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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gen. Hillier going to be replaced

General Rick Hillier, Canada's Chief of Defense Staff, will be replaced CTV News reports.

I personally can't believe what the mainstream media want me to believe, so I am going to wait until I hear the official side of this story.

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So? His term is up. No big deal, it happens all the time. General Peter Pace, USMC just retired after serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in Washington. Maybe they'll put in someone as good to replace Hillier.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2007-10-03 5:22:40 AM

Hillier is first and foremost a Military man, forget the dirty political spin from certain elements.
From a civilian point of view, he looks, talks and acts like a real, true Military man and has it's best interests at heart, as is his job. Add to that,he's well respected by the Forces he leads.
Most of us will agree, he's the best CDS we've seen in a long time.

Hillier was chosen by Liberal Paul Martin. It appears he isn't Liberal enough to suit some and we can include the MSM. It was the Media hacks who took down O'Connor who did a fantastic job for the Military. It would not surprise anyone to learn that two Generals may not agree on all actions, it's no big story. It's like the old saw, two cooks spoil the broth, doesn't mean they aren't good cooks.

Every day many of us are sickened by reading and listening to so many rat's asses in the various and sundry media outlets. They're more full of their own opinions than facts.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-03 6:00:39 AM

Private Scott Taylor was on CTV bullshitting about
General Hiller and his problem in dealing with General O'Connor -O'Connor was done in by Liberal political appointees in DND and Foreign Affairs Canada, whose main role in Ottawa is to undermine the Harper Government, we see it first hand on a regular daily basis. Hillier was appointed CDS by senior Generals and Administrators in DND and Treasury Board, not by Martin and his flunkies. Hiller's tour of Duty can be easily extended which
Uncle Steven Harper and his Bumpkins can do in a few days -Hillier is the best CDS since General MacNaughton -no question. Harper and the New Conservative Government is fortunate to have General Hillier, Ricky to his Mother, "Sir" to the
troops. Macleod Monckton NBwhere both Hillier and O'Connor served in the 8th NB Hussars a famed Canadian Army Regiment - Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-03 6:11:17 AM

O'Connor may have been done in by DND Librano appointees and their minions in the Media and Harper had to replace him because of the detraction and outright sickening display of disrespect for General O'Connor. He did a great job in his short time as Defence Minister. He was too good for the Liberals and their hacks to bear. We were getting our Forces back to standards not seen for decades, that's not the Liberal way.

Hillier still had to be approved by the Prime Minister. No doubt he surprised the hell out of Martin with his talk and actions.

The Great Martini was so busy feeding his own ego, attaining the job of PM after decades of conniving he had little time for such things as appointments. He didn't have time to look for a replacement for Adrienne Clarkson as GG. Left it to a failed female Quebec politician to find somebody.

Scott Taylor is my definition of a self-important puke, loved by the MSM.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-03 7:11:34 AM

Another CTV poll gone wrong!

Do you think Gen. Rick Hillier's term should be extended?

Yes 76%
No 24%

Posted by: atric | 2007-10-03 7:53:43 AM

As everybody knows, you do not argue with the CPC.
Here's another but sad exemple...

You people will invent anything outside the real thing only to get far from truth and facts.
...Nothing suprising there.

Posted by: Marc | 2007-10-03 7:59:45 AM

General Hillier's Term as CDS will be extended is the talk in the real East of Canada. Harper and his new Conservative Government need. Harper should move now to force Minister Mackay to give up is ACOA portfolio which is a clear conflict of interest
-Since ACOA is responsible for administration of Regional Benefits (sadly) generated by DND Major Crown Purchases. Both the Aerospace and Technology industries and the US Department of Commerce will
complain if MacKay remains. US Department of Commerce already consider Regional Benefits (Offsets)contrary to NAFTA which they are. Canada is compelled to offer equal access to IRB contracts to US Companies, which makes the intent of IRB's meaningless. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-03 9:40:30 AM

Jack, wouldn't you think Harper and McKay would have twigged on the ACOA file by now? Surly they know it's makeup and the conflict of interest.

Would it have something to do with optics? The Liberals would make one hell of a story if it were scrapped outright. Changing the Minister in charge would be a start. They may need someone with the guts to clean up, a good Janitor.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-03 10:40:22 AM

Minister of National Defence Hon Peter MacKay PC MP just announced a moment ago that General Hillier
CDS is not going to be replaced -end of story. Just more CTV bullshit from the likes of Scott Taylor
and some retired Canadian Army Colonel Drapeau or whatever who CTV and CBC trot out from time to time
to help them undermine the Canadian Forces. Good news from the Honorable Peter, good for him and best wishes to General Hillier whose tenure at Fort Hood Texas with the US Army has served Canada well. Macleod

Posted by: Jcak MacLeod | 2007-10-03 11:53:51 AM

I don't know how much PM Harper knows about ACOA, but Peter MacKay was brought up to understand political patronage an political control of public monies. ACOA was created by Mulroney and his X friend and classmate Lowell Murray, with the regulations and development plan provided by Dr. Donald Savoie Uof Moncton. First President Larry MacPhail wanted 50 to 60 veteran Federal development Bureaucrats to oversee the operation and hand out the money, but under Chretien ACOA through the efforts of PEI MP's turned the new Agency into a Liberal patronage dispenser, big surprise was Head Office located in Moncton NB, which started the wave for mostly Acadian employees, which continues to this day. ACOA now controls all bureaucratic input into "development"
they wilL continue to undermine Harper. We never talk to them much less negotiate with ACOA. MacKay is cashing in on the limitless ACOA budgets for
financing strictly political projects like a new Community Fire Hall, or Recreation Centre.In Moncton Liberal fund raisers decide who will work as public servants for ACOA. They also promise donors to the Liberal Party that they can arrange for a favorable decision on an ACOA application for assistance -which is true, they certainly can.
Professional Acadian Liberals here just laugh at Harper's New Conservative Government. ACOA had 400 employees, now, over 1,400. What in hell do they do
all day. Meanwhile the State of New York offers far better financial assistance programs with no political strings. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-03 12:49:48 PM

Never had much doubt about Hillier staying on, the Media were hoping for it, salivating actually. They don't like Hillier, they've been on his case for some time, even surmising he was going into politics.

Like Harper, O'Connor and Hillier do not suffer fools, they GET THE JOB DONE, that's a problem for the Liberal/Lefty MSM hacks and hounds.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-03 1:02:18 PM

Getting the job done for Lieberals means ensuring that the envelope filled with cash gets into the right hands - quickly.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 1:45:58 PM

PMSH just stated at his press conference that HILLIER IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. His position is not a term position. He is doing a good job. PMSH said he just gave him a great rating.

Posted by: MaryT | 2007-10-03 2:13:11 PM

Hillier has been a bad CDS. His "transformation" has left the CF more bloated with HQs than before and dysfunctional. He has given the PR branch a very unhealthy prominence and made spin the first priority of most operations. His attempts at building support for the Afghan Campaign with the public have been unsuccessful. The key operation in Afghanistan, building their security forces has done little. His plan to get rid of tanks went south when it hit combat and the G-Wagons he lauded turned out to be worthless (as Mercedes warned him before the purchase). The "massive expansion" of the CF has netted about 470 soldiers and sailors most of whom aren't trained yet. He undermined his minister, signed a worthless agreement on prisoners with the Afghans and make public statements about the Taliban that will make political negotiations more difficult. He should go as soon as possible.

Posted by: Fred T. Ward | 2007-10-03 8:39:17 PM

Fred T. Ward is writing about the Headquaters of the Confederate Army and the Army of Northern Virginia during the early days of the Civil War -or as it's called in North Carolina "the War Between The States"
he ain't talking about the Dominion of Canada 2007 -
the only area bloated in Canada is the House of da Commons, soon to be several Members short. Fred is writing on behalf of Scott Taylors Mentor Hon (more or less) John (call me Jack, Layton) - MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-04 5:42:27 AM

Fred T Ward: You are welcome to your opinion but it certainly is not based on fact.

In the politics of the Left reason and reality are foreign entities. Their world would only have Peacekeepers. Never mind the fact if you have to keep peace it really doesn't exist. We can never live in peace as long as we are threatened with terrorism.

Hillier is not a politician, he has to DEAL with politicians to get what's needed for the Forces he commands,that was tough sledding under the Liberals. He's the best CDS most of us can remember as well as an excellent communicator, he tells it like it is and for that he is hated by the Left and their minions in the MSM. It hurts their sensibilities to have the CDS call terrorists "scumbags", which is what they are and more.

What seems to be ignored by arm chair generals is this mission has challenges beyond trained for combat. How do you deal with terrorists who set road bombs instead of hand to hand combat?

The Liberals signed onto the Mission without debate in the HOC. Sent the men off without even proper uniforms and equipment. Even Mulroney knew the Forces needed helicopters, Chretien canceled his order. It's a pretty sure bet there would be many lives saved if they had had those 'copters, this is one mission that sorely needs them.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-04 6:34:24 AM

Liz J & Jack McLeod. Hillier commissioned a report on why his transformation plans had gone south. The report said the CF had largely failed to buy into Hillier's vision and his creation of Expeditionary Forces Command had left the CF with less capability than it had when the DCDS had run foreign ops.

The cancellation of the anti-submarine helicopter contract has nothing to do with Hillier.

The topic is the effectiveness of Hillier versus the illusion the DND PR people and MSM have created, not the failures of the Liberals and certainly this has nothing to do with Layton.

WRT peacekeeping, it was Hillier who insisted on moving to a lighter all wheeled force that the armies own studies showed wasn't fit for combat. It was only when faced with the reality of heavy fighting in Panjwii did the CF send tanks and for all we know it could have been O'Connor and not Hillier who insisted they be sent.

The reason the CDS shouldn't call the Taliban scumbags is that it will domestically tie the hands of our diplomats when negotiations start as they must. The Afghan government has signaled they want talks to start. Most wars end with some sort of talks, it would be nice if the CDS realized this.

Posted by: Fred T. Ward | 2007-10-04 8:12:24 AM

The real point of this discussion should focus on the speed with which Bell Media CTV and the Globe and Mail gave Scott Taylor national media coverage by permitting him to dispense gossip from politically motivated bureaucrtas in DND and CF.
It is no surprise here in NB that PM Harper and most of hid new Conservative Government stood firmly behind General Hillier. Canadian Soldiers of which there are very many in New Brunswick are firmly impressed with Hillier especially those who survived the debacle of the Chretien PMO years.General Hillier does not need to "play" politics he simply knows how the Military and Government operate and has introduced significant changes which have been adopted by the PMO, MNDand Treasury Board. Canadian Army today is a lean clean fighting machine, feared by it's enemies and admired by it's allies. Many US allies operate frequently out of CFB Gagetown NB - Macleod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-10-04 8:18:29 AM

Scott Taylor has become a much better journalist in recent years. I don't see what his previous rank has to do with the veracity of his reporting. He is one of the very few who know anything at all about the military and thus sees through the smoke and mirrors DND befuddles the embedded reporters with. He also causes concern in DND by not embedding, a system designed to limit dissenting versions of the events. If some of reports take the shine off the CFs senior leaders that's great. The recent cult of personality that's grown up around Hillier is sickening and should be ended asap.

Posted by: Fred T Ward | 2007-10-04 10:57:50 AM

Scott Taylor is not a Journalist nor ever will be, he is an ego driven opportunist -at the moment using his publication to generate financial support for the NDP and his friend John "Jack" Layton. Layton and his Socialist Horde are certainly no friends
or supporters of the Canadian Forces. Taylor like Puffy Duffy also a pretend "JournalisT thrive on
gossip. General Hillier served under BGeneral O'Connor and has years of operational experience with heavy armoured vehicles known as Tanks. His former Regiment's HQ is about two blocks from here
and features as a Gate Guardian A CF Centurion Tank -we know a little bit about the real Army in New Brunswick. DND have been screwing with Canadian Media for years and get away with it because so many of them are freaks from the so called left of Canada, with very limited knowledge of anything except how to find the Subways in Toronto. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-04 11:15:43 AM

Let's talk about tanks. Hillier was in the armoured corps yet despite many studies that showed tanks were essential for serious combat pushed to replace them with the Mobile Gun Ststem (since cancelled). Why would a tanker support the Canadian Army not having tanks? How about his political masters didn't want to be able to go to combat(remember the Tories turned down an offer of free M-1s during the Gulf War) and he went with the flow. Hillier is a master of politics and bureacracy and tailors his message to fit the current mood in Ottawa. His "Newfoundland Grade 10" schtick is getting old so now he's potrayed as a tough war general for which there is no evidence for and lots against.

Posted by: Fred T Ward | 2007-10-04 1:44:00 PM

How do you deal with terrorists who set road side bombs?

There are a number of tracked flails that can handle that problem. If heavy duty helicopters can sweep mines deployed in oceans, why can't a similar method be used against roadside bombs?

Someone may have a better answer- go for it.

Posted by: DML | 2007-10-04 11:19:58 PM

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