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Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Afghanistan Commission? Bah.

Frankly, I’m deeply disappointed by the reports that the Prime Minister will be appointing a commission to examine Canada’s options in Afghanistan.  In particular, I have a strong aversion to the idea of warfighting by consensus – that’s just asking to lose.  Seriously, while I’m sure Pamela Wallin is a (insert generic complement here), does anyone seriously think that she has anything of value to contribute in the field of military strategy?

Of course, perhaps I’m being overly harsh.  We can’t forget how General Grant’s military plan was devised by a committee led by Horace Greeley and Charles F. Adams – or how the plans for Operation Overlord were originally drawn up by Walter Winchell.

I’m deeply mystified by the idea that the government ought to consider the Afghan mission a political liability.  Last I checked, the Tories were (at their highest) at 35% in the polls and the Afghan campaign stood at around 50%.  Even if the campaign’s popularity were to descend to the level of the Iraq War in the United States – that is to say, with support somewhere in the high 30’s or low 40’s – amid our present political topography an election fought amid such numbers would probably still yield a Conservative majority or, at the very least, a stronger minority.

Not, please God, that I am suggesting that we ought to fight wars according to the dictates of Ipsos-Reid.  It is a continuing source of amazement to me that we consider the views of a homemaker and part-time hairdresser from Peoria, Illinois on Iraq or the angry and ill-informed opinions of some electrician’s apprentice from Langley, British Columbia on Afghanistan to be in the least bit worthy of consideration.

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John Manley for God's sake! -most boring Liberal in the history of the once mighty red machine. When Manley opened his mouth in Chretien's caucus, even
the flunkies eyes glazed over. Surely PM Harper and his Country Bumpkins could have found somebody better than Manley! for another thing, as a dedicated Liberal hack, he will prove to follow the Party line whatever it happens to be, which ain't focused on supporting the New Conservative Government which I think, despite the MSM most Canadians are proud of and support. Debate on our Afghan Mission should be confined strictly to the
House of Commons, if there must be a debate ! Neither Chretien nor Trudeau would debate such as issue. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-12 9:42:07 AM

Commission can be translated into the following: refusal of responsible decision-making, waste (stalling) of time and a huge waste of more tax dollars. In order to really succeed in the above make sure you appoint the wrong people.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-10-12 11:05:01 AM

I agree with your thesis Alain, but the principal issue in the next Federal Election will be and is "Afghanistan" Harper's Government will survive or fall on the issue, which has been artificially created by Liberal and NDP Spinners with the full support and compliance of the unethical Canadian
Media. The attacks on General Hiller are just the latest episodes. Taliban Jack is ranting on the Socialist Horde Bell Media CTV ministry of propaganda as I write this. With a clear and concise plan based on General Hillier's Order of Battle and Tactical deployment criteria, Canada and NATO will succeed in alleviating the Taliban threat to Afghanistan, but it will take total dedication and time. MacLeod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-10-12 11:23:32 AM

The first thing that occurred to me is that this is more about Manley than Afghanistan.

Co-opt Manley to the Conservative party and eliminate a potent contendor to the Liberal Throne post-Dion.


Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-12 11:40:19 AM

Speaking of Hillier, the best CDS we've had in years, the Sh*t Rag known as Macleans has a Mailbag section and this is the one letter they decided to highlight complete with a frowning photo of Hillier.

Someone wrote a letter defiling Hillier, saying "Gen. Hillier has misinformed the Canadian government, betrayed his troops and overstepped his bounds. He should be relieved of duty."
Not much doubt about where that publication has it's head, firmly up it's a*se.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-12 11:43:42 AM

.... as Lew Mackenzie said on a local talk show this a.m. (Mon) - a brilliant piece of domestic politics.

Good for the country - who knows. At least it gets the Afgnstn issue off the front burner and what can the Liberal media/whatever is left of the liberal party really critique about it?

If it does this much, then at least it will likely benefit the troop morale. They need all the moral support we can give them and then some.

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2007-10-12 11:49:19 AM

my bad - above should read Friday, not Monday

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2007-10-12 11:54:15 AM

Epsilon, agreed, good observation.

This is far beyond a stalling tactic, this is a clever move on Harper's part.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-12 12:06:02 PM

Ignatieff will replace semi comatose Dion, Once mighty Red Machine will be looking for a winner. I first met Manley when he President of the Ottawa Board of Trade, nice guy but possessed the same personality as a cod fish. He was a disaster as
a Minister of the Crown, he simply is dull, jeez even politicians can be dull. Readers will observe in my opinion a lot of spin focused on Ignatieff whom the
Media will focus on as 2007 unravels. Ignatieff is the only plausible contender who could defeat Harper, but Harper is light years ahead of him at the political level. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-12 12:07:14 PM

"Co-opt Manley to the Conservative party and eliminate a potent contendor to the Liberal Throne post-Dion."
Posted by: Epsilon | 12-Oct-07 11:40:19 AM

What a stupid idea.
Just what the Conservative Party of Canada needs, another dyed-in-the-wool Ontario Liberal sitting as a Conservative in Parliment.

The Reform Party was created by Albertans to address this type of political stupidity.

I've said it before, there are no Conservatives in Ontario.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-12 12:19:49 PM

I would appreciate it if you could confine our disagreement to the one thread Speller.



Posted by: Epsilon | 2007-10-12 12:22:12 PM

Yeah, lets get more Left-wing ideological corruption in the Conservative Party.

What? You don't think you want me to 'bring it'?

This is about your myopic views on Conservatism, Epsilon.
The Conservative Party is for Conservatives, not for Liberals.

Manley was Deputy Prime Minister under Chretien in 2002.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-12 12:30:24 PM

"Ignatieff will replace semi comatose Dion"

Great. Replace one boring academic with another - neither of whom have any experience in the private sector, but want to dictate to it how it should perform.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-12 12:44:34 PM

The Afghan "consutation committee" is Harper stepping away from controversy and downloading fallout to the so called democratic process...watch the pink-assed bugger do the same thing to senate reform and abolition of the duck gun registry.

Pretty chickenshit move Stevo

Posted by: bill | 2007-10-12 12:53:20 PM

I stand by my original comments on this subject. Perhaps I am a small minority in preferring a party/politicians who stand on principle as opposed to sniffing the wind of popularity polls.

Should the polls (keep in mind the general lack of credibility of polls) be a concern, then let the party/politicians hammer the facts home to the public.

Then again perhaps I am dreaming in colour for expecting political parties and politicians to stand on principle these days.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-10-12 1:27:58 PM

Speller, this committee will not be part of the Conservative Party. The Conservative government is the government of all the people not just Conservatives.

Agree obc, replacing one dopey Professor with another is not going to change much.
Professor, aka Puffin Iggy, spent some thirty years working in the US, so far hasn't been too enlightening. Dion has spent most of his life living in French and is still not able to clearly communicate with the majority of Canadians, even if he were, what's the message? We still don't know what that train wreck of a party stands for.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-12 1:38:16 PM

Yes, LizJ, I know committees run across party lines. It makes Stephen Harper look like a Statesman to be even handed and appoint from all parties.

Being on committee keeps John Manely from running for the Liberal leadership how?

The only way Manley could be 'co-opted' from running for Liberal Leader is to be invited into the Conservative tent.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-12 1:43:48 PM

Keep holding them to your expectations, Alain.
The make their decisions by polls and you are polling right.

If they're going to call themselves Conservative, demand that the reflect Conservatism in their actions.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-12 1:48:21 PM

Manley as Deputy PM under Chretien had about as much authority and political input as Dingwalls' Dog.Harper as PM is chosen to lead, there is no political advantage in recruiting another Socialist Horde debating society. Where does MND MacKay fit in this ill conceived "plan"? What will General Hillier think? Hillier comes from a highly disciplined society whose primary function is to obey orders, or the dictates of the Government of Canada in relation to Canada's NATO comittment to Afghanistan. What Harper is looking for is the Parliament of Canada in his "Minority" position to provide full and unfettered authority to wage war -this sort of stuff would have been unheard of in World War Two and the War in Korea. During the Korean War, the Saint Laurent Government was so concerned with the political implications of the Korean War, the Military introduced Forums so all members of the RCAF, RCN and Canadian Army could discuss the progress of the War, and the reasons Canada was fighting and dying as well as getting maimed and garnering a great reputation as fighters among the enemy and their allies.And from what we've seen Canada's Afghan Army is the best since Korea and Hill 254, and Little Gebralter
where RCR,Pats and Royal 22nd kicked a lot of Chinese ass. CBC's Rene Levesque's reports from the front lines in Korea were classics of style. The tapes are available in the CBC archives. In summary, Canadians expect leadership from PM Harper, which he is more than capable of providing
indeed his political future depends on it. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-12 1:48:27 PM

Alain: Polls meddle with election results in many ways. They should not be allowed for at least two weeks prior to elections.
In the Ontario election they had the Liberals with a majority right up to election day, they were right on target. The Ontario populace let them have that majority with a disgusting 52% turnout at the polls.
We now have a confirmed promise breaker, or liar, as you wish back for four more years.

If we had no polling perhaps more people would show up to vote. It's a damning indictment on the people of Ontario, they should hang their heads in shame given all the options.
We get the government we deserve rings true.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-12 1:50:49 PM

>"Manley as Deputy PM under Chretien had about as much authority and political input as Dingwalls' Dog."

I agree, Jack.
But one thing Leftists are good at is awarding ideological purity and personal loyalty, and the Chretien/Martin Liberal civil war was in swing at the time.

Later in the Spring of 2002, Chretien appointed Manley to be Minister of Finance which was Paul Martin's former Cabinet position.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-12 1:57:22 PM

I remember the appointment Speller, but Chretien and Goldenberg would have had a carefully thought out ulterior motive to essentially find out how Martin operated in Finance and how much input came from Martin's crowd of political Earnscliff henchmen
-but here in Moncton where Chretien is very popular and equally well known, the word is Martin will never be forgiven for sinking the Liberal boat
-it was hardly a"ship" Martin underestimated Chretien, who remains the real persona of the one Mighty Red Machine -this latest bout with reality on a hospital bed may finish off his political activities. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-12 2:42:44 PM

Liz, yes I agree that polls should not be allowed, especially since they have too often been used as a political tool to influence voters. As I see it there are two choices. Political polls could simply be banned, which is not likely. Or we could start demanding that politicians ignore popularity polls and stick to their principles outlined in their platform.

Do we want leaders or do we want wishy-washy empty-headed people vying for the best image make-over?

I recall watching an American television when Clinton was running for election/re-election and they were interviewing Americans. When the interviewer asked what the people thought of various Clinton policies (they were not identified as such but clearly they were), just about all disagreed with the described policies. Then when asked for whom they would vote, the answer was Clinton. Go figure, but it does seem to describe so many voters. It seemed they like his slicked-up image so much that they could turn a blind eye to the substance, or lack of.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-10-12 2:51:12 PM


"Conservatives close in on majority"

Conservatives - 40%

Lieberals - 28%

Dippers - 16%

Greenoids - 7%

Mike Duffy described a new Ipsos Reid research poll as 'Sending a shockwave through Parliament Hill."

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-12 4:30:58 PM

Here is the source of that breaking news bulletin:


Posted by: obc | 2007-10-12 4:35:10 PM

There ya go, a poll coming out at an opportune time when there will soon be a confidence vote on the Budget. Now that is a perfect example of meddling pollsters. It's always down to timing, they're playing their usual games.

What caused the sudden big jump for the Conservatives? Haven't heard anything startling enough to do it and I do pay close attention to the politics of the nation.

The Buffoon of Newfie will have his work cut out for himself in his crusade against Harper if this trend is for real!

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-12 6:24:45 PM

A very exciting and possible strategy by PM Stepehn Harper Karol, The once aggressive and nasty Red Machine is in real trouble and sensing defeat in a National Election -their big problem is their almost total lack of financial support. They started the stupid habit of paying election support volunteers
some years ago which has come back to haunt them.
Liberal Party in Nova Scotia cannot get workers unless they pay them, at one time working for the Irish Catholic dominated Liberal Party was considered the same as attending a "Retreat" to gain
points for easy entry into Heaven or Purgatory. Today the Party has no sense of right or wrong and is dominated by perverts -not what the founders of the Party had in mind when they chose Hon Joseph Howe as their first leader who set the stage for almost ten decades of political power. Even the Acadien "Liberals" here in this tiny perfect boring City are focused on Dion's departure. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-13 11:15:02 AM

You have to look at what the PM has said. He wants a study on the four options--only one of which is a complete and utter withdrawal of Canadian Forces from Afghanistan.

Although I find Manley to be just about the most dispicable of Libbies out there, amongst many, I caution people to look at the four options, and consider what they mean in relation to the bigger picture, the Global war on terror, and the fight to keep freedom, liberty and the Western way.

Canada has a duty to make contributions to Global Peace.

In relation to dealing with the Taliban, there is no way in heaven or on earth, that someone like Dion, has the substance and integrity to defeat those who would take direct aim and cut off his head, film it, and distribute on Muslim networks, eventually ending up in Western media. These are people whose origins are pure evil. So, when these fabulous five get out there, they will be exposed to not only those peace-libbies, who would be next in line after the Taliban took care of Dion, but they will also have an opportunity to dig deep into the subject and learn more about the attrocities, and come out with the straight goods, that Canada must play a strong role in securing peace in Afghanistan. Anything less than that is a dog running away, with its tail between its legs.

And lastly, PMSH is an amazing man. We are ever so fortunate to have him as our leader today. His sensibilities are excellent, and I trust he will take us through the next election, with the same grace he sailed through the last election. It is about time we had a gentleman at the helm, and I for one, hope he stays there for as long as possible.

May the almighty protect him, keep him and his caucus safe, secure, and on the right track. May the almighty help him to concentrate on what is necessary, and not to waiver from the right path--not to be distracted by the confusion that is out there. May he and all his loved ones be blessed, and continue to be blessed, for years to come--amen.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-10-13 12:17:13 PM

Clever move by Harper. Manley has an entirely different take on Afghnistan than many members the Liberal Party today, Dionski included.

Harper has taken away one of their favorite battering rams by appointing this group with Manley at the head.
The best possible way to deal with this situation and no one saw it coming!

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-13 2:17:02 PM

Ottawa Citizen reviews Chretien's new Book -which attacks Martin, no surprise to me. Martin will be on Valium for a least a decade when Chretien really starts to punch and kick him. Martin and his Earnscliff flunkies forgot how smart and ruthless
Chretien can be when he's pissed off. This episode in Martin's life will finish him off in the Liberal Party and in the opinions of most Canadians -After the Mighty Red Machine disposes of Citoyen Dion, they will be looking to punish Martin who created the circumstances which resulted in Stephen Harper and his New Conservatives being elected Government of Canada
-the good guys are winning. Maybe Harper should invite Chretien to lunch after the old rascal recovers - Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-13 4:22:59 PM

I still cannot understand how the people of Canada could have voted to elect a Prime Minister who flagged his companies ships in foreign lands for the sole purpose of avoiding Canadian taxation.

It just boggles the mind!

How the Lieberals could have chosen such a man is very comprehensible since they have no moral financial compass whatsoever as was proved with Adscam, among other scandals.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-13 4:42:29 PM

Jack, don't share your admiration for Chretien, he was the enabler of Adscam. He got away with HRDC boondoggles and Shawinigate as well. If that's the kind of sleazy politicians we admire our country is in deep trouble.

Martin exposed the corruption in Quebec with the Gomery inquiry in an attempt to discredit Chretien but it backfired and took down the whole damned ship and himself as Captain. Rightly so. Martin did it for his own personal reasons, not because he cared a bloody damn beyond his own ambitions.

The good guys are winning Jack, everywhere but in Atlantic Canada. They seem to be just soooo Liberal, as in what's in it for me? Nothing else matters. Just ask Blusterbutt Williams who's promised to campaign against Harper. What an asshole.

Posted by: Liz J | 2007-10-13 4:55:02 PM

OOOH! This will guarantee a Harper majority:

"Chretien memoir likely to rip open old Liberal wounds"

OTTAWA -- Former prime minister Paul Martin is responsible for Canadian troops ending up in the "killing fields" around Kandahar because he took too long to make a decision, former prime minister Jean Chretien charges in a new book.

In a memoir likely to rip open old Liberal wounds and exacerbate divisions within the party only days before a possible plunge into a federal election, the former Liberal leader attacks Martin on several fronts, from his scheming to force Chretien out of office to Martin's handling of Canada's Kyoto environmental protocol commitments. He also argues that Martin has only himself to blame for the grief he suffered as a result of the sponsorship scandal.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-13 6:28:46 PM

Chretien better be cautious with his accusations, he's not squeaky clean, just slick and slippery, he could still get caught. No one who served in politics as long as the Shawinigan Mauler is without enemies.

Chretien and Martin took down their party, they deserve equal billing.
We should all be forever grateful to them both for what's left of the once big red machine, blood on the floor and still flowing.

We can still hear the echos of their smart ass answers in QP and sneering laughter.
The party's over.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-13 7:15:09 PM

The once mighty Red Machine must be appalled that the not so secret war between Chretien and Martin is now in the public forum. Martin is no match for Chretien who is considered the natural heir to Icon
Trudeau, and Martin the son of a man who was equally detested in the Liberal Party as his son is today. The only person who will gain from this is PM Stephen Harper as the Chretien and Martin flunkies
proceed to press on with nasty revelations about Adscam, the election of that little fart Dion as "leader" which has continued to annoy the older traditional Liberals.I don't doubt that NS Liberals will approach former PC MP Casey to join the Dion team, but Casey announced Premier Williams will campaign with him. Which will backfire because Casey represents a traditional Conservative (PC) Riding which is the only reason the used car salesman was elected. Harper's candidate will win the riding. Liberal head office
flunkies have underestimated Harper but they will be compelled to choose sides in the Chretien Martin feud -they will choose Chretien in my opinion. Macleod

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-10-14 7:01:55 AM

And there's still more bloodletting going on! Now it's Martin's fault that Canadians are dying in Afghanistan - says the Creton!

"Chretien memoir likely to rip open old Liberal wounds"

OTTAWA -- Former prime minister Paul Martin is responsible for Canadian troops ending up in the "killing fields" around Kandahar because he took too long to make a decision, former prime minister Jean Chretien charges in a new book.

In a memoir likely to rip open old Liberal wounds and exacerbate divisions within the party only days before a possible plunge into a federal election, the former Liberal leader attacks Martin on several fronts, from his scheming to force Chretien out of office to Martin's handling of Canada's Kyoto environmental protocol commitments. He also argues that Martin has only himself to blame for the grief he suffered as a result of the sponsorship scandal.

And the former prime minister offers intriguing tidbits about such figures as former media baron Conrad Black and Queen Elizabeth II.

But Chretien, long described as a political brawler, takes off the gloves when it comes to Martin. He says manoeuvring by Martin and his supporters to push him out of the prime minister's office actually steeled his resolve to stay on.

He doesn't mince words.

"I was damned if I was going to let myself be shoved out the door by a gang of self-serving goons," Chretien writes after describing the hurt and betrayal he felt upon learning in the spring of 2000 about a meeting Martin supporters had held in a Toronto airport hotel. "By trying to force me to go, they aroused my competitive spirit, ignited my anger, and inadvertently gave me the blessing I needed from Aline (his wife) to fight for a third term. For that, ironically, I owed Paul Martin a great deal of thanks."

Chretien also recounts that after the Taliban government of Afghanistan was overthrown, he carefully engineered things so Canada's soldiers were stationed around the safer area of Kabul, helping to rebuild the Afghan capital.

"Later, unfortunately, when my successor took too long to make up his mind about whether Canada should extend our term with the International Security Assistance Force, our soldiers were moved out of Kabul and sent south again to battle the Taliban in the killing fields around Kandahar," Chretien writes.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-14 7:55:17 AM

Hey maybe Martin will go offshore with his ships!
Where is he hanging these days? China maybe?

He's got to be feeling the sting of Chretien's critique. We've long known about the Chretien-Martin feud now we can read one side of it.

Martin may be busy writing an antidote but sadly there is no cure for those two warriors.
It's politics at it's nastiest. Couldn't happen to a more deserving lot. The Liberals deserve them, they deserve each other.

Canadians will be better served by an honest, united Conservative Party lead by Stephen Harper.

Harper showed pure genius by appointing a non-partisan committee on the Afghanistan Mission.
To top it off, no one saw it coming.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-14 10:09:24 AM

Let's talk about arrogance, Dion has just said on QP he will support the Throne speech if it is good for Canadians! Only he and his band of malcontents know what's good for Canadians, ain't that a hoot!!

Harper has sure hog tied that pathetic little fool and his party on all fronts.

Posted by: LizJ | 2007-10-14 10:22:12 AM

And in news from Iraq, the Leftist Washington Post now admits in an editorial that there has been a significant improvement, despite the blustering rants of DemoRats:

"The evidence of a drop in violence in Iraq is becoming hard to dispute"

NEWS COVERAGE and debate about Iraq during the past couple of weeks have centered on the alleged abuses of private security firms like Blackwater USA. Getting such firms into a legal regime is vital, as we've said. But meanwhile, some seemingly important facts about the main subject of discussion last month -- whether there has been a decrease in violence in Iraq -- have gotten relatively little attention. A congressional study and several news stories in September questioned reports by the U.S. military that casualties were down. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), challenging the testimony of Gen. David H. Petraeus, asserted that "civilian deaths have risen" during this year's surge of American forces.

A month later, there isn't much room for such debate, at least about the latest figures. In September, Iraqi civilian deaths were down 52 percent from August and 77 percent from September 2006, according to the Web site icasualties.org. The Iraqi Health Ministry and the Associated Press reported similar results. U.S. soldiers killed in action numbered 43 -- down 43 percent from August and 64 percent from May, which had the highest monthly figure so far this year. The American combat death total was the lowest since July 2006 and was one of the five lowest monthly counts since the insurgency in Iraq took off in April 2004.

During the first 12 days of October the death rates of Iraqis and Americans fell still further. So far during the Muslim month of Ramadan, which began Sept. 13 and ends this weekend, 36 U.S. soldiers have been reported as killed in hostile actions. That is remarkable given that the surge has deployed more American troops in more dangerous places and that in the past al-Qaeda has staged major offensives during Ramadan. Last year, at least 97 American troops died in combat during Ramadan. Al-Qaeda tried to step up attacks this year, U.S. commanders say -- so far, with stunningly little success.

The trend could change quickly and tragically, of course. Casualties have dropped in the past for a few weeks only to spike again. There are, however, plausible reasons for a decrease in violence. Sunni tribes in Anbar province that once fueled the insurgency have switched sides and declared war on al-Qaeda. The radical Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr ordered a cease-fire last month by his Mahdi Army. Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the top day-to-day commander in Iraq, says al-Qaeda's sanctuaries have been reduced 60 to 70 percent by the surge.

This doesn't necessarily mean the war is being won. U.S. military commanders have said that no reduction in violence will be sustainable unless Iraqis reach political solutions -- and there has been little progress on that front. Nevertheless, it's looking more and more as though those in and outside of Congress who last month were assailing Gen. Petraeus's credibility and insisting that there was no letup in Iraq's bloodshed were - to put it simply - wrong.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-14 11:06:42 AM

Well said Liz--reference "Posted by: Liz J | 13-Oct-07 4:55:02 PM"

And you know, the maritimes is a place full of conservative people.

One thing I wish more maritimers would do, and that is look at the kindness in our Prime Minister's face. He is calm, cool, and collect. He has grace, and fantastic principles. He does not have to fudge things like Martin had too. I am sure Martin knows a thing or two about business, which is why his ships fly foreign flags.. Fact is, Canadian regulations have made it difficult for shipping lines to fly--er sail it against other shipping lines, and survive. Still, he was in power and he did nothing about it. he could have been a little more honest about it--but he said nothing. And then, as you said, he tried to get cretin discredited, and it backfired. He could not contain himself--the mutterring and lies he spoke about, and his inability to remain calm and cool and collect--was of so apparent.

I just think that the maritime provinces have not been able to forgive Harper for some of the earlier statements he made, when he was not PHSH. Out here in the West, we are so relieved to have him there, that even the thing he did with the income trusts, is not hitting the fans as much as it did before.

The Liebrals don't want to go to election, because they have lost so much ground in Quebec. And, they have this leader who is GD's gift to the Conservative party. What they are trying to do is wait long enough for the last stuff to settle. But what they are not seeing, is that duffus there, is not going to get any prettier as time moves on. They, and we, deserve to have him there for as long as possible. He is a total blessing.

Posted by: Lady | 2007-10-15 12:28:26 AM

Well back to the original point...Manley. Do the numbers though. I think its a 5 man committee, well if Pam Wallen is a man...ahh close enough. Anyway, 3 conservatives, and two libs. Conservatives still have the majority and Manley was a supporter of the Mission. So If he tries to backpedal, the other 3 can over ride him.

Posted by: whelansm | 2007-10-15 4:19:15 AM

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