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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GOP/YouTube Debate Liveblog

I'll be commenting on the CNN GOP/YouTube Debate tonight, so far as I have anything to say.

More after the jump.

Immigration has, so far, seemingly dominated the debate.  This format is terrible.

Seriously, we have - unlike in the Democratic debate - some intelligent and thoughtful people here.  If you put McCain, Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, and - I suppose - Huckabee into the room and let them talk for more than thirty seconds at a time...

Congressman Ron Paul?  Not quite but, I suspect, close in more ways than the most obvious.

Man, I'm sick of this lunatic. (5:36PM)

You know, the problem I have with Mitt Romney is that, listening to him, I just don't really believe him.  He's just kind of...  Fake.  He says words I agree with, but I just don't believe him (5:37PM).

Emily Ekins - a fairly cute conservative?  (5:38PM)

I hate Ron Paul and his supporters.  I despise them with every fibre of my being.  They are the scum of the Earth.

And I love John McCain.  Man, I like that guy.  He just got my support. (5:42PM)

Mitt Romney's answer to the farm subsidy question is probably the stupidest of the night.  Really - they need farm subsidies in order to ensure that farm production remains up?  Farm subsidies, in general, keep production down and prices up.  Mitt Romney is smart enough to know that.

Or, I should say - it's the most dishonest of the night. (5:48PM)

That Tancredo video was terrible.  Was it made with Windows Movie Maker? (5:50PM)

Heh.  Thompson decided to let is loose.  To finally take it to Huckabee and Romney, the two biggest fakes in this race. (5:53PM).

Romney's abortion position is absurd.  "I was fifty-something when I spontaneously became pro-life at the exact same time I decided to run for President.  It was an amazing coincidence."  Come on.

Huckabee's response - meh.  If he wins Iowa, his fiscal record will sink him.  Most Republicans aren't stupid enough to nominate a fiscal liberal who's a cipher on foreign policy just because he can quote the Bible real pretty. (5:55PM)

re: Tyler Overman - shut up and go away.

I'd add further that Mike Huckabe''s description of enacting the death penalty as the hardest thing that he ever had to do shows that he's morally unfit to be President. (6:15PM)

That Romney answer on the Bible was terrible.  If I were Huckabee, I'd pull it and run it in an ad. (6:18PM).

Yasmin?  In a headscarf?  Screw off.  I wonder if they had Hans from Dusseldorf asking questions in 1944 about how the war against Hitlerism had offendd the German people.  And, seriously.  She, how shall I say, doesn't look like a born Moslem.

Alas, there's no one on the stage who will tell the whole truth about what it's going to take to defeat the Islamists. (6:27PM)

Alas, here's the one thing which keeps me from being 110% in support of McCain.  There's no measure against these enemies which is too severe and ought to be refrained from.  If it takes torture, so be it.  If we need a Hiroshima to bring these people down, Deus lo volt. (6:29PM)

McCain speaks eloquently.  But he can't be unbiased on this issue, so I don't blame him.

In any case, there are a number of issues so far as torture is concerned - it's not just a matter of whether or not it gets effective information, thre's also the fact that it serves, how shall we say, as a psychological weapon against the enemy, even when it can't be used to extract anything useful (6:34PM)

Ron Paul looks like he's going to have a stroke, ranting and raving.  Oh, for a just God.

I wish that all of the candidates would instruct their supporters to simply drown out Ron Paul with a sea of boos all the time.  I hate that man and all of the people who support him so much. (6:37PM)

Mitt Romney: I was wrong about everything before, and I'll ask other people what to think later. (6:50PM)

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You know, I'm usually the sort of person who is able to be respectful about disagreements. But when I read your post, I just feel like disliking you.

Your dislike of Ron Paul is well known, and I respect your opinion, but what's with this extreme hatred? And "if it takes torture, so be it"? My goodness!

You've said plenty of smart things before, and you've said plenty of things that, while I disagree with them, was food for thought. But when you start sounding like some leftie's stereotype of a police-state advocate (at the same time spilling more vitriol than is conceivably necessary even if a political blog) then, I'm sorry, but I can't stand by that.

I now prepare for the onslaught.

Posted by: Juan | 2007-11-28 7:59:34 PM

HDNet Dec 1 DNC debate (Sat 7:30pm ET).
- all eight -

gravel kucinich paul nader

Posted by: gravel kucinich paul nader | 2007-11-28 11:29:08 PM

Another Kool-aid drinking Roo Paul cultist visiting us, I see.

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-29 5:54:23 AM


CNN in collusion with the DemoRats. It is no wonder that FOX NEWS has over twice as many viewers as the Clinton News Network.

Posted by: obc | 2007-12-01 8:27:34 AM

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