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Saturday, September 15, 2007

You can only be biased towards Christians

This is a friggin’ beauty - Calgary:

Three potential jurors said they might be biased against an accused killer because he’s Muslim, and were excused from duty Friday.

Although it’s not believed religion will become an issue during the Calgary trial of Mohamed Karim — the alleged hitman in the shooting death of a Calgary businessman — three people told the judge the accused’s race or religion could affect their impartiality.

The rarely used procedure that allows questions about race and religion during jury selection disturbed some in Calgary’s Muslim community.

Karim, who is Egyptian, is one of two men charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 49-year-old Calgary businessman Jack Beauchamp early last year.

The four-week trial begins Monday.

Karim, 25, is alleged to have been hired by Robert Deer, 54, to kill Beauchamp, who was found shot to death in his downtown office on Jan. 16, 2006. Deer is also charged with first-degree murder.

Karim’s lawyer initiated the procedure, which has only been used a couple of times in Calgary in recent years.

Steve Jenuth, a Calgary criminal lawyer and president of the Alberta Civil Liberties Association, said it weeds out potentially biased jurors.

“People admitting that is important,” Jenuth said. “We’d be more disturbed if people who had a (race or religion) problem didn’t admit it.”

“It may be you want to be careful, particularly in this month with the anniversary of Sept. 11, and based on other things we hear from that religion. Canada is at war and we’re certainly in an armed conflict against some people who claim they are of the Muslim faith,” Jenuth said.

However, Muslim Council of Calgary president Nagah Hage said he was surprised and disturbed it was deemed necessary to ask the question.

“Do they ask anybody else that (question), based on religion?” he asked.

“If you’re up on murder or some other charge, religion doesn’t have to come into that. We’re confident in this justice system in Canada. … Racism exists everywhere. It doesn’t mean all white people are racist.”

The race and religion question was put before 76 people, called from a pool of about 240 prospective jurors. Three admitted the man’s background would affect their ability to remain unbiased. They were dismissed, along with four others who had direct or familial connections with either the victim or witnesses scheduled to testify.

Eight women and four men, plus two alternatives, were eventually selected. (Calgary Herald)

Further folly begins here:

After 1,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators–”angry and chanting,” according to the Calgary Sun–”surged” towards the Harry Hays federal building and then the U.S. Consulate April 5, march organizer Nagah Hage pleaded with them. “Islam means peace,” he said. But “Islam” does not mean “peace,” and it was reported that the mob chanted “Death to the Jews.”

Maybe there was another reason the potential jurors were biased.

c/p Dust my Broom

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Apparently you can assault and terrorize Christian white middle class males if you are the right minority:


Posted by: WL Mackenzie Redux | 2007-09-15 8:09:56 AM

Better get use to it. Christianity is out, Islam in !

Posted by: Frico | 2007-09-15 10:48:08 AM

"Three potential jurors said they might be biased against an accused killer because he’s Muslim, and were excused from duty Friday."

Was the reverse question asked?

Might the potential juror be biased in favor of him because he's a Muslim?

No good Muslim, selected as a juror, could convict a fellow Muslim in an infidel court.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-09-15 11:25:44 AM

How right you are Speller and you can just about be certain that the reverse question was never asked.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-09-16 12:23:46 PM

While Muslim scientists are developing better road side bombs & suicide vests, there is this:

"Israeli astrophysicists help find oldest-known planet outside solar system"

The discovery of the oldest planet yet identified outside our solar system - just announced in the prestigious journal Nature - illustrates the process that is likely to lead to the sun burning out in approximately five billion years.

The planet V391b Pegasi, whose discovery was made possible by an international team of astrophysicists including researchers at Tel Aviv University, revolves around a "pulsating" star (V391 Peg) that is mutating from its "red giant" status to a shrunken "white dwarf."

The discovery means that astrophysicists can now measure the star's radiation and investigate the planet's characteristics, instead of just theorizing about the distant future of Earth and other planets when their suns reach the end of their existence.

Prof. Elia Leibowitz of TAU's Department of Astrophysics and Astronomy (and son of the late philosopher and biologist Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz) is a permanent participant in the international team whose paper in Nature included 23 authors linked in the Whole Earth Telescope project.

Leibowitz told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday night that "no one has actually seen any of the exoplanets, thus there are no photographs, but the data proves that they have to be there."

Posted by: obc | 2007-09-17 2:05:54 PM

When I first heard this story on the radio I thought it was an easy and effective way to avoid jury duty. I'm sure that every white person in Calgary will be sufficently biased to put this guy away.

Posted by: dph | 2007-09-17 4:11:28 PM

Please do!

Jury duty sucks.

Posted by: dph | 2007-09-17 4:25:26 PM

>"When I first heard this story on the radio I thought it was an easy and effective way to avoid jury duty. I'm sure that every white person in Calgary will be sufficiently biased to put this guy away."
Posted by: dph | 17-Sep-07 4:11:28 PM

You've clearly never read any of the Koran or Hadiths, dph. I haven't seen a picture of the accused but he may not be clearly colored in appearance.
What makes you tjink he is, dph?
And what makes you think Calgarians would allow any non-whites to live among them if they are as bigoted as you imagine?


If anyone ever wants to shirk their civic responsibility and avoid jury duty all they have to say is, "If the police had enough evidence to give the Crown and the Crown thinks it's enough to go to trial, they're guilty."

Posted by: Speller | 2007-09-17 4:47:38 PM

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