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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The veil

I was on CTV's The Verdict tonight, talking about "reasonable accommodation". That debate is framed as a discussion about all immigrants but, as with so many other euphemisms, it's actually about Muslim immigrants or, to be even more accurate, radical Muslim immigrants. I am a hawk, but I truly believe that most Muslims in North America came here to flee various medieval hell-holes, not to bring the hellish qualities of Pakistan, Egypt, Iran or other places with them. This hope of mine was confirmed last February when the Western Standard published the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, and didn't buckle under pressure to recant. I couldn't believe it when our circulation department told me of how many Canadian Muslims bought subscriptions to our magazine in support of our stand, but it was true.

It is endlessly frustrating to me that the go-to media spokesmen for the Muslim community are radical Muslims, such as those at the Canadian Islamic Congress (whose president said on TV that any adult Jew in Israel is fair game for a terrorist attack) and CAIR-CAN, one of whose spokesmen debated against me tonight. Moderate Muslim voices like Tarek Fatah of the secular Muslim Canadian Congress are under-reported -- especially since violent threats against Fatah by radical Muslims forced him to resign.

Shahina Saddiqui was the CAIR-CAN rep tonight -- she was the one who tried to get the Jews of Winnipeg charged with hate crimes last year for watching a movie about Muslim terrorism. Of course, the cops laughed Saddiqui out of the police station -- that sort of thing doesn't quite work in Canada, yet. Saddiqui's left quite a track record of illiberal statements out there, including one that she tried to disclaim on the air tonight -- a comment five years ago explaining away female genital mutilation.

When someone with Canadian values hears about female genital mutilation, the only response is to recoil in horror and disgust. Saddiqui preferred to explain it as an attempt to keep Muslim girls chaste. As with so many other statements by CAIR-CAN, the Canadian Islamic Congress and other radicals, if you took the same words and had them spoken by white males -- say, a priest -- you'd be shocked. There is still a thick enough layer of political correctness towards these topics, even six years after 9/11, that an honest discussion is still tough to get to.

I'm impressed that Quebec's feminists have finally cut through that fog. A dozen years ago, they looked at Islam as an enemy of the white, Christian patriarchy, and thought "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and, as with so many other leftists, backed radical Islam against the West. They have since come to their senses, and realized that the Taliban, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and too many Canadian imams are so retrogressive on women's rights that they make the Pope look like Liberace on the subject by comparison.

That's what this is about: calling radical Islam to task when it is sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic and illiberal. Maybe one day we'll even hear the civil liberties types talk about the separation of mosque and state.

The public has given up waiting for the media, political class and even police to talk -- or even think -- clearly about these subjects. The most startling thing I saw on the rest of The Verdict was the SES poll that showed that only 5% of Quebeckers, and not many more in the rest of Canada, believe in making more one-way accommodations to immigrants. It's been thoughtfully argued that John Tory's defeat in Ontario was because of fears of opening the door wider to Muslim radicalism. (I regret that Calgary's Alnoor Kassam -- a fully-integrated, liberal, Ismaili Muslim -- probably lost votes in Calgary's mayoralty election for this same reason.)

The SES poll and these other political anecdotes are proof that ordinary Canadians are coming up with their own home-made political solutions to Muslim radicalism, since the establishment won't give them any formal options (and the Muslim community has not solved this problem themselves by properly isolating and disowning the radicals amongst them). It's a sure sign that the wilfully blind elites are losing the argument when, as on tonight's show, so many of them call for political "education" of the common people.

I would have liked to have had more time tonight, and our segment was difficult with three panelists in three different cities, but I enjoyed the chance to be the lone voice all night arguing against one-way multiculturalism, and I enjoyed trying to smoke out the facts beneath the euphemisms -- pressing on issues like women's rights, gay rights and freedom of speech, issues that were once the domain of liberals, liberals who now stand gagged by their own soft bigotry of low expectations of Muslims -- they refuse to call out racist, sexist, anti-gay Muslims where they're do so in a flash with white Christian men.

Watch the whole show here and give me your brickbats or bouquets.

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I saw the show tonight on CTV and Ezra I thought you did well. Canada has been far too pacifistic for too many years to immigrants demands that Canada assimilate to them. If you come to Canada be Canadian. If I wanted to be a Sikh or Muslim (solve things with violence and or with underhanded practice) I would have moved there long ago. If you move to Canada it is presumed you want to be a Canadian.

Posted by: Edwin | 2007-10-18 11:19:33 PM


Good work. You proved yet again that you simply cannot criticize a Muslim. Even with your CTV website evidence, that homely old babushka starting yelling that you slandered her. Don't be surprised if you hear from a tribunal in the near future.

Most Canadians will agree with your assessment that we do like some of the food and even costumes they bring here. As far as the music goes, what do they have that competes with the fabulous and varied Jazz and classical music of the west? Even our R&B, Samba, Salsa, Blues and Country music is high end. Think of George Gershwin, the Beatles, Ray Charles ... the list is endless. We have no peer musically on this planet ...

However I will nod politely whenever I am subjected to any immigrant scratching and thumping at the multi cult food fairs every summer. Same for that same boring chanting and thumping our own native. Christ why don't they at least throw in a harmonica once in while.

Back to the more serious points. Yes, the idea that problems are solved here peacefully is the big one.

I also wonder what might happen if I stopped a Muslim woman on the street in Toronto to ask for directions or perhaps where there was a convenience store. I feel I might be in mortal danger if one of her brothers or cousins saw me talking to one of their female possessions.

You aren't likely to have many Muslim friends since they don't drink wine or beer which is a tradition in the West. I find them to be humorless so joking around is out of the question. The only time I have ever seen then dance is right after 9-11 so I guess that's out of the question.

And since we are at war with Islam it's pretty hard to talk about world events in any depth. The are and will remain an isolated group.

I think a lot of what I have said applies to the Sieke community as well. I find their appearance weird and they are somewhat humorless as well.

I like most other cultures that I have met and have made friends in most of them. Most other cultures are more 'normal' and they are willing to cut you some slack when you accidentally say or do something that they may object to. The Muslims are more likely to cut you some throat. They are scary people in my opinion.

Their task here is to prove me wrong.

Posted by: John | 2007-10-19 12:09:44 AM

Readers Digest selected the tiny perfect boring City of Moncton the "politest" in Canada, there are few if any Muslims in Moncton New Brunswick has never been immigration friendly and politically has never encouraged immigrants from anywhere on the Globe to settle here. The Empire Loyalists got the best lands,the Acadians were deported but came back, more or less. The Chamber of Commerce is talking up some 500 Chinese will settle here, but they really mean 500 Families - which ain't sitting to well with most New Brunswick Citizens despite the Chamber of Commerce
nonsense. New Brunswick in fact is a closed shop.
Muslims would be rejected or sent to Toronto. The
Atlantic Region of Canada has been racist in any event since the days of the British slavers. Halifax NS was founded in 1749 to provide security for British commercial slave ships. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-19 5:37:59 AM

The Muslims in our midst who are militant are exposing the problems they have enacting their religious tenets in our modern 21st century country.

Demanding prayer rooms and now special foods in our universities are examples of religious militancy which is beyond reasonable accommodation, this is not a Muslim Nation.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-19 6:21:58 AM

John ~

"Most other cultures are more 'normal' and they are willing to cut you some slack when you accidentally say or do something that they may object to. The Muslims are more likely to cut you some throat."

BRAVO! So well stated, linguistically speaking.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 6:53:53 AM

Keep up the good work Ezra. We need more common sense in our public policy debates, not the intolerant ranting from the left that we're inundated with now.

Liz, did you read about the recent story from the U of Toronto? This cafe has been equipped to serve Muslims their special 'halal' food, but apparently it's not good enough because the cafe is also licensed. Now they want their special food in a different location. Damn they are a pushy bunch. It's way past time to tell the radicals among them that we are through changing this country to suit THEM.

Posted by: Larry | 2007-10-19 7:05:11 AM

Its time for the Grey Ladies to return to sea, via Pier 21 Halifax NS -Halifax Longshoremen called the RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth "The Grey Ladies" because of their wartime colors. The ships can carry 8,000 people each -time to load the cranky Muslims on the "Ladies" and drop them off at sea, off the coast of Africa, I am appalled that
the Muslim Horde in Canada are afforded special treatment at certain Universities, which should be terminated forthwith, but it is doubtful the tuition driven GTA Universities in particular would have the
courage or inclination to state boldly: "our way, or no way" Roman Catholic Universities and Schools
educated many generations of real Canadians using their tough no nonsense Jesuit driven criteria MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-19 7:40:45 AM

Roman Catholic universities will admit people of all religions but will not submit to their demands and it appears that is well understood.
At least they're true to the principles that built this country. We could use a few more of them.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-19 7:47:56 AM

>" am a hawk, but I truly believe that most Muslims in North America came here to flee various medieval hell-holes, not to bring the hellish qualities of Pakistan, Egypt, Iran or other places with them."

Islam, which is a radical ideology, is what makes those places 'medieval hell-holes'.

Islam has at it's core the hegemonic spread of Arab culture and that by Jihad.
Islam's prophet, Mohammed, was a radical, even in his day, and is seem by Muslims as the perfect Islamic man and one to be emulated.

I watched the 'debate', Ezra, and you did very well for someone who was constantly talked over by 3 woman.
A word of advice, though Ezra, since you are a Conservative and talk in specifics, it is a good idea to have clear Canadian examples to base your points on.
Yes, you gave a good example of female genital mutilation, and Shaina Siddiqui's support of that incident, but you should have been prepared to give clear examples of gay bashing, the push for voting will in Niqab, and discrimination against females.

As the Left has co-opted the laws and twisted it's language to forward their agenda, so have Muslims.
Shaina Siddiqui was masterful at co-opting the language of the Left to further Islam's agenda and her taqqiya about Islam not killing homosexuals needed a specific recent example to counter her lie.
Some Koranic quotes and a few from the Hadith would have been useful.

Mannon Cornellier did not notice that although she and Shahina Siddiqui spoke the same platitudes, they were at cross purposes.
This is an unintended consequence of Leftist dialogue, which uses only platitudes and vague blanket statements, but leaves unsaid the form or actual goal which they believe they are angling to achieve.

Well done, Ezra, and I hope Siddiqui doesn't try to sue you for slander, even if she doesn't have a case.

Ezra, I loved the way you projected an aura of good cheer.
It sharply contrasted with your opponents, who appeared as though they had sucked on lemons just prior to the interview.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-19 7:56:56 AM

Hey Ezra, I watched the show,while your arguments were sound on principle you need to articulate them much better and I quite agree about Alnoor Kassam, I happen to know him he is totally down to Earth guy with vast experience in Biz and Budget management, perfect for city management, his Ismaili identity would have canceled out with his Muslim, Most Calgarians know Ismailis as progressive, Gnostic's, Hosting stampede breakfast, community volunteering and for their community building initiatives, Saheena Saddiqi lost all credibility with me when She mentioned Ismailis practice Faith based arbitration, It just isn't so, What Ismailis offer is marriage counseling service by Canadian Psychologist and Canadian Lawyer in the counseling board offering a preferred option reconciliation or legal separation, any suggestion of Sharia is ludicrous, check this site out do they look like people practicing Sharia LOL


Posted by: Jay | 2007-10-19 8:20:38 AM

Toronto was at the bottom of "the most polite cities in Canada."

Not a surprise. Watch for the great white exodus to begin out of Toronto just like Londonistan.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-19 8:43:53 AM

I wonder how the ultra small "c" conservative Province of New Brunswick, division of the Irving Group of Companies would react to socialist hordes
and associated perverts descending on the pristine
and Irving owned forests of New Brunswick. It appears that the anticipated influx of 500 Chinese Families from the PRC is not being viewed with much excitment by the Tim Horton's crowds in our Picture Province -"strangers" are still referred to as "being from away" in most parts of the Picture Province. It ain't exactly user friendly. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-19 9:01:12 AM

Epsilon - Not a surprise. Watch for the great white exodus to begin out of Toronto just like Londonistan.

The white exodus out of Toronto and most other large North American cities started decades ago.

And whites leaving London are doing so largely because of cost of housing.

Posted by: lotus 25 | 2007-10-19 9:28:41 AM

Hi Lotus!

Who's buying in London?


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-19 9:41:37 AM

The Calgary Herald did its best to smear Alnoor in the days before the municipal election.

Ezra, watch out. When you're invited onto TV and tossed up against a devious fanatic like Saddiqui you're being set up. Don't let yourself be put in that position with someone who doesn't even think you're a human being.

Posted by: anon | 2007-10-19 9:51:16 AM

Hi Lotus!

Who's buying in London?

Land in London and in most of England is never sold only leased. As an example almost all the land in Knightsbridge and Chelsea is owned by Earl Cadogan and will never be sold.

Posted by: lotus 25 | 2007-10-19 9:58:05 AM

"any adult Jew in Israel is fair game for a terrorist attack.."

I thought he said that any Jew in Canada, over the age of 18, was fair game? Of course, both vversions are equally as disgusting as the other.

Overall, well said Ezra. I agree with you, there is a double standard in relation to the low expectations of Muslim radicals and extremeists in Canada.

Maybe we ought to call it "double-double"--as they are trying to use our freedoms against us, while insisting on our world conforming to antiquated 1,400 year old values, that did not work back then, and still do not work today--while leaving a path of horror against groups of people and even their own, along the way.

Like Dubai, they can wear the wealth, but they lack the spirit it takes, to make a society whole.

One thing I have learned, in all this, is that Muslims is not a Muslim is. Although Christianity and Judaism distinguish between Jews and Christians with differing political positions, Muslims want to say that being of the word "Muslim" applies to all Musllims--when in fact there are few words--if any for that matter--that help the rest of the population in Canada, to know immediately, that this Muslim--who is claiming just to be a Muslim, is actually a radical or extremist, who is here on a mission--and not one who wants to be a Canadian.

Islamophobia may be an uncontrolable fear of the religion of islam--and for this difficulty in knowing the difference, perhaps there is an honest basis for it. I would rather refer to ismailis as Ismailis, rather than Muslims, because then you can actually see the difference. Like refering to any other Helenistic group of Muslims as such--they have made the leap from 1,400 years ago, and live in today's world--and therefore identify with canadian values.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-10-19 11:46:31 AM

"Although Christianity and Judaism distinguish between Jews and Christians with differing political positions..."

I realized after the fact that this is not clear. There is variety amongst Christians across the political spectrum--the same as is variety amongst Jews across the political spectrum.

We do not lump all Christians into one pile, and say about anyone that they are more loyal to Christians than they are of Canadian law--the same for Jews. There are left wing Jews and there are right wing Jews, and Jewish religious outlooks that reflect right and left. I happen to be on the right--and like it that way. I do not assume that all Jews, when I say "jew" are just like me. And I do not assume that all jews, are left, just because some are. And I know that most Christians understand that the same difference of spectrum of political thought is seen amongst their population as a whole. It is what it is.

People do not have a problem distinguishing between the Christian extremist who murders a Dr at an abortion clinic with all other Christians.

The Christian extremists do not project their beliefs onto all Christians--even though they might try to--it always fails.

In fact, they would do what they do even if the Dr was a Christian.

That a person is a Christian has no bearing on whether a person should be witheld from being tried for a crime--no matter what the basis of their actions are--therefore the Christian who murders a Dr--regardless of their religious beliefs, is charged and convicted nevertheless. Their faith does not raise them above the law of the land.

But Muslims who come here to establish a shariah state, have already decided in their minds, that their laws are above the laws of the land. They feel that the way they have interpreted Shariah means that they have to create a separation, so that they live their way--and make us conform to their ways, when they comne into contact with us.

They have already decided before hand, that just being a Muslim means that they are entitled to more than everyone else here--because everyone else according to them is either an unbeliever or a kuffar, a dhimmi, or all three. And as far as they are concerned, they--the radical or extremist Muslim, believes they can do whatever to the rest of us--and themselves too--and get away with it--totally justified by their code. It is as if a real conscience of what it is to be a Canadian is wiped away--stripped from being on the map at all.

And we have laws against female genital mutilation. People who profess female gential mutilation as being OK, for any moral belief, are espousing a position against our laws. We would not espouse a legitimate position for murder, and yet we permit her to take a position on female gential mutilation--as if keeping a girl chaste justified the removal of her gentialia--her freedom to express her sexual identity. No one would say it was a legitimate position to remove a man's external genitalia, so why do we support this double standard, and permit her to take a position to remove women's extrenal genitalia?

And, it is disconcerting that they attribute their position to all Muslims--because fact is and fact remains, Muslims will feel torn because of the desire to feel that all Muslims are connected through their religion--when in fact there are all too many situations where in fact, like Ismailis, there is no real connection other than the words themselves.

Yet we do not have the discourse--the comfort zone in the Canadian discourse--to openly discuss between everyone, and anyone, what this means in terms of our society as a whole (all peoples who share this land) because as soon as someone says anything, a radical or extremist Muslim or group crops their head up, and boos everyone into submission. They express themselves with outright moral outrage--how dare we--the roc--support a position with which the extremists and radicals would not? They pretend to be the voice of all Muslims--and the people who do not know much about it--will assume that this is what they all believe--even when they do not.

They make it plain and clear, that they will resort to their laws--violence--and no one knows what that means more than those Muslims who are not extremists and who are not radicals.

I reject all extremists and radicals as do most--and I say literally the gross majority of canadians, do.

So, why do we keep on pretending that we can give them a voice to express their position, when we would not do the same for all the other freaks who profess abnormalities and cruelties in the world?

Last, we see what Bhutto is doing in Pakistan. She and her followers are doing what all good Muslims should do. They are taking the power back--away from the radicals and extremists.

I think they really need to be properly recognized.

Bhutto and her party, they are redefinning what it is to be a Muslim in terms of democracy--as they did before.

We should not wait until we have a situation like Pakistan, before we wake up, smell the roses, anddo something proper about it.

If we are ever to be a collective Canadian Society, with all our parts functioning with a single Canadian identity--then we are going to have to come to terms with the fact that democracy and freedom, and respect for our combined ways and our unique Canadian laws defines our nation, and not some rediculous special interest group--who came here not to be like us--all Canadians--but to make us become just like them, while spitting on that society with which we have built. We must come to a position where we are all knowledgeable and comfortable with discussing what a Canadian really is--what values that is--what that means in terms of our principles and our laws--and how above all, how extremists and radicals are nothing more than people who are criminals and perverts, who pretend to be otherwise.

We do not give pedophiles a legitimate position in our society--to voice themselves, so therefore all who are even worse, who profess to harming others, and disrespcting their cultural ways, through fear mongering or causing harm, should be given the boot.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-10-19 12:20:51 PM

And today is "Islamofascism Awareness Day" on many US college campuses.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 12:32:27 PM

Meanwhile, while Islamofascists are busy bombing Benazir in Pakistan, civilians in Thailand, Israel, Iraq & elsewhere:

"Israeli team works with Swazi surgeons to fight HIV"

A three-member Israeli medical delegation is now in Swaziland to teach local African surgeons to perform circumcisions on men to reduce their risk of contracting AIDS, the first of three such missions to Africa. Swaziland was chosen to begin the campaign because it has a million residents, a very low male circumcision rate and among the world's highest rates of HIV carriers (40 percent).

Last March, based on "compelling evidence," the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS accepted expert recommendations that adult male circumcision be recognized as an "additional important intervention" to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

A few months prior to this decision, a UNAIDS delegation came to Israel to learn how best to perform adult male circumcision, given this country's great experience in the ritual procedure for voluntary conversion of new immigrants.

Israeli experts advised infant circumcision as well, even though it would take years until the infants reached sexual maturity.

Studies suggest that male circumcision in sub-Saharan Africa could prevent 5.7 million new cases of HIV infection and three million deaths over 20 years, or up to 60% of infected males.

The WHO said that scaling up male circumcision in such countries will result in immediate benefit to individuals. However, it will take a number of years before we can expect to see an impact on the epidemic from such investment. Currently, an estimated 665 million men, or 30% of men worldwide, are circumcised.

Nevertheless, the Israeli experts advised that counselling of men and their sexual partners was necessary to prevent them from developing a false sense of security and engaging in high-risk behaviors that could undermine the partial protection provided by male circumcision.

YET, IT IS ISRAEL that is constantly being condemned by the UN & not Islamofascists & other dictators.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 1:02:09 PM

YET, IT IS ISRAEL that is constantly being condemned by the UN & not Islamofascists & other dictators.

Posted by: obc | 19-Oct-07 1:02:09 PM

How does that work in your world? You do something good and in turn you are allowed to do something bad?

Posted by: Snowrunner | 2007-10-19 1:24:31 PM


Your last comment is evidence that you are either completely insane, utterly stupid or a committed Liberal.

Posted by: John | 2007-10-19 1:34:16 PM

Your last comment is evidence that you are either completely insane, utterly stupid or a committed Liberal.

Posted by: John | 19-Oct-07 1:34:16 PM

Why? Because I don't believe that just because someone is doing something good they can also do something bad? What happy world do you live in where things are done in absolutes?

Oh sorry, I forgot, I said this in context of Israel, the most prosecuted country on this planet that is above every criticism. My bad.

Posted by: Snowrunner | 2007-10-19 1:36:30 PM

John ~

You nailed snowflake.

His is a Leftoid pattern. Since Israel is the most criticized by Leftoids like himself, therefore they deserve to be criticized.

Hmmm. That makes sense to his ilk of course, but not to the rest of us sane people.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 2:02:57 PM

Has Snowrunner been sending you personal emails continuing his arguments?

He did this to me.

Snowrunner, please do not email me.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-19 2:09:23 PM

epsi ~

And then snowflake criticizes those that DON'T post their correct emails here.

Maybe now he'll figure out why we don't. But being in possession of a Leftoid mind, he might yet not comprehend our reluctance.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 2:14:49 PM


Ok, using your logic, then name one good thing that those Islamist countries that hate Israel have done! Any of those countries!

Posted by: Markalta | 2007-10-19 2:17:43 PM

Congratulations Ezra. One can always count on the bias of these shows, since they stack the panel with the approved ideologues in an attempt to discredit the opposing view. Nevertheless every attempt to get the truth out is a plus.

One would be hard pressed to find any Muslim association here which is not Islamist and they do not represent the views of all Muslims anymore than the feminist associations represent the views of Canadian women. In fact a little digging into the Muslim associations usually finds a link with terrorist groups. Their darkness must be exposed to the light of truth.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-10-19 2:20:21 PM

BTW, my sources tell me that Pres. Mubarak may not live out the year. He is very ill.

But no problem. His son is poised to take over Egypt when that happens. It should be a smooth transition of power from one dictator to another, just like baby Assad replace his daddy in Syria recently.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 2:51:20 PM

And here's another favour Israel has done for the world:

"Syria said to be dismantling remains of nuclear facility"

Syria has begun dismantling the remains of a what American and foreign officials suspect was a nuclear facility targeted by Israel in an air strike in September, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

The report is based on testimony provided by US and foreign officials who are familiar with the incident and have seen aerial photographs of the site. According to those officials, the area bore "signature" characteristics of a small but substantial nuclear reactor similar to those found in North Korea.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 3:09:23 PM

Anyone have Google Maps coordinates for this site?


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-19 3:12:14 PM

Epsi- The area where the site is(was)located is in the Norheast sector of Syria. It is believed to be near the settlement of Dayr az-Zwar.
Hope this helps

Posted by: atric | 2007-10-19 3:49:52 PM


Here is a report already written on the site. Only 50 km from the Iraq border on the Euphrates River at an agricultural research station.

Pretty obvious then that this site was staked out on the ground while it was being set up given its closeness to Iraq.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-19 3:59:27 PM

Actually, I think its distance from Israel was their chief concern. A lot of good that did them!

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 4:01:59 PM

Yes of course obc. I was thinking that an observation team could cover 50 km on foot easily in 10 hours on an overnight dispatch from the Iraqi border.

There were eyes on this shipment from the sky, sea and ground from the moment this thing moved from North Korea.

Now, lets attack Iran immediately.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-19 4:05:24 PM

"Now, lets attack Iran immediately."

I'd prefer yesterday.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 4:09:07 PM

When someone with Canadian values hears about female genital mutilation, the only response is to recoil in horror and disgust. Saddiqui preferred to explain it as an attempt to keep Muslim girls chaste.


You are completely misrepresenting what Ms. Saddiqui stated in that interview -- even a cursory look would prove you are simply lying, Ezra.

Indeed, the CTV 'The Verdict' host later fully clarified Saddiqui's comment and Ezra's absurd accusation later in the show.

Debate the issues, Ezra, instead of throwing around innuendo and making ad hominem attacks when you're losing the debate.

Posted by: R. Khalid | 2007-10-19 5:02:54 PM

R. Khalid - Debate the issues, Ezra, instead of throwing around innuendo and making ad hominem attacks when you're losing the debate.

Would you comment on this article.


Posted by: lotus 25 | 2007-10-19 5:48:20 PM

Amazing how anyone can defend female genital mutilation. Only a Muslim male can do that - which tells us all we need to know about their "values".

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 5:59:00 PM

And no anesthetics are used for this "procedure".

Of course, the women Libbers are totally silent about this - but the glass ceiling, well, that's far more important to them.

That tells us all we need to know about THEM. Money & power are what rules the minds of THAT Leftoid sisterhood.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 6:31:04 PM

Lotus 25 asks:

Would you comment on this article.


There is nothing in Islam that sanctions, justifies, or defends the practise of female genital mutilation. The highest Sunni Muslim authority, the al-Azhar Unniversity, has categorically denounced the practise as utterly un-Islamic and tribal. The same position is exhibited by the leading Shi'a Muslim scholars.

See: http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/muslim-scholars-rule-female-circumcision-unislamic/2006/11/24/1163871589618.html#

Secondly, FMG is practised in many non-Muslim African states amongst animists and Christian communities. So please, do not try to frame this as a "Muslim issue" or something to do with Islam.

This is a dastardly cultural practise that has survived the ages in rural communities throughout Africa and the Middle East, and has transcended ethnic and religious lines.

What is needed is strong education to end the practise -- and this is being done around the world.

Posted by: R. Khalid | 2007-10-19 7:17:11 PM

Like most Muslim statements, they are espoused with the lips but ignored in their daily lives.

Nice try, Khalid. Now tell us again how Islam is the religion of peace.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-19 7:32:01 PM

R. Khalid - There is nothing in Islam that sanctions, justifies, or defends the practise of female genital mutilation. The highest Sunni Muslim authority, the al-Azhar Unniversity, has categorically denounced the practise as utterly un-Islamic and tribal. The same position is exhibited by the leading Shi'a Muslim scholars.

Though from 26 years ago do you notice the contradiction.

1981-JAN-29: The Great Sheikh of Al-Azhar (the most famous University of the Islamic World) stated that parents must follow the lessons of Mohammed and not listen to medical authorities because the latter often change their minds. Parents must do their duty and have their daughters circumcised.

Posted by: lotus 25 | 2007-10-19 8:20:57 PM

R. Khalid - What is needed is strong education to end the practise -- and this is being done around the world.

What you and your co religionists do in Saudi Arabia or the other medieval hellholes that you tend to inhabit doesn't concern me. If you do it here you go to jail whether your prophet approved it or not.

Posted by: lotus 25 | 2007-10-19 8:29:16 PM

Islam, with it's medieval tenants, is completely incompatible with western culture and civilization. Their religion makes it impossible to live under western values. Hence the concerted effort to have us conform to the 7th century mind set, in which they are superior. Islam cannot co-exist with other religions and cultures, which is why it must be removed from our societies before it destroys us from within.

Multi-culturalism which includes Islam cannot and never will work in this country.

Posted by: cdn.infidel | 2007-10-19 10:31:59 PM

Mohammad, if he is not already there, can go straight to Hell. He is the embodiment of Satan.

Now do your worst you barbarian bastards.

Epsi, 27 year old female, and fed up with your outrageuos medieval practises and pathetic excuses.

Posted by: epsilon | 2007-10-19 10:40:24 PM

It was reassuring, Ezra, to witness a man of your caliber defying, with such aplomb, Sister
Shahina Siddiqui { SSS for the remainder of this post } a born and bred Qur'an thumper.
SSS's wrath and outright contempt for 'intolerant' Canadians who refuse to embrace Islam lock, stock and barrel , is a resentment that knows no bound. Equally palpable is her disdain of western influence on Islamic sates, consequently sullying the purity of Islam, mixed with a deep paranoia at the prospect of modernization and spiritual reform of Muslims living in the west. Do not dare question SSS on nefarious values of Islam, she simply cannot see, hear or speak any evil as long as the ‘right' book is being ‘correctly' read, I speak of the book that has not suffered a single coma in error.
SSS has a finger in a few halal pies:
--Executive director of the Islamic Social Services Association {of the United States and Canada}ISSA - with a BA degree under her veil and a grandiose title of ‘spiritual counselor'{Guru } she promotes social work according to the Qur'an, specializing in seminars to sensitize non-muslims on how to give culturally competent and spiritually sensitive public services to Muslims, a form of dhimmitude generously supported by the public purse.
— SSS is a member of the executive board of the Canadian branch of the Council on American-
Islamic relations { CAN-CAIR} a vociferous clique remarkably adept at arranging the ‘islamophobe' lurking in the bush .
— SSS is co-ordinator for community relations for the Manitoba Islamic Association, another tax
driven PR front, it's purpose is to beguile naive Canadians.
— SSS is Head-Mistress at the Canadian Council of Muslim Women a support group spelling out
the sacrosanctity of all imported religious dogma which is to be enshrined in all realms of
public/private Canadian life without reserve. This mosque out-reach program has become the
mother-lode for public funding, think about it ... vulnerable immigrant women of colour and cover ... this is the goddess of non-profit groups. Even the United Way, who would not give a thin-dime to any faith-based group is handing over bags of money!
???It would be interesting to know if SSS banks all her cheques in a sha'riah compliant why, ie
not accruing interest?????
Last, but far from least, SSS guards with a vengence the distinction of spoke-person { self
appointed} to main stream media or any one who will accept her vitrol as the authority on the
Canadian Islamic pulse. Living in Wpg. I have had to endure this in your face shilling for
Islamism, and the absolute right for all forms of dubious practices to be acknowledged and
accepted in the ‘public' arena no questions asked.
I cannot erase from my psyche SSS's magnitude of righteous indignation attacking Canadian values over the refusal to allow her sacred sha'riah arbitration . In her angst she admits arbitrating under cover { veiled} and I strongly suspect she aspires to hold the gavel in that court. This serpent is going to raise its ugly head again, just recently SSS was besides herself over women unable to divorce under sha'riah being but into jeopardy when visiting their native lands. Just a friendly reminder sha'riah is not a quaint form of religious jurisprudence but an integral reguirement for all fundamental muslims. SSS's furor over sha'riah arbitration being rejected was feral and in her attack she exhausted her lexicon of pejoratives to vilify ignorant Canadians with gratuitous voles of her trade-mark shrieks of ‘islamophobia'.{ I regret not having kept the article } . SSS is successful riding { bare-back} the ideology of multiculturalism especially it's blind premise of absolute relativism of all creeds and it's serious penchant to entertain historical revisionism.A serial sectarian wanting to conquer the public domain { there will be no separation of mosque and state under her watch} aggressively pursuing a self-interest agenda bordering on the abusive. Again Mr Levant I thank you for exposing her pretentious, selective, narrow conscientiousness allowing for serious moral and ethical liabilities.
In closing I apologize for this lengthy rant but whenever SSS's name is evoked the bull in me see red ........

Posted by: Kamel Krazie | 2007-10-20 5:57:09 AM

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on page 26 Shahina is quoted suggesting exactly what she says doesn't happen (re accomodation)

Posted by: rick | 2007-10-21 12:09:40 AM

In Quebec, the debate on reasonable accommodations is live on tv and anybody from any backgroud can come to the mic and express themselves for 2 minutes. No one is yelling at you while you try to speak or after. It's a democratic debate on how to live together in the times to come and on what Quebecers are willing to accept or not regarding accomodations, especially religious ones who attack the society we've built and cherish.

The debate in Quebec is far from the one man show about Iran Ezra Levant is having on that clip. On the topic, the French Quebec woman made much more sense than this far right wing Zionist obsess with the Muslims bashing. It's sad to see the end of the WS but with that attitude, it's not a suprise. The vast majority of Canadians are not extremists like the pals here. They just wish to live in peace, respecting the differences of the others but without having crap forced on us by extreme minorities of some minorities.

That's all.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-21 5:10:17 PM

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