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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Write the right thing

(Funny, my first post past the moment of losing my job should be praise for a Liberal, after hammering away at them for so long while employed.) Irwin Cotler hits exactly the right note in the Montreal Gazette with his Note to China: the world is watching.

"Both China and Russia have long buttressed the regime through political and military support; in fact, China is the junta's chief arms supplier. In return, Beijing exploits Myanmar's natural resources. Indeed, both China and Russia have used their seats on the UN Security Council to block any action by that body, while propping up the dictatorship."

See also Oct. 1 Investor's Business Daily: Burma Teaches A Lethal Lesson

Posted by Kevin Steel on October 6, 2007 in International Affairs | Permalink


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Thanks Kevin for all the interesting reading you have given us over the years.
You will land on your feet somewhere, just hope it is not the cbc or g&m.

Posted by: MaryT | 2007-10-06 8:51:32 AM


I appreciate your kind thoughts. If you don't mind, I'll redirect a portion of your gratitude toward the many anonymous sources who have pointed me this or that way over the years. Sometimes their info checked out, sometimes not, but without their unheralded efforts my job probably would have been a great deal more difficult and certainly less interesting.

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2007-10-06 9:24:42 AM

Devastated to read in National Post that you are no longer going to publish although you will be on the internet. Surely Alberta can assist you, for there is no other to take your place

Posted by: shirley b lohrenz | 2007-10-06 3:22:21 PM


Are you suggesting that being unemployed makes one more Liberal?


Posted by: John | 2007-10-06 4:15:50 PM

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