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Monday, October 01, 2007

The power of personhood

And while we're on the subject of abortion (see Kathy's post, below), new B.C. blogger John Sutherland has just posted an interesting, in-depth piece about personhood (which Canadian law denies to the unborn) and which -- as  Sutherland reminds us on this day of an aboriginal man's appointment as lieutenant-governor of B.C. -- was once denied (from a political point of view, at least) to native Indians as well.


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Leftists have no problem with killing the innocent unborn, but the born who kill? HA:

"Amnesty stands by Bali clemency plea"

The head of Amnesty International Australia's bid to save the Bali bombers has asked the families of victims to understand why he is fighting to spare the killers. Amnesty International Australia anti-death penalty co-ordinator Tim Goodwin yesterday told the families of the dead the execution of Bali mastermind Amrozi and his two accomplices would not deliver justice or prevent future attacks.

IF THE Islamofascist attackers are dead, they can never carry out future attacks. As usual, Amnesia International is full of it. They are just another peacenik group, chiseling away at civilization in the name of their own superior attitude. Justice would be if their members could take the place of the future victims created by the criminals Amnesty has had released anywhere.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-01 4:55:24 PM

Does anyone think the following story will be front-page news on CBC, CTV, Toronto Red Star, Globe & Mail - or even covered at all? Of course if it involved a Republican or a Catholic priest, we all know it would be. I think it's called "professional courtesy":

"CBS producer accused of soliticing sex with 11-year old"

A CBS producer was arrested Saturday after deputies say he attempted to arrange sex with 11-year-old girl by communicating with undercover investigators posing as the fictitious girl's father, authorities said. Daniel J. Barron, 56, a 15-year producer with CBS News who lives in New Jersey, allegedly told an undercover St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office detective to bring his 11-year-old daughter to the Fort Lauderdale hotel where he was staying.

$100 says you won't find it on any front page in Canada tomorrow - a Toonie if you find it anywhere in ANY newspaper here - even page 10 of section C - but a Republican Senator tapping his feet in a bathroom stall, well - that's news, right?

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-01 7:24:03 PM

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