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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Coming soon to a country near you

"12 U.S. citizens [are murdered by] illegal aliens each day.

"...13 Americans ... [are] killed each day by uninsured drunk driving illegals."

Not to mention the odd Canadian, and his son.

Posted by Kathy Shaidle on October 3, 2007 in Crime | Permalink


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"12 U.S. citizens [are murdered by] illegal aliens each day.

Maybe they think that if they kill a US Citizen they then become a citizen themselves ...

Posted by: John | 2007-10-03 9:06:13 AM

Murders yes - but what about the thousands of rapes of women and children these illegals commit every day? And what about the break-ins they commit every day?

When they begin their lives in America by breaking the law - entering the US illegally - they have demonstrated their contempt for all laws.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 9:13:43 AM

I would like to see these statistics supported by Department of Justice information. At present, they are not so I will not comment.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-03 9:30:12 AM

Epsi ~

A cursory look at US newspaper stories that appear daily from around that country support these facts. Whether it's precisely 13 murders a day and 12 additional deaths due to drunk drivers or not - there are far too many of these incidents reported each & every day.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 9:36:25 AM

And by making "law enforcement" an optional nearly meaningless freelance activity, you get the variously reported incidents of local policemen and highway patrolmen extorting sexual "payment" from illegal alien women who are stopped by these now CORRUPT (police) thugs, who used to be one of the very strong threads of integrity running throughout the American cultural fabric.

The crime of Treason upon President George W. Bush's head is tremendous and far reaching.

I will see him hung for Treason.

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2007-10-03 9:38:12 AM

And I thought Sven Robinson should be hung too!

(tomax7 - are you listening?)

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 9:40:52 AM

Want to see what political correctness will get you? Read this and be prepared to vomit:

"Firemen demoted and fined for shining torch on gay sex foursome in the bushes"

Four firefighters were reprimanded and heavily fined after disturbing an illegal outdoor gay sex romp - because the men accused them of being homophobic.

The crew were travelling past a notorious common popular with gay men and "doggers" when they shone their torches from the engine into bushes.

It is claimed they interrupted four men involved in a gay sex act.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service say they take allegations of homophobia 'very seriously'

One man later contacted AIDS charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, who advised him to launch a formal complaint.

The firefighters were suspended on full pay during a three month investigation. Two were fined up to £1,000, one was demoted in rank and the other given a written warning.

They have all been ordered to attend an equality course and the fines will be donated to a nominated gay-rights charity.

HAD THEY BEEN HETEROSEXUALS, charges would have been laid, but queers demand special treatment - and punishment for those who "dared" to interrupt their illegal escapades!

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 10:06:00 AM

Regarding illegal aliens, have a look at this blog http://cafehayek.typepad.com/hayek/2006/09/illegal_immigra.html

Govenment does not bestow rights upon us, no matter where we are from. Unless of course you live in Canada.

Posted by: TM | 2007-10-03 10:57:32 AM

Rights are bestowed on us by our Creator - not the government.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 11:00:22 AM

I don't know if these 2 are illegal - though their surnames make me wonder - but the actions are the same and the punishments meted out are as criminal as their actions:

"Pair dodges jail terms in fatal high-speed crash"

Two men convicted of a high-speed crash that killed a Richmond Hill, Ont. couple will not serve any time in jail. The pair will instead be under house arrest.

The judge handed down conditional sentences to 20-year-old Ruben Rodrigues, of Maple, and 19-year-old Marco Gasparro, of Richmond Hill, in a Newmarket courtroom on Wednesday morning.

Rodrigues, who pleaded guilty in May to two counts of dangerous driving causing death, received a house arrest term of two years and a five-year driving ban.

Gasparro, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, received an 18-month driving ban and a $2,000 fine.

AND WHO IS GOING to monitor their house arrests for the 2 years? A police cruiser in their neighbourhoods? HA!!!

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 11:10:48 AM


Want facts not assumptions nor anecdotes. Remember when Clinton made some ridiculous comment about so many kids being killed by handguns everyday? Turns out his numbers were completely baseless and he mislead the electorate.

Facts, Facts Facts. When there are facts I will make an opinion and one, no doubt, that we will share. Like I trust any politicians to be accurate with their numbers.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-03 12:05:37 PM

Epsi ~

If you think that the government that allows (and welcomes) these illegal felons to enter and remain is going to supply the figures that demonstrate the havoc that they are wreaking among the good citizens of the US, you will be waiting a long time.

Evidence must be gleaned from other reliable sources - even if it's not as precise as it should be.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 12:14:55 PM

Stats coming right up:


Posted by: Kathy Shaidle | 2007-10-03 12:36:44 PM

Good work! Can I get some fries with that? :)

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 1:43:29 PM

Appreciate the effort Kath and there is some information there on crime stats.

But the key figure being used to create fear in the population is 12 to 13 m urders per day committed against US citizens (not other illegal aliens) by illegal aliens. This number is being quoted by a US congressman with no references.

Something that is this abhorent must be backed up with solid references.

Otherwise, I dismiss it as political grandstanding.

If the number is legit, then I will stand 4 square with you in addressing this outrageous situation.

At the moment I cannot comment on this and challenge all of us to be rigourous in our analysis and conclusions. I have checked US Dept of Justice stats but have not found the numbers. Perhaps I need to write to this congressman and ask for his sources.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-03 3:35:06 PM

Treating illegal immigrants with kid gloves will result the same way as treating children as adults:

"Supernanny kids torch home"

News.com.au, by Staff

A family who enlisted the services of TV's Supernanny to help them control their unruly children has been left homeless after their three-year-old apparently set fire to the living room. Childcare guru Jo Frost spent two weeks with the Young family in 2005, teaching them how to reward good behaviour and to sit their children down on '' naughty stools '' when they misbehaved.

I GUESS next time they'll opt for the extra-long time out.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 3:47:58 PM

"But the key figure being used to create fear in the population is 12 to 13 m urders per day committed against US citizens (not other illegal aliens) by illegal aliens."

The logic employed above is that it somehow mitigates their illegality if its other illegals being killed, not Americans. The point is moot. It matters not whether they kill none or thirteen per diem. They break the law to enter the US and should either be incarcerated or returned to their country of origin. It's pretty simple.

Posted by: DJ | 2007-10-03 4:10:04 PM

I'm taking bets that the driver in this story is an illegal alien - brand new news item, btw - and the "scavengers" mentioned are ALSO illegals:

"Crowd swipes dying man's groceries"

"Passerbys Steal Groceries From Dying Man"

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 3 (UPI) -- The sight of an old man being hit by a truck in Arizona touched off a feeding frenzy among witnesses who allegedly stole the dying victim's groceries.

Not only were the man's groceries taken, but the only person who tried to help him also had his own bags taken.

Mesa police told KPHO-TV in nearby Phoenix that the scavengers could face theft charges if they are eventually tracked down.

The elderly victim was waiting for a bus Tuesday night when a pickup truck swerved off the road and plowed into the stop. The man was sent flying as were his bags of groceries.

As the truck sped off with a white plastic bag flapping on its grill, witnesses began grabbing whatever scattered food they could get their hands on. Boro Mitrovich, who was himself nearly struck, said he ran to help the man and had his bag disappear as well.

"One minute it was on the ground, the next minute it was gone," Mitrovich told KPHO.

ARIZONA is ground zero for illegal border crossings.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-03 4:11:07 PM

...what what what?!?

Does this mean i have to return my diamond ring?

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-10-03 11:33:08 PM

obc, I just refuse to believe this story. It is anecdotal and fear mongering meant to create an emotional response.

I want names and afadavits and police verification. I hope there is a video of this event.

I cannot beleive human beings, illegal or not would do this.

Still not buying it.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-04 9:54:21 AM

epsi ~

"I cannot beleive human beings, illegal or not would do this."

But 9/11, Burma, the Holocaust, Soviet gulags, Khmer Rouge atrocities, Chinese selling of human organs - all that & more you CAN believe humans can do that? This is nothing compared to all that.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-04 9:57:58 AM

I know, but this is Phoenix AZ.

It is stark contrast to my visit there. People were friendly and helpful and I felt very secure.

I find this so hard to beleive and still think that this is something that was exagerrated, got on the net and then was mindlessly copied by the unthinking, unoriginal and idiotic MSM.

A quick Google on the name of the man who helped the dying man reveals noting but the exact same story repeated endlessly. No comment from the mayor, a police chief or anything else.

The story smells.


Posted by: Epsilone | 2007-10-04 10:20:41 AM

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