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Friday, October 05, 2007

Real Heroes

While Chrisopher Hitchens has an amazing story of a US soldier and his family, I'd like to think that Canada has its own heroes like Cpl. Nathan Hornburg who died a few days ago fighting the Taliban terrorists:

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The death of a soldier defending our nations and advancing the cause of freedom as the selfless legacy of free peoples is a great sadness.

Cpl Homburg understood his mission exactly.

All we can say is that we grieve with his family and pray for God to give them strength.

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2007-10-05 12:08:41 PM

"Homage To A Fallen Comrade: Mark Daily, 22"


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2007-10-05 2:25:40 PM

We have heroes--yes indeed.

Now why one earth a people would permit those who are terrorists, whose aim it is to lower standards, to have power over others, is something I will never truly understand. I know, as in I have seen what they do, but I cannot permit myself to understand why they would permit themselves to torture their own as such.

Which is what makes our heroes, truly great people.

They have my thoughts, my best wishes, and my respect.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-10-05 6:23:14 PM

I preay that his sacrifice was not in vain. Ultimately, in this era the soldier relies on politicians to provide the will and means to win a conflict. Back home politicians play with Cpl.Hornburg's patriotic passion like a political foot ball used for their own gain.

To win the Afghan conflict we need our politicians to commit to 2 things that will ensure victory.

1) termination of opium poppy production which feeds Taliban war chests

2) a military pact with Pakistan to cross the border an attack Taliban staging areas where they regroup and rearm.

Without the political will/committment to these items I fear Cpl Hornburg and many other heros will be wasted in a protracted conflict made unwinnable by lack of political will to remove the barriers to victory.

Posted by: wl Mackenzie Redux | 2007-10-06 8:08:05 AM

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