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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Now let me introduce to you...

A heads up: The Political Animals radio show is on today from 2-4 p.m. EST. Check back here for the links and a preview in a couple of hours. If you haven't tuned in before you should because it's a hoot. (Last week they culled from the news some great items on the War on Santa and adult warning labels on Sesame Street videos, which I found particularly amusing.)

The hosts, all living in and broadcasting from Ohio, represent a nice mix of conservative and libertarian views. Here’s a quick introduction;

Jay Lafayette is a Christian. A philosophy teacher with a theology degree, he's married and recently became a father of a bouncing baby boy.

Peter "Jaws" Jaworski is a libertarian. From Canada, Peter's a philosophy student working on his Ph.D at Bowling Green State University. (He's an alumnus of the Western Standard and has the distinction of being its first prize winner, receiving the 2004/2005 Felix Morley Award for his Oct. 11, 2004 cover story on Dr. Jacques Chaoulli.)

In the middle of the mix is Terrence C. Watson. From his blog we see he's also "a graduate student in philosophy at Bowling Green State University, former Koch fellow, and sometimes reluctant libertarian."

P.S. Thanks, guys, for plugging the Western Standard on your show. I don't know how many readers we have in Ohio, and even though you're not in the West and not in Canada... oh whatever! We like it.

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