high in the primaries, but actually wins some of them.

Posted by: Mark | 2007-12-12 2:38:26 PM

Getting more hits on your site by making stupid, unsupported attacks on Ron Paul-Accomplished

Exposing yourself as an uninformed stooge of corporate media-Accomplished

Making Canadians look bad-Accomplished

What else do you have on your to-do list today?

Posted by: Randy Dixon | 2007-12-12 2:52:52 PM

I just wanted to throw in that Ron Paul doesn't want to keep the entitlement programs "as is". His point of view is that we can not have all these military bases overseas, support one or two wars AND have entitlement programs without the USA going bankrupt. Obviously seniors have been told they can depend on entitlements like social security and medicare so he'd rather spend the money on entitlements to shore up those programs that overseas bases and wars. However he knows that these entitlements can not last and are not the role of the federal govt. so he would let people opt out say 40 years old and younger. (I don't know the exact age...but young enough where you dont really give a damn).

That's his position.

Sorry if that point of view makes you feel like I'm "scum of the earth".

Posted by: DavidG | 2007-12-12 2:56:45 PM

This is what happens when you drink moose piss!

Posted by: gabagabahey | 2007-12-12 3:06:56 PM

Interesting. For someone who apparently loves the warfare/welfare state, why the hell aren't you in uniform? Perhaps that would just be too much to ask. Call me a traitor, I call you a chickenhawk, Mr. Yoshida. I also find it interesting that you would support Rudy, who accused Dr. Paul of "blaming America" for his remarks on our fubar'd foreign policy, yet accepted the backing of a man who said 'OUTRIGHT' that 9/11 was the fault of America's tolerance of gays.

Posted by: Mark W. | 2007-12-12 3:41:24 PM

Just who is Adam Yoshida, some of you migth ask? Why he's a 24-year-old self proclaimed "most right-wing person in Canada" whose qualifications to write here are being a journalism student by correspondance courses and by being a letter-to-the editor writer for small papers you probably never heard of.

Don't believe me? Read about it here: http://westernstandard.blogs.com/shotgun/2006/10/the_most_rightw.html

Oh yeah. While I'm at it, read how in October he called Ron Paul supporters "a motley collection of nuts and morons": http://westernstandard.blogs.com/shotgun/2007/10/the-ron-paul-pr.html

Posted by: Fact Check | 2007-12-12 3:43:12 PM

Mark W. To answer your question, "For someone who apparently loves the warfare/welfare state, why the hell aren't you in uniform?"


That's why.

Posted by: Pattern Recognition | 2007-12-12 3:53:55 PM

Ha! It turns out that Adam isn't even original in his insults. Walk with me down memory lane to November 28th - just two weeks ago - when Adam live blogged a republican debate and wrote then, "I hate Ron Paul and his supporters. I despise them with every fibre of my being. They are the scum of the Earth." and "Man, I'm sick of this lunatic."


Posted by: Fact Check | 2007-12-12 3:58:37 PM

You started this war, Adam Yoshida. Now millions of us "scum" have you on top of our "fascist idiots" lists.

Posted by: Alex Libman | 2007-12-12 4:20:10 PM

Adam vs. Ron, on "You're The Man Now Dog."

Posted by: Pattern Recognition | 2007-12-12 4:21:28 PM

I am looking for the link to report abuse. Anyone seen it? Because I think this whole article is abusive and ought to be reported to somebody. Perhaps the CIA or the FBI could use their computer spy tactics on this guy. In fact, once Ron Paul becomes President of the United States, Secret Servicemen might have to follow this guy around to protect President Paul. Perhaps the NSA could listen to his phone calls or something.

Posted by: Dee Ann Guzman | 2007-12-12 4:28:13 PM

There are people who want to change things overnight and then there are the gradual changers who want people to be able to plan and adapt.
I just want us heading in the right direction.
Ron Paul is going in the right direction of limited government.
I like it a lot.
Please give him another chance, or better yet tell me which better-talking Republican, is actually going to change things for the better?

Posted by: DenisL | 2007-12-12 5:48:13 PM

President Paul??? LOL!

Maybe of the Ladies' Auxiliary!

Posted by: obc | 2007-12-12 5:54:13 PM

Mr. Tancredo and Mr. Hunter are two sides of the same coin. They shouldn't have run separate campaigns. I'm surprised that Lou Dobbs didn't endorse Mr. Hunter and that Glenn Beck didn't endorse Mr. Tancredo since those two politicians were always appearing on the CNN shows.

Posted by: Cory Schreyer | 2007-12-12 6:02:08 PM

Mr. Yoshida's rant against Ron Paul and his supporters was most amusing. Whenever he brings up Dr. Paul, one can be sure that reason, logic, and intelligence are surely not to follow. Please, continue the schoolyard, puerile name calling, and continue making even more of a fool of yourself than you already have. Perhaps you may even burst an artery in your muddled rage, and rid this continent of one more Neocon troglodyte.

Sedition! Sedition! Let's hear it for Sedition!

Posted by: Alan | 2007-12-12 6:26:23 PM

Mr. Yoshida's rant against Ron Paul and his supporters was most amusing. Whenever he brings up Dr. Paul, one can be sure that reason, logic, and intelligence are surely not to follow. Please, continue the schoolyard, puerile name calling, and continue making even more of a fool of yourself than you already have. Perhaps you may even burst an artery in your muddled rage, and rid this continent of one more Neocon troglodyte.

Sedition! Sedition! Let's hear it for Sedition!

Posted by: Alan | 2007-12-12 6:27:14 PM

"Perhaps you may even burst an artery in your muddled rage, and rid this continent of one more Neocon"

Thanks for revealing the TRUE nature of Roo Paul supporters!

Not that we didn't already know that you are INDEED the scum of the earth - as you have just clearly revealed yourself.

Posted by: obc | 2007-12-12 6:40:05 PM

Since we're sharing pictures, here's one of F.C. in high school:


Posted by: obc | 2007-12-12 7:01:36 PM

Dr. Paul is actually fairly consistent: he does his best to follow the Constitution. The Founding Fathers didn't want a standing army. Dr. Paul doesn't want a standing army. The Founding Fathers wanted limited government. Dr. Paul wants limited government. Unfortunately, this country has slid so far in the wrong direction that he has no chance of getting what he wants immediately: but at least he'd be a step in the right direction....

Posted by: a libertarian | 2007-12-12 7:38:32 PM

As a Christian, I support Ron Paul for the following reasons: i)Small is beautiful when it comes to government. ii)The war in Iraq was immoral and wicked from the beginning. iii)America is nearly bankrupt. iv)A more humble, moderate America will be good for everyone, Canada included. Those who think Paul is an idiot should take the time to read his books. He's an accomplished political theorist and economist. On top of that, he's a person of unquestioned personal integrity. He's been a congressman for a very long time and people know what he stands for. He's a known entity with a clear philosophy of government and he sticks to it. We know what we've got with a man like that.

Posted by: Erasmus | 2007-12-12 10:04:37 PM

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