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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How long will this be ignored?

In yesterday's Sun, I wrote about the fact that not a single reporter mentioned that the Calgary school bus driver in the deadly crash last week was wearing a head-covering -- whether it was a hijab, a baboushka or a scarf.

There is a journalistic black hole here: we now know the name of the deceased child, but not the name of the bus driver.

Is that not curious?

Today there is news that the same bus was driving erratically the day before. This received minimal coverage.

I just don't get it. The story of the week in Calgary has been exhaustively reported, except for the identity, nature, history and other relevant details of the bus driver. If it were a 25-year-old white male driver wearing a hoodie, this would be big news -- common sense would prevail, since there would be no ethnic sensibilities to worry about. I think that political correctness is trumping common sense, and numbing journalistic curiosity.

Whether the bus driver's scarf/hijab/baboushka was the cause of the accident is for a court to decide. But surely journalists' jobs are to ask questions and try to get answers, not censor politically correct facts.

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Posted by: John | 2007-10-23 5:24:58 PM

It looks like that silly bitch was waging her own personal jihad -- wouldn't be the first time.

They warned us about that after 9/11: with security so tight that terrorists can't pull off any major attacks, they will try to terrorize us in "little" ways, such a a jihadist bus driver.

We need to tighten our borders and we need to end this nonsense of multiculturalism once and for all. Even Trudeau realized in the end what a colossal piece of crap that was, but Liberals keep shtum about their idol's change of heart.

Tony Blair declared in grand and eloquent language that multiculturalism was to be discarded and fast.

Time to realize that it's time to bring on some changes in this silly country of ours.

Posted by: Werner Patels | 2007-10-23 5:58:15 PM

There's an old adage ... when you're in a hole already, stop digging.

This entire ‘driver was wearing a hijab' line is absurd and borderline juvenile ... sounds like and adult infant.

Is this the first time there's ever been an accident in Calgary?

Hang on, there's the Calgary Flames.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-10-23 6:00:53 PM

No, not the first accident. In fact, I can recall another "accident" a while back that involved someone from Pakistan or some hellhole like that -- and there was no logical explanation for it either (except that it was done on purpose).

Posted by: Werner Patels | 2007-10-23 6:12:42 PM

Why indeed the refusal to name the driver? Is she a juvenile whose identity cannot be divulged? Like stated already had the driver been a while male of the same age, we would know his name. This only raises more suspicion.

set, you are wrong on this one. True we know not if the driver is Muslim wearing a hijab or not, but clearly this accident is being treated very differently from the norm. The victim's family deserve to know the facts, not necessarily the religion of the driver but whether or not the driver was at fault for whatever reason.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-10-23 6:17:13 PM

In the US, a taxi driver ran down 2 college kids one night. In North Carolina, a college kid was caught with explosives near a football stadium before he could set them off. In San Francisco, a driver hit 11 pedestrians. In Seattle, a man entered a Jewish centered, killing a woman and injuring several others. In Washington D.C., two snipers killed and wounded people while terrorizing the area for weeks on end.The list goes on & on.

What do these events have in common? All the guys involved had Mohammed in their name.

What is this called? SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME!

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-23 6:23:38 PM

I'm not a lawyer but I know Ezra purports to be one.

Were any charges laid against the driver in this case?

If not, then the public does NOT have a right to know?

If so, then there may be a case.

To say somebody is driving around deliberately looking to kill schoolchildren seems to me a stretch of the truth.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-10-23 6:26:37 PM

A stretch? Perhaps, but not out of the realm of possibility. My list is an abbreviated one (above), and incomplete from only off the top of my head.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-23 6:31:25 PM

Yes, of course, the poor driver didn't see the vehicle with flashers on, didn't have it in her sight long enough to determine it was parked, sure, right, whatever.
The public and the parents have a right to know and no doubt they'll make bloody sure they do.

Whether Ezra is a lawyer or not has little to do with bringing this to our attention. It has everything to do with the the safety of the children and others who share the road.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-23 6:58:45 PM

Local news in Calgary suggested that she may have been on the phone, while driving the bus full of children, however,the police would not comment.

Posted by: Roberto | 2007-10-23 7:05:31 PM

An interesting interview in line with your comment OBC.


Posted by: MikeP | 2007-10-23 7:18:08 PM

no doubt there's something amiss in the medias' silence on this. and the word must get out to as many people as possible about this.

but to call her a "silly bitch", who might have possibly done this on purpose?

c'mon guys. let's tone it down. we have to be an example of collected uncommon sense for any social liberals who might stumble upon this much needed blog.

Posted by: shel | 2007-10-23 7:32:37 PM

Muslims have no business in a free secular state. Their core values dictate that they cannot assimilate.

It has been said many times before, but I will state it again. Wherever there are Muslims anywhere in the world, there is lots of trouble and they are always the perpetrators of that trouble.

Stop letting them in now. This is not racist, since they are not a race. This is a matter security, peace and freedom.

Stop the immigration of Muslims into Canada now, before it's too late, if it isn't already.

We must shed political correctness and multiculturalism if we are to maintain a culture and society of our own. Western society is greatest the world has ever seen.

Any real tools of power the the rest of the world has, has been stolen from the west through espionage and generosity of the West. We must change our ways now. End of story.

While we strive to colonize Mars, the rest of the world wants to send us all to hell.

Evey small protest, letter, or refusal to comply with the Canadian values that Chretien and Trudeau have imposed on us is small step forward in preserving what is left of our freedom and our way of life. We have a right to our way of life and don't let anyone tell you different. The guilt pigs can tough it out. The rest of us must move on brave and free.

Posted by: John | 2007-10-23 7:52:50 PM


agreed. we've got to stop this suicidal national guilt trip on ourselves and stop looking over our shoulders for anyone who might call us bigotted.

we have objective reasons for protecting our valuable nation.

to call me a bigot for taking issue with, and calling for an end to Muslim and Jamaican immigration, while fully supporting immigration from India, Most reputable African countries, and any Far Eastern country, etc., is contemptible.

my fiance is a filipina, for pete's sake!

Posted by: shel | 2007-10-23 8:09:21 PM

[offensive comment deleted and IP address reported]

Posted by: Social liberals | 2007-10-23 9:30:39 PM

No Jamaicans, No Skatelites.

Lived among Jamaicans in Costa Rica. There were some rotten apples but most were very proud people, very generous and very human. Would exchange many others in here for cool-cool Jamaicans. Starting with U Shel.
...and we keep your filipina wife.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-23 9:46:35 PM

...ummm, this horse is dead.

No reference to the little girl but this topic is dead.

It was just a case of bad driving. No jihad, no burqua, just bad driving.

Period. Geeze, some in here are ready to burn crosses and get the pitchforks out.


How soon we forget the guy who plowed down 'friends' at a new years bar/restaurant at the beginning of the year.

Now there, one could argue something about cultural values.

Not here.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-10-23 9:51:42 PM

Not good enough Tomax. Every accident can be prevented.

"Bad driving" is not good enough for any parent that puts their child on a seatbeltless school bus twice a day.

I will not accept such excuses for inaction, prevention and punishment.


Posted by: epsilon | 2007-10-23 11:21:39 PM

Until now, I've believed that most of the regulars here were pretty hard-nosed but nevertheless sane. Obviously I was wrong. This is some of the worst bigoted drivel that I've ever encountered outside of a bar at 1:00 A.M.

The driver was (apparently) a Muslim, so she probably crashed deliberately to kill some nice Christian kids?! Holy shit, now I've seen everything! This is a perfect mirror image of the "Jews are bloodthirsty" crap that appears regularly on al the Jazeera blog.

Crawl back under your respective rocks folks, I have to take a shower right away.

Posted by: Zog | 2007-10-24 12:03:12 AM

Ezra meets shark and jumps it

Posted by: Nbob | 2007-10-24 1:36:36 AM

I want to know if the driver had a valid alberta drivers license to drive a school van. There was a report by someone she has only been in Canada a short while. If so, how did she get a license. Do immigrants automatically get a license. Didn't think women drove in muslim countries.
There was also another 2 deaths that week, semi drivers, a mohamed went thru a stop sign and red light, and T-Boned another driver,
Is that phony driving school still operating in Calgary, and were all those that got licenses from it every rounded up. If one has doubts about the ability of some muslim drivers, spend some time at truck stops and listen.
How many more have to die before political correctness is stopped and we are no longer afraid of being called bigots or racists.

Posted by: MaryT | 2007-10-24 2:03:00 AM

This is the first comment that I've made on the driver.

I doubt that we'll ever know the actual cause of the crash, apart from driver error of some kind.
It is rumored that the bus driver was making unsafe lane changes and tailgating, this by witnesses.
It has been suggested that she may have been using a cell phone.
That she wore some kind of headscarf that obstructs her vision is evident by photos of her at the scene and she is likely Muslim which is why her name has not been reported in the MSM which is the MSM's usual PC protocol.

That said, speculation on current events is what political blogs are about. That and grousing.

It is, indeed, remarkable that this woman could be a qualified school bus driver and shear the side off of a bus, loaded with children, on a dump truck with flashing lights parked well off of the shoulder in broad daylight.

Canada is not part of the Ummah.
Canada is Dar al Harb and the Koran says that Muslims may not live in Dar al Harb except for Jihad.
In this knowledge, some people here are, right or wrong, connecting the dots and seeing something that you are not seeing.

Just last year a Muslim from Pakistan drove his car through the wall of a Bank in Calgary's NW and killed a woman who was at a meeting with her colleagues.
Zero explanation for this event.
The guy was simply let go.
Did you know, Zog, that Islam is against Banks?
Weird coincidence, eh?

Nearly three years ago my wife and I started an allergy course. The course consisted of a weekly shot of serum and the serum was made of all the things we were allergic to.

Along with the vials of serum were instructions to start at a low dose and gradually increase the dosage from 1cc until 2.5 ccs were reached and then stay at that level for a weekly shot spanning 3-5 years depending on our progress.

At the nearby clinic we went to for convenience, we were assigned a doctor named Mohammed.
Mohammed took one look at the instructions and said, "I do it like this." giving us the full 2.5 ccs on our very first shot.

Well that SOB could have killed us right then, my shoulder swelled up like a volley ball, and do you know what? We quit him right away and the next Doc at the same clinic told us there wasn't any Epinephrine in the clinic to give us and save our life if we had a worse reaction.

Mohammed didn't stay very long at that clinic.
Just another coincidence I suppose.

I could tell you more stories about that clinic in Harvest Hills.
It was built just 3 years ago and my wife and I were among it's first patients.
It's closed now.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-24 2:11:33 AM

What chance do we have to survive as a peaceful,cohesive society? We have enemies within due to stupid immigration coupled with apologists for them from gullible dopes, locked in denial.
Wise people look out for themselves, the state can't be our constant guardian.

This tragic school bus accident should be followed up and details made public, it might serve as a lesson to those who hire people to drive the school buses or vans.

The headscarf the driver in this accident wore did appear to extend far enough to compromise her peripheral vision. We have a right to talk about it, it doesn't make us racists or bigots to care about the safety of our children. Same thing would apply if she were talking on a cell phone while driving.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-24 6:02:53 AM

Ezra's post rightly raised questions to which several commenters have embellished and responded with relevant insights about the Political Correct censorship by Communist Totalitarian elements who wish to defeat and destroy all free peoples.

Down here our vile pandering essentially pornographic "Main Stream Media" will continually report and "investigate" every tintillating or perverse action or statement by any and every odd or evil person in our nation, EXCEPT for reporting about the San Francisco Homosexual parade event attended by 400,000 on September 30, 2007, known as the Folsom Street Fair, about which ZERO Main Stream Media reported in spite of every illegal public display outrage occuring continuously as the main activity of that "event."

The norm in America is for EVERY tintillating aspect of every innane action by anyone or any animal or anything to be broadcast and repeated and repeated to the most sickening extreme.

But NOT a horrific event which shows with crystal clarity exactly what homosexual lifestyle perversion is ALL ABOUT. On this dangerous and criminal activity, the "great" corrupted co-opted cowardly "main stream media" is SILENT.

Ezra, your action, almost alone, incredibly, to publish the Mohammed Cartoons, rather than be cowed or shied or to say it bluntly, THREATENED into silence by the Politically Correct, or in that case merely sniveling frightened cowardly Leftists who eternally wish for the defeat and destruction of FREE Canada and FREE America, to that you stood up and shined the bright light of a free people with a free press which searches for Truth, which certainly does keep us free.

Thanks again!

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2007-10-24 8:43:46 AM

My wife tells me she saw a TV report last night about the incident.

Several children interviews (by media, by police?) corroborated the story that this driver was on a cell phone.

Put that together with reports that the same bus was tailgating along Deerfoot the previous day and what to you have?


Methinks there has been too much barking up the wrong tree on this issue.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-10-24 10:29:31 AM

set ~

Perhaps, but there's nothing wrong with asking the question before an answer is provided.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-24 10:32:59 AM

>"Methinks there has been too much barking up the wrong tree on this issue."
Posted by: set you free | 24-Oct-07 10:29:31 AM

You may be right, unless the accident is a synergy of factors: headscarf, not giving a rip about infidel children's welfare, talking on cellphone, never riding in... let alone driving a vehicle before setting foot in Canada, coming from an inbred gene pool with a measured average IQ of <80, etc...

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-24 10:45:22 AM

Asking questions about the specifics of the accident is the method by which an accurate answer was provided.

Jumping to conclusion based on a paranioc fear of events which had nothing to do with this incident, tying up unrelated incidents to confirm anxieties about a repeat of history did nothing to lead to a conclusion that a driver was distracted by irresponsible cellphone use.

Still, the United Nations did put those creative energies to good use when they created the tiny state of Israel in the midst of medieval murderers, a survival pit under legitimate and constant threat.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-10-24 10:49:39 AM

>"tying up unrelated incidents to confirm anxieties about a repeat of history did nothing to lead to a conclusion that a driver was distracted by irresponsible cellphone use."
Posted by: set you free | 24-Oct-07 10:49:39 AM

There is no conclusive evidence that the accident was solely the result of a single factor.
Most road accidents are the result of cumulative factors.

The idea that it was solely because of cellphone abuse is 'jumping to a conclusion' on your part, set you free.

The thread topic is mainly about the MSM refusing to identify the bus driver.
I believe the motive for this negligence on the part of the media is that the driver is Muslim.
Is there some conclusion that the MSM has jumped to that motivates this act of negligence on their part?

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-24 11:02:12 AM

"Jumping to conclusion based on a paranioc fear of events which had nothing to do with this incident, tying up unrelated incidents to confirm anxieties about a repeat of history did nothing to lead to a conclusion that..."

Gues Set-You-Free just demistified the Shotgun...
Good job. Now you really start to set some free.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 11:04:57 AM

We'll fund out for sure in time. It may have been her head scarf compromised her peripheral vision and she was also on a cell phone, no matter, she had an accident, someone died.
She could well be charged with dangerous driving causing death.

What would all those who are rushing to her defense and implying racism do if it was their child who got killed? Where would your sympathies lie?

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-24 11:07:04 AM

"all those who are rushing to her defense"

No one is comming to her defence LizJ, most of "all those" are just trying to prevent bad taste.
If she's guilty, she will be judged.
...for the rest...I'm sure even the parents would not like this to turn to a race & religion issue. there's nothing there and it make it worst for the victims and familly.
There's a difference between free speech and paranoia...

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 11:31:49 AM


If ONLY Muslim women with headscarves used cellphones while driving, there may have be reason to start this foolish line of thought.

Fact of the matter is, I see people blabbing on cellphones every day while I'm driving, but have NEVER witnessed carnage as a result of inattentiveness.

Now, here's a true story.

This morning, I was driving my daughter to the bus stop. I needed to make a left turn and as I was turning left, the light turned red.

Coming the other way was a white Camaro, who came through the intersection even though the light had turned red. He missed me by inches.

I had a clear look at the driver. It was a young kid with a baseball cap. Not that the baseball cap would impede his straight-ahead vision.

So, what's the conclusion? Did it have to do with the baseball cap? No.

He was in a hurry and ran the red light. Period.

Nobody was hurt, my car was not scratched.

Two years ago, I was sideswiped by a semi that cut into my lane on a major highway. The car had $7,000 damage and it was fixed.

Maybe it's because I'm not Jewish, but I can tell you with 100% certainty neither of these incidents had anything to do with jihad.

This truly is one of the more pitiful topics and conclusion-jumping that I have seen here.

We'll find out the name of the driver WHEN SHE'S CHARGED WITH SOMETHING, as if it matters anyway.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-10-24 11:45:19 AM

>"I'm sure even the parents would not like this to turn to a race & religion issue. there's nothing there and it make it worst for the victims and familly.
There's a difference between free speech and paranoia..."
Posted by: Marc | 24-Oct-07 11:31:49 AM

Do you really think this bus driver would have been so negligent if the passengers on her bus were specifically from her own community?

By the way, the Mountain View Academy, which is the private school the child victims were going to, is specifically a private Christian academy.

One more thing: Religion does NOT equal race.
The only people who are bringing up RACE on this issue are stooges of neo-commie collective group-think who equate religion with race.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-24 11:51:26 AM

"Two years ago, I was sideswiped by a semi that cut into my lane on a major highway. The car had $7,000 damage and it was fixed."

And what about you man ? Were you ok ?

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 12:04:22 PM

Speaking of paranaoia - don't you think that...
Ahhhh, forget about it.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 12:10:00 PM


Thanks for your concern.

I walked away without a scratch, but the car was a mess.

It runs fine now. The body shop did a great job.

Posted by: set you free | 2007-10-24 12:12:25 PM


I ran into a farm trailer by night with a Renaud 5 some years ago. The two headrests of the front seats were in the trunck with huge parts of the motor. I got out and hit the bell at the farmer's house - waking him up. The guy (built like a fridge) almost kicked my ass after seeing I've destroyed parts of the triller he've built with his brother, he said. That was before he saw my car and couldnt beleive I was standing next to him. Just like the cops, firemen and the cute girl from the ambulance.

I was born under a good good star.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 12:31:29 PM


msm stats say Jamaican gang violence is as high as 80% in Toronto.

Bajans, Trinidadians, and Nigerians are subject to the same socioeconomic conditions, yet have significantly lower crime rates, and next to zero gunplay. do i want to stop these folks from immigrating? no.

why is this, Marc? i'll tell you. the cultures of these people are more in line with our highly educated, service based economy.

have you thought about this, Marc? of course not. by your reaction, i assume you think as you're told.

my girlfriend is laughing at you. :) why have poutine when she can have Alberta grown steak?

Posted by: shel | 2007-10-24 6:28:53 PM

Alberta grown steak ?
You are so dumb in Alberta that you sell your own beef to the Americans who transformed it and sell it back to you, two times the price. You have no proud. Think about that tonigt while your best half will cook you an American steak.

Here, whe have great potatos, the best curly cheese on earth and our gravy is ten times better than the english one. Anyway, I'm a former chef myself and I live in the North-American Capital of restaurants.

"the cultures of these people are more in line with our highly educated, service based economy"

Educated rednecks...what's next.
Before them was the Hells and before that, it was others.
Get out of Alberta once in a while.
Like in 2007.
Say HI to your not-already-your-wife.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 6:58:34 PM


you're a former chef, and you're bragging about spuds grown in Que., curly cheese, and gravy?

read both our posts. tell me who's more educated. (heh heh)

Posted by: shel | 2007-10-24 7:18:59 PM

When I was in Calgary in August, I ate a place with a Frenchie chef. When I asked him how he was going to prepare my food, he lifted his nose in the air and said I'd find out when the dish reached my table.

I asked for the manager, telling him that I'd be eating elsewhere. If I wanted to see that kind of arrogance, I'd have stayed in Montreal.

Funny thing is, the manager rolled his eyes and said he completely understood what I was saying.

Maybe I'll go back there again just to see if that putz is still working there. If not, I'll dine there.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-24 7:24:10 PM


i see it once in a while. truth is, i have some french friends, and one of my best is french. the snotty ones seem kind of gay. heh heh.

i don't mind pretentiousness, if it can be backed up with something. brains or talent or something.

i was gonna ask, can i steal your term "leftoid"? iit's a good one. it reminds me of "maladroit". :)

Posted by: shel | 2007-10-24 7:42:51 PM

Was that a Frenchie or a Quebecer ?
Because Quebecers know how to make the best smoke meat.


I was about to say that you can upgrade the sauce (with wine for instance), mixing it with some cheese from Charlevois or anywhere our well known terroire and poor everthing on huge pont-neufs fried in peanut oil. At the end, you add some of our local foie gras de canard.

I could have but I didnt. Using words you have only heard on tv, I wouldnt have you to blushed in front of your wife.

At the end, the most simple poutine with the right cheese, sauce and fries is priceless.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 7:50:33 PM

"msm stats say"
and then...
"i don't mind pretentiousness, if it can be backed up with something. brains or talent or something."


Hey Shel, what's YOUR talent ?

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 8:05:24 PM


"the most simple poutine... is priceless".

you're right. how can i argue with this?

at the end of it, a good cognac or armagnac makes it sublime.

Posted by: shel | 2007-10-24 8:05:33 PM

I agree.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-24 8:10:18 PM

Based on my experience (12 years) as an individual who investigates/recreates incidents, the only true thing we (the public) know about this incident is that the driver steered into the truck as she was passing by it. Had she steered into the shoulder before she got to the truck, she would have hit the back-end of it with her front-end. There is no indication of that sort of damage in the pics of the bus. That assertion does nothing to aid in speculation but it does make sure that everyone is on the same page...

Now for some educated speculation:

Kids on a bus sometimes get rowdy and cause disturbances. The bus driver, more often than not, will look to determine the source of said disturbance. To do this they have two options:
a) use the rear-view mirror or
b) look over their right shoulder.

Using the mirror is preferred but it provides only a limited field of view. That leaves the second option. Looking over the shoulder. If this is the case, Ezra may actually be onto something:

Rule number 1 when taking Driver's Ed: You steer where you look. When an individual turns their head in a specific direction, the torso and, by extension, the arms, follow. The further the head turns, the further the body (and arms) turn and, as a further result, the vehicle being operated turns in the same direction.

It is entirely possible that the kids were getting rowdy, the driver turned to look at what was going on and had to turn further than normal to compensate for the lack of perf. vision, caused by said head scarf, which would have caused her to drift to the right and side-swipe the dump truck. Said drifting would be exaggerated if the woman was on a cell phone, as reports indicate, as she wouldn't have had both hands on the wheel.

There are always multiple factors (causes - direct and indirect) for every accident and Ezra is correct in raising the question.

Don't buy-into the theory? Test it! Hop on your closest freeway (wearing a hoodie or head scarf) and look at the seat directly behind you while driving at 80 - 100 Kph. Watch what happens.

I dare ya!

As for the jihad theory, I'm not feeling really warm and fuzzy about that. If the muzzies are going to eliminate themselves while taking out some infidels they generally try to gain some good odds. Running into a dump truck on the side of the road is far too random to be something planned. What are the odds that the truck would be there at that exact time of day? I think that if the driver was hell bent on jihad that she'd have run the bus off of either the bridge over the Bow or the causeway. Either would be preferable as there would have been an assurance of multiple infidel deaths.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2007-10-24 9:04:23 PM

It looks like it's time for people to start blaming the kids. This always happens. When a rottweiler rips a childs face off, it's only a matter of time until someone from the spca or the responsible pitbull owners society gets in the news to blame the child. Some of you baby haters just can't get over it.

School bus drivers are not only the worst drivers on the road, they are some of the worst excuses for human beings as well. This woman should have been pulled onto the street and beaten immediately. I don't care about her religion. It's like arguing if a german shepherd bite is worse than a mastiff bite. If you keep them in line they don't bite. A public flogging might convince the other drivers that this is a serious business.

Posted by: dph | 2007-10-24 10:13:44 PM

It looks like it's time for people to start blaming the kids.

Are you on crack???

Do you have kids? Have you taken kids in a ride in a vehicle? They cause mayhem in the back seat and unless the individual driving is freakin' superman, he/she is going to look into the back seat to see what the heck is going on. Period. It's human nature.

No one blamed the kids. I simply stated that if the kids were causing some kind of disturbance that it may have been a causative factor. Now, your tiny brain may not be able to comprehend the concept of "causative factors" and "chain of events" but I assure you that they do exist and that they are looked at in almost every incident (accident, event, release, crime and near-miss) the world over.

You may feel comfortable wishing that the event in question was some sort of jihad but, in my experience, I don't think that was the case. Sometimes bad things happen to stupid people while they're not paying attention to what the hell is going on.

Full stop.

In this case there is the very real possibility that the head scarf worn by the bus driver contributed to the incident and the question should be raised as such. Period.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2007-10-24 11:18:26 PM

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