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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Health Care for Millionaries

Unsurprisingly, the left has responded to the revelation that the “needy” family showcased by their recent radio address on health care actually owns assets approaching $1 Million with utter rage at the idea of anyone “attacking a twelve year-old.”

To which, the obvious responses are:

1) No one’s “attacking a twelve year-old.”
2) If you don’t want a twelve year-old to be even remotely within the line of fire, then don’t employ them as political human shields.

As a side note – it seems possible that this blog actually helped to move the story.  My personal blog entry is the first item to pop up (chronologically) on the Google blog search for “icwhatudo.”  And, speaking of our enterprising anonymous reporter, he’s back with some comments on a New York Times story on the issue.

In summary:

1) It’s impossible to dispute the central holding of the original story – namely, that the Frost family holds substantial assets whose value exceed, at the very least, half a million dollars – and which, looking at the numbers, probably approach $1 Million.
2) The Times and others are seeking to dishonestly spin this story by, among other things:
- Disguising the true value of the Frosts’ assets by presenting old “property assessments” as reflective of the real value of their property.
- Performing rhetorical slights of hand, such as noting that the claimed granite countertops in the Frost home are actually concrete – without noting that concrete and granite countertops are substantially the same price.

This whole exercise demonstrates the inherent absurdity of so many government programs.  Just like farm subsidies meant to help struggling family farmers end up going to the boutique ranches of celebrities, here we see how a program supposedly designed to help those who cannot afford health insurance instead is used to underwrite the lifestyle of a fairly well-off family who, for some reason, made the choice not to buy health insurance and are now asking the rest of America’s taxpayers to pay the price for their own personal irresponsibility.

Of course, in a sense, this should remind us just how fortunate Americans are – they’re only compelled to pay taxes for some free riders, instead of the whole bloody lot.

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This is from the Dan Rather School of Journalism. They don't let the facts get in the way of a story that might embarrass the Right - and further the cause of socialism.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-10 7:09:45 AM

"It’s impossible to dispute the central holding of the original story – namely, that the Frost family holds substantial assets whose value exceed, at the very least, half a million dollars – and which, looking at the numbers, probably approach $1 Million."

How right you are! Look at this picture I found of the Frosts -- those rich fat cats -- sunning on the veranda of their luxurious estate!


Posted by: Ken | 2007-10-10 8:06:59 AM

Why is everyone surprised at the left using a child to get its message out. The taliban and other terrorists have hidden behind children for years. What do you call putting guns etc in schools and other places. Add to that the fact that Al Queda has come out support Hillory as Pres as she has their values.
The media and the left gets very upset when their lies etc are exposed.

Posted by: MaryT | 2007-10-10 9:20:33 AM

Ken if you think that door step they are sitting on belongs to the 3000 square foot home that they own which contains this kitchen you are dreaming.


Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-10 9:23:06 AM

The cute part is how I was attacked... I said it on my blog and I'll say it here. I wasn't defending SCHIP, not at all, I was defending that families right to privacy. That's why I put malkin's real address, Phone number and Arial picture of her house on my blog. I removed it after a reporter for the Baltimore Sun asked me to kill it, because they were doing a story on Malkin.

If Malkin wants to try painting me as moonbat, fine. I'll just paint her as the right wing fascist that she is.

Posted by: PaleoPat | 2007-10-10 9:45:50 AM

" I was defending that families right to privacy."
Posted by: Hardliner | 10-Oct-07 9:45:50 AM

Where did the photos of this family that the media is showing come from?
You know, Hardliner, the photo of them in the kitchen of their 3040 square foot home and the photo of them sitting on the front stoop of their for-profit rental property?

This families right to privacy ended when they decided to be poster children in support of a Left wing political issue.
These people are now in the public realm by their own choosing.
They are public figures.

The assets of this family, including their business, business history, 3040 sq. ft. home, their rental property, and any other financial aspect of their lives are germane to the issue, which is who should pay for health care and who should receive public assistance.

As long as the Dems want universal health care like we have in Canada, this family will not get to retreat to privacy. This family will be trotted out again and again as an example of irresponsibility and how the Leftist agenda champions irresponsibility like theirs.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-10 12:41:17 PM

Limousine Liberals are entitled to the silver spoons in their mouths simply because they are so righteous, what is it that some taxpayers don't understand?

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-10-11 1:11:23 AM

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