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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

French Intifada

Armed "youths" are waging Intifada and Jihad in the streets of Paris, France:

Posted by Winston on November 27, 2007 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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The notion that the rioters are savages and brutes is as an irrefutable fact as saying 2+2=4.
They largely come from backward, regressive, tribal societies that know nothing but violence. Civilized behaviour, rule of law, decorum, etc are as alien to them as wings are to rats.

However, in this case, the french themselves are to blame. Why have they allowed these arab hordes to infest their country in the first place? 'It takes two to tango', my old man used to say, and the french themselves need to look closely in the mirror and take responsibility for the mess they have created. The rioters are acting predictably, and what else can one expect from their brutish natures?

The chikens are coming home to roost, and let's hope France gets more of the same in the near future, so that the french people discard their nauseating and sickly concepts of political correctness.

Posted by: jj_macky | 2007-11-27 8:34:40 AM

When this is finally ended, no one will think of the French Revolution as the bloodiest affair in French streets.

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 8:59:56 AM

In France, the street has always been the "Third House". Like it or not. At least now we have a man who knows how to deal with these thugs. And a man who speaks with the voice of the common man at that.


Posted by: epsilon | 2007-11-27 9:07:07 AM


These thugs are like Bobo dolls--you know, the ones that children punch, that fall down, and then get right back up again. The only thing France can do about them is either stick them in jail for as long as possible--or send them to their home country. The latter is economical.

We can blame Foucault for having created the monster in the streets in the first place.

First they came in peace. And then everybody realized that it was not "peace" they were talking about, but pieces--to tear France into pieces.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 9:20:08 AM

The following question was asked in a recent poll:

"Are there too many foreigners in France?"

21% Said 'Oui'

17% Said 'Non'

62% Said عهد الأمن العالمي بواشنط


Posted by: John | 2007-11-27 10:06:57 AM

Witness once again how MSM here and abroad twist themselves into little knots in order not to admit that these are Muslims and not unhappy youths.

This behaviour however has not been nor is limited to France. Each time members of the religion of peace feel someone somehow has hurt their feelings, they behave in the same way. Time and numbers are on their side and they know it.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-11-27 10:42:36 AM

This is no different than the Crown Heights, LA or Cincinnati riots. This is racial conflict and has little to do with religion.

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 11:04:50 AM

Sarko will do little but appease them. He has no Le Pen to face in a coming election this time.

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 11:11:15 AM


These thousands and thousands of unhappy youth of Northern African descent (primarily Arabs who are caucasians), would probably not be happy had they been born in Northern Africa instead of in France. So those communities where they hail from--in both France and Northern Africa, should be asking the questions as to why they persist on being unhappy. Could it be their education?

The issue--regardless of this is why their families persist on permitting their children to run around like hooligans, thugs, while the barbarians have learned how to behave themselves? Could it be patience?

I doubt it. Holidays in France do not look as attractive as they used to--unless the person going to France is there to watch the youth riot in the streets like a bunch of maniacs! It is probably safer to go on a cruise to Antarctica than France these days--tragic though it may seem.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 11:23:21 AM

France is still one of the safest and most pleasant places to travel on earth.

The safest city in all of Europe is Athens. Violent crime is extremely rare in Greece relative to other EU countries.

There is a reason for this. Can anybody guess?


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 11:30:16 AM

DJ: you're dead wrong.

The riots in the US during the turbulent 60's had their roots in genuine grievances from the black populace. Remember, blacks were being hung off trees and lynched on a daily basis in the good 'ol south, and still faced significant discrimination in the north. So, if you and I were black and lived in the era, we too would have risen against the status quo, or at least the right to go to the local corner store without the possibility of being lynched.

The situation in France could not be any more different. These people receive generous social subsidies in addition to welfare; free top notch health care, free education, bright future for their offspring. Yet this is how they thank the french. Yet I still blame the prudish, prissy french for their 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink' attitude in the last 20years, or so, as the pot was boiling.

Posted by: jj_macky | 2007-11-27 11:30:28 AM

Epsilon - The safest city in all of Europe is Athens

Wrong. The safest city in Europe is Zurich, followed by Luxembourg, Helsinki, Geneva, and Bern.

Athens ranks with Rome and Milan, which are three of the least safe cities.

Posted by: O'REILLY | 2007-11-27 11:53:01 AM

Wrong as usual O'REILLY

Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 11:55:44 AM

Epsilon -Wrong as usual O'REILLY

Really. Then prove it.

Posted by: O'REILLY | 2007-11-27 12:00:16 PM

O'Gotcha is at his games again, epsi - trying to show off how brilliant he is - or THINKS he is. :)

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 12:00:16 PM

Crown Heights had nothing to do with the Old South JJ. Nor Cincinnati or LA. Crown Heights was ignited by an old Hassidic Jew who accidentally ran down some black kids. Ditto Paris. The Paris rioters are primarily sub-Saharan Africans from places like Mali.

Jim Crow was a walk in the park for American blacks compared to the criminal war unleashed against whites by blacks since the Civil Rights Act in the 60s.

Pat Buchanan:

"Utterly absent from the Post story and Justice Department stats is anything about white victims of crime. Not a word. Do white folks not count, though they are two-thirds of the population?

Yet, in "The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Justice in America," produced by the "right-leaning" New Century Foundation in 2005, using the same FBI and Justice surveys, startling facts emerge:

-- "Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against other blacks." Forty-five percent of the victims of violent crime by blacks are white folks, 43 percent are black, 10 percent are Hispanic.

-- Blacks are seven times as likely as people of other races to commit murder, eight times more likely to commit robbery and three times more likely to use a gun in a crime.

-- "Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit violent crime against a white person than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery." (If decent black folks have trouble hailing a cab, and they do, these numbers may help explain it.)

-- Black-on-white rape is 115 times more common than the reverse.

Even the two most famous sexual assaults by white men on black women in the last two decades -- the Tawana Brawley and Duke rape cases -- turned out to be hoaxes.

What do these statistics tell us? A message the Post will not report. The real repository of racism in America -- manifest in violent interracial assault, rape and murder -- is to be found not in the white community, but the African-American community. In almost all interracial attacks, whites are the victims, not the victimizers.

Why does the Post not report such statistics? My guess: Because the stats would shatter the Post's cultivated image of America as a land where white racism is the great lurking malevolent monster. Stories that conform to the image get play. Stories that contradict it are buried."

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:01:22 PM


Here you go. Greece has the lowest murder rate in all of Europe and one of the lowest in the world.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 12:03:26 PM


O'REILLY 2, Epsi & CBC 0.

And the least safe city... the capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui.

Who'd've thunk it. :)

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:06:11 PM

The racist among us blathers again.

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 12:07:53 PM

"Greece has the lowest murder rate in all of Europe and one of the lowest in the world."

Doesn't make it the safest city. Epsi's a one trick pony. She's not from the west of Scotland by any chance?

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:08:31 PM

Read my post above yours mustard brains.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 12:09:11 PM

epsi ~

Don't try to convince a racist. It's futile.

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 12:10:40 PM

If you have ever bothered to visit Greece and Athene you would know that most of the population of 10 millions lives in Athene.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 12:10:42 PM

"Epsilon - The safest city in all of Europe is Athens"

Irish Catholic descent no doubt! :)

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:13:42 PM

The Islamic Republik of France

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-11-27 12:13:52 PM


You are wrong about Athens, see e.g. http://channels.netscape.com/pf/package.jsp?name=fte/bestqualityoflife/bestqualityoflife

Top 10 safest cities:
Bern, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Helsinki, Finland
Zurich, Switzerland
Nagoya, Japan
Omuta, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

"Milan, Athens, and Rome are the least safe cities in Western Europe due largely to high crime levels."

Your credibility has just sunk one level lower.

Posted by: Johan i Kanada | 2007-11-27 12:16:09 PM

epsi has total credibility with me - when a racist and an O'Gotcha are on the other side.

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 12:19:04 PM

You are so full of shit and your refereneces are shit. My references are based on national statistics summarized on wiki.

You are quick to resort to racial stereotypes because your brain cell cannot comprehend logical and quality information.

Greece is the safest country in Europe and one of the safest in the world as these murder rate statistics bear out. There are few countries in Europe that do not have a higher percent of the population that lives in one city. That city is Athene.

And you are afraid to answer my question that spawned this debate. And that is:

Why is Greece or Athene (take your pick, I don't give a damn) the safest country/city in Europe?

Answer me you morons!


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 12:23:58 PM

Surprise, surprise, bigots of a feather flock together!

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:25:15 PM

"My references are based on national statistics summarized on wiki."

They must be right then if the marxoids at Wiki pronounce it so.

"Epsilon - The safest city in all of Europe is Athens"

Buzzzzzz...Wrong again.

Epsi wanna cracker! :)

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:29:07 PM

OK Epsi--Greece is safeR because they follow the ten commandments, that's why Greece has the lowest murder rate.

Still, it is not zero.

And my prior references to France were not about the murder rate--but if I were from Northern Africa--then maybe a good old car swarm might be the most romantic thing on planet earth? It sure seems to hit the spot in Gaza, amongst other locations.

Anyone have any theories on that.

I gotta go folks--love you and leave you, but I am having a great time listening to old Frank Zappa--he was pure genius--and a self professed conservative too! I miss the guy...Shalom everybody!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 12:30:42 PM

DJ - She's not from the west of Scotland by any chance?

She sounds like a schemie from Glasgee. She's probably wearing her Old Firm top, drinks Tennets Super T lager and has a big dug.

Posted by: O'REILLY | 2007-11-27 12:31:53 PM

Big talk from a little nancy.

Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 12:38:37 PM

"I am having a great time listening to old Frank Zappa--he was pure genius--and a self professed conservative too! I miss the guy..."

The pure genius Frank Zappa...too funny.

"I want a nasty little jewish princess
With long phony nails and a hairdo that rinses
A horny little jewish princess
With a garlic aroma that could level tacoma
Lonely inside
Well, she can swallow my pride

I want a hairy little jewish princess
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I want a steamy little jewish princess
With over-worked gums, who squeaks when she cums
I dont want no troll
I just want a yemenite hole

I want a darling little jewish princess
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I want a funky little jewish princess
A grinder; a bumper, with a pre-moistened dumper
A brazen little jewish princess
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She can even be poor
So long as she does it with four on the floor

I want a dainty little jewish princess
With a couple of sisters who can raise a few blisters
A fragile little jewish princess
With roumanian thighs, who weasels n lies
For two or three nights
Wont someone send me a princess who bites
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Wont someone send me a princess who bites"

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 12:49:46 PM

You are a disgusting heap of garbage DJ. This is so over the line.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-11-27 12:57:05 PM

epsi ~

He proudly displays his racism. It would be best to ignore this troll.

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 1:04:52 PM

Oh boy, the level here at WS has sunk. Too bad, it used to be a good place to debate, but now, well, I think the internet has its uses, but this isn't one of them I'll spend any more time on...

Posted by: bcf | 2007-11-27 1:27:57 PM

bcf ~

Would you mind taking DJ with you? :)

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 1:40:17 PM


Frank Zappa was a genius--DJ is not. All DJ can do is copy and paste--whereas Frank Zappa was the real McKoy.

DJ has been shown the door--and invited to leave.

And cheers to when the door smacks him on the back of his head, as he moves on out, and on down the road.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 1:49:56 PM

. . . and let the door hit him where the Good Lord split him! :)

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 1:51:44 PM

And one last thought--Frank Zappa wrote some crazy lyrics. He was an advocate of free speach, democracy, and believed that if people did not vote, then they permitted other people to rule over them--therefore giving away their power.

He also believed in the importance of the separation of Church and state, yet had he been alive today, I don't think he would have been silent about the insanity on the left. Why? Because although he was the Lenny Bruce of Rock n Role, he did not believe that you should abuse your body with drugs. He fired employees for drug abuse.

Was he Jewish? Some say he was Mizrahi--while others say Arab-Jew, Greek and French. Some say he was not Jewish--after all is said he was an entertainer, and his style of music was not for everyone--I really don't know for certain because it was not a big deal at the time, nor did it appear to be a big deal thoughout his life--from what I can gather. He played guitar better than Jimi Hendrix and could rock-on harder and better than The Rolling Stones.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 1:59:02 PM

What's the matter guys? Don't enjoy the pure genius of the self-professed conservative Frank Zappa?

Fools. :)

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 1:59:15 PM


He'll probably like it--due to his hidden nature.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 2:00:29 PM

Lady ~

LOL! You're probably right!

Posted by: obc | 2007-11-27 2:02:11 PM

"I gotta go folks--love you and leave you, but I am having a great time listening to old Frank Zappa--he was pure genius--and a self professed conservative too!"

You guys are hilarious!

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 2:09:32 PM

Yes--the pure genius of Frank Zappa, is in his music. But you have to keep in mind he was also a comedian.



But his best music was not what he sang about--it was his guitar playing--that is where his genius was best known!


Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 2:10:08 PM

What happens in France right now was a long time in the making. The remains of the French Colonial Policies and their understanding of what it means to be French.

It will be interesting to see how Sarkozy will deal with it, either it establishes him as the leader that he claims to be or he'll go down in flames. Right now I'd say his chances are 50/50.

Reality in France though is, that unless they change their attitudes towards these French Citizens and accept as French the most they can hope for is a reprieve until the next incident turns this into an open fire again.

Posted by: Snowrunner | 2007-11-27 2:16:19 PM

"But you have to keep in mind he was also a comedian."

Yeah, that stuff about the Jewish princess was really funny, like Lenny, the anti-Christ, Bruce. Another self-profesed conservative, no doubt.

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 2:20:29 PM

"unless they change their attitudes towards these French Citizens"

They can change their attitude six ways to Sunday, it won't end African criminality.

Posted by: DJ | 2007-11-27 2:22:59 PM

Hey DJ--Here's a song about you! It is so VERY prophetic! How could he have known he would have been writing this song--just FOR YOU and about YOU!


Yes--it is the subject of YOU that he sings about! Pure genius DJ.

You want a reaction about the fact that he lusted after Jewish Princesses? Well, you are NOT going to get it!

Of course he lusted after Jewish Princesses--that is a given!

Why the dumbest Jewish Princess on planet earth may have fallen for those lines, but not even a comatose Jewish Princess would have fallen for you Mr Jihad!

Posted by: Lady | 2007-11-27 2:25:53 PM

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