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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Liberal and NDP In-and-Out Funding Games

Though overshadowed now by the Mulroney-Schreiber affair, the Liberals are still trying to convince Canadians that the Conservatives entered into some sort of shady money laundering scheme to evade election spending limits:

The Liberal Opposition has written to the Commissioner of Canada Elections requesting that he look into an additional nine campaigns that may have participated in the Conservatives’ apparent scheme to violate election spending limits, Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc said today.

“The list of people implicated in this “in and out” scheme appears to be growing longer with each passing day,” said Mr. LeBlanc. “If Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not come clean about how deep this scandal goes in the Conservative Party, then we are calling on Elections Canada to get to the bottom of it.”

The Conservative Party is currently under investigation by Elections Canada for allegedly funnelling over $1.2 million in national advertising costs to regional candidates during the 2006 federal election in order to circumvent federal election spending limits.

The Conservatives claim that there is nothing illegal in what they were doing, and that critics in the Liberal Party are hypocrites, since they do the same thing.

Defensive bluster?  Apparently not.  In a post too long to summarize here, I go through emails, faxes, cancelled cheques, and return statements for six campaigns, three Liberal and three NDP, and show how the Liberals and the NDP repeatedly moved money from the headquarters to the riding associations so that the riding association could buy ads created by the party centre, how the ads are national in content except for a mention of one or more ridings at the end, and how party headquarters would remind the local ridings of the importance of filing this ad spend in the local candidates' returns in order to be eligible for the Elections Canada rebate.

In other words, everything that is being cast as near-criminal activities by the Conservatives  is being done  by the Liberals and the NDP.   

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Glass houses shatter.

Here I thought the Conservatives were the "government" on the basis of clean.

Lyin' Brian, nomination rape at the constituency level and cover-up...the body count continues....

Posted by: trudeau's ghost | 2007-11-14 3:01:58 PM

None of us are responsible for the sins and misdeeds of those who have gone before us.
It's not even incumbent upon us to apologize for them

This latest dredging up of Mulroney's dealings with Shreiber,has nothing to do with this new incarnation of conservatives.
However, lets just wait and see how many rat's asses will be hauled up to answer questions when they delve into what went on as far back as 1988.
They won't all be PROGRESSIVE Conservatives, some may even include high ranking Liberals.

It's a sad day when people believe a person who is in jail awaiting deportation over a former PM of this country. Shreiber is the new best friend of the media and all the Opposition parties.

Disgusting. I can't remember when we had a dirtier pack of sleazy weasels so desperate to take over the reins of power.

God help Canada and her brain dead voters who willingly, without thought succumb to beady eyed snake oil salesmen

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-11-14 3:40:47 PM

Between the islamofacist khadrs and the schreibers of the world--these freaks are wasting our time and money! If they want to waste their lives--they are free to do so--but they are wasting mine--so when it comes to both terrorists and schreiber-lunatics--just say NO!

We have better issues to deal with. The Gliberals and Nutty-Dippers are wasting taxpayres dollars--yet again--and they have no conscience about doing so whatsoever!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-14 3:54:07 PM

trudeau's ghost--isn't there a cemetary with your name on it--out there?

I bet the sound of islamofacism makes you feel all tinckly all over!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-14 4:00:39 PM

Those guys at Elections Canada are just a another bunch of those Crooked Liberal bastards that ran this country for too long.

I emailed Elections Canada before the last election was called, and after the Gomery Inquiry had publicly showed the Liberal corruption in Quebec ridings.

I asked them why they had not banned the Crooked Liberals from running in those affected Quebec ridings where the brown bags of illegal election money were handed out.

Elections Canada answered me by calling my Liberal corruption points 'allegations'.

These Elections Canada morons living in Ottawa, only a hop skip and jump from Montreal, apparently didn't understand/realize that Westerners 2000 miles away knew the Liberals had already ADMITTED to the corruption in the Gomery Inquiry.

Elections Canada needs a serious cleaning out to get rid of the idiots/incompetents.

What a bloody waste of time the last 40 yrs in Ottawa has been for Western Canada.

We're paying big money taxes for crap like this?

Posted by: rockyt | 2007-11-14 4:18:35 PM

Every federal department is awash with Liberal toadies, been there for years. It will take many years to clear them out. Same with the stacked Senate and the Judiciary.
They're all up to dirty tricks, scruples are non existent.

The Harper Conservative government is playing against a stacked deck at every turn.

This country is doomed to banana republic government if this nonsense continues.
The people, according to the incessant polls, have no interest in allowing a clean government to get on and clean things up. They want more corruption.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-11-14 5:43:28 PM

trudeau's corpse~

the "lyin' Brian" controversy centers around correspondence sent to the PMO. everyone knows Harper is a policy wonk (bless'im), and nothing gets past his gaze. he undoubtedly knew about the stuff sent to him by Schreiber, but would have been a fool to personally accept, to his hand and eye, letters from a man with a dubious reputation. those letters stayed out of his hands, guaranteed. how do i know? i (and you) would have done the same thing.

the Schreiber/Mulroney affair is none of his business, and nothing that affects the Office. it sucks that he got dragged in anyway.

incidently, Mulroney's acceptance of the $300 000 wasn't illegal. the controversy stems from this connection with his later debacle with the Liberals.

the election spending issue isn't squeaky clean in my opinion, but it is legal, standard practice for Ottawa. human nature isn't perfect, but this government has a long road to travel before it can earn the hoary title "Corrupt". and, after this potentially damaging event, i'll bet the feds in the future, under Harper, will think twice before getting involved with another shady "standard practice".

it's just too much of a pain in the ass, and not worth it.

...please connect the current government to any proven scandal.

...and, trudeau's corpse: there will never be another man like Trudeau; thankfully. we've had too many flakes and children in Office for too long. we're being governed, finally, by men.

good night

Posted by: shel | 2007-11-14 6:27:53 PM

The Liberals complaining about campaign funding subterfuge is just a simple case of projection.

Stick a fork in 'em...they're done, they have absolutely zero to offer Canada for the things it desperately needs for a federal renewal...L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P and V-I-S-I-O-N.

Ny all means wallow in vacuous petty feces-smearing partisan politics...just what the public wants....NOT!!

Posted by: WL Mackenzie Redux | 2007-11-14 6:35:39 PM

Regarding the surreal revisionist posts I've been seeing here posted by some tyke calling itself "Trudeau's ghost"...

...it's painfull f'ing obvious you have not lived througth the Trudeau regime and either worked or payed taxes...your "knowledge" of this era is second hand and highly romanticized....politics is a cesspool and Trudeau was just the best consumer/user of "cess" in his time.

When you grow up, get a career and support a family perhaps you will realize there is more to life and public service than partisan politics....then your opinions may be taken seriously but for the time being, save the liberal youth mythology for the gen X shitheads who were weaned on this PET is God BS who have no idea what the frik they're talking about... and spare reality-hardened long time voter/taxpayers your comic-book political fantasy.

Posted by: WL Mackenzie Redux | 2007-11-14 6:49:30 PM

I have already stated that I was no fan of Mulroney, being a false conservative and his Quebec connections. However I shall be very surprised that he did wrong on this one, and I can only hope that the whole truth is brought to light.

The Libs and other lefties (NDP) are enough to make one throw up. May the light shine on all their corrupt dealings and scams (especially M. Strong). Also I would like to see a movement to return all our money they have taken over the years. Their big problem is believing they are above reproach and that our money belongs to them.

Enough of this rubbish.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-11-14 7:25:46 PM

Agreed Alain,

This is ALL smoke. The Gliberals and The NDippies only want to derail government from doing what we are paying them to do.

What we need is for the current government to focus on what is important to Canada and Canadians right now.

My wish list includes: Changeing the Senate to being voted in for terms.

If we had a referendum tomorrow--I am will to hedge that over two thirds of Canadians would vote in favour of an elected Senate.

My wish list also includes removing all the terrorist sympathizers from Canada AND getting rid of all the drug dealers AND cleaning up the streets. I heard that Vancouver has started with the melt-down, and I am very pleased with that. Time to ensure that happens ALL across Canada. There is nothing worse--in a booming economy--than to see people crying the blues, that their lives are just so miserable that all they can do is drugs.

I just don't buy it--not for a single second.

Now, I wonder why the Gliberals and NDippers are not interested in getting these matters addressed? Where are their hands? Sure looks suspicious to me! Let me see--there is a correlation between criminals and terrorism. There is also a correlation between the politics of the left and terrorists, AND there is a correlation between drugs and the left--THEREFOR, they are not interested in cleaning up the streets, because they have their hands into the pockets of people, while destroying our youth!

This is a crime and MUST stop now!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-15 10:17:20 AM


the top of my "wishlist" reads "Senate Reform".

decentralize, decentralize, decentralize!!

this act alone would bring Leviathan down a few steps, and devolve some power back to the provinces and, as an added bonus, away from the PMO.

Posted by: shel | 2007-11-15 5:50:09 PM

Maybe the Conservatives should start looking at the Kretins trust funds, and some of the other slimy things the lyberals have done. After 50 years of lyberal / governments i believe that they feel entitled to some of OUR MONEY in their own pockets. We need a law that states that any one running for Elected office in Canada has to BE squeeky clean, not just appear to be.

Posted by: Jim | 2007-11-16 12:22:31 PM

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