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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How long will this be ignored?

In yesterday's Sun, I wrote about the fact that not a single reporter mentioned that the Calgary school bus driver in the deadly crash last week was wearing a head-covering -- whether it was a hijab, a baboushka or a scarf.

There is a journalistic black hole here: we now know the name of the deceased child, but not the name of the bus driver.

Is that not curious?

Today there is news that the same bus was driving erratically the day before. This received minimal coverage.

I just don't get it. The story of the week in Calgary has been exhaustively reported, except for the identity, nature, history and other relevant details of the bus driver. If it were a 25-year-old white male driver wearing a hoodie, this would be big news -- common sense would prevail, since there would be no ethnic sensibilities to worry about. I think that political correctness is trumping common sense, and numbing journalistic curiosity.

Whether the bus driver's scarf/hijab/baboushka was the cause of the accident is for a court to decide. But surely journalists' jobs are to ask questions and try to get answers, not censor politically correct facts.

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I wrote about a 'synergy of factors' at 24-Oct-07 10:45:22 AM and stated "Most road accidents are the result of cumulative factors." at 24-Oct-07 11:02:12 AM but these concepts don't get any traction with people who need the simplicity of a 'single' cause.

In any case the thread topic is supposed to be about the MSM blacking out the identity of the female bus driver while identifying the little girl who was a victim.
It's about censorship really.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-24 11:29:16 PM

"It's like arguing if a german shepherd bite is worse than a mastiff bite."

You're a conservator Mr. Vic ?

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 11:59:30 PM

The term Leftoid is not a copyrighted one. Feel free to spread it around. It stands for a Leftist Android.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-25 6:09:35 AM

In any case the thread topic is supposed to be about the MSM blacking out the identity of the female bus driver while identifying the little girl who was a victim.
It's about censorship really.
Posted by: Speller | 24-Oct-07 11:29:16 PM

And here they go again.
A Calgary southeast McDonald's restaurant worker has tested positive for the highly infectious hepatitis A and the MSM will not identify 'Typhoid Mary' here.


Is there any reason that patrons of this particular McDonald's restaurant would be the only one's who could possibly have been infected by the unidentified worker?

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-25 1:00:23 PM

Speller ~

Are you saying the hookers he frequents (male or female, to be PC) should also be warned? Or his buddies with whom he showers at the gym?

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-25 1:07:12 PM

Only his hair dresser knows for sure.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-25 1:10:48 PM

Good one, Speller! LOL!

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-25 1:13:18 PM

Wow, look at how this thread has dried up now that the bus driver has been named. Oh, and what's that? The last name is Chong? Doesn't sound Muslim to me. Of course, I've been struggling to understand how being Muslim would've had anything to do with this terrible accident but I'm sure one of you would be more than willing to "enlighten" me. Not sure if any of you are aware of this, but there is no fairy godmother who automatically tells the media the names of all people suspected of doing bad things. If the name isn't released by authorities then reporters have to work to find it. And I can assure you, reporters were working just as hard to dig up the driver's name as they were to find the little girl's name. The driver was never thought to be Muslim and that was never thought to be an issue. Religious background has nothing to do with the zeal that reporters employ to find information. Sorry folks, no censorship here. The woman was likely using the scarf to cover her face when reporters arrived so as not to be plastered across the papers and on TV. Whether or not the scarf was pulled forward or even on her head at the time of the collision is nothing but speculation. Reporters ask every question they can think of and many you all probably never would've dreamed of. Ezra should know full well how reporters operate having been associated with a couple papers over the years and yet, he ignores the reality, as always, when it gets in the way of getting you all riled up and spewing bigoted, predjudiced nonsense. You are, as Fast Forward Magazine recently quoted in its story on Ezra, the "low hanging fruit" easily picked off. You don't think for yourselves, you simply wait for any opportunity to rage about immigration, the Muslims, those damnable lefties and so on. Truth doesn't matter when it comes to a good old fashioned rant about how bad the poor white males have it these days.

I have no problem with speculating on a blog that this driver might have been wearing some kind of head wear that could possibly have affected her sight as a factor in the crash. If that's the case, then she'll be charged appropriately. But how does wearing a piece of cloth on her head lead to pronoucements that the driver must have been some kind of jihadi intend on killing infidels? Did any of you not wonder why a private Christian charter school would hire a crazed jihadi to drive the school's children? I mean, she'd been driving them for over three years, presumably without incident. Trudeau didn't hire her, nor did Chretien or even Stephen Harper. The school hired her and vouched for her. If she's done something wrong she'll be charged and punished because in Canada we have the rule of law and treat people fairly. That's the main attraction for most of the peace loving immigrants who come here. To have a save place to raise a family and work hard. I meet these immigrants all the time. I've never met the ones you describe which doesn't mean there aren't bad people willing to do bad things, but they are in the minority so let's get some perspective please.

Posted by: Jake | 2007-10-27 5:09:27 PM

"in Canada we have the rule of law and treat people fairly"

Right - that's why Creton is in jail along with all the others who stole Canadian taxpayer money.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-27 5:21:22 PM

It's the Lord of the Flies in here. Apparently some of you have absolutely no clue how extraordinarily moronic you sound spinning paranoid Jihadist conspiracy theories over a school bus accident. Do us all a favour and move in with Dubya, would you please.

Posted by: Dan | 2007-11-06 11:24:42 AM

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