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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wanted: Mario Ines Torres

In June of this year two ETA terrorists (Ivan Apaolaza Sancho and Victor Tejedor Bilbao) living illegally in Canada were arrested and apparently there is one more at large who is possibly still in the country - one Mario Ines Torres:

The photo taken at an organic herb farm in D’Arcy, B.C., shows three Spanish men and their wives relaxing in a garden on plastic lawn chairs, their coffee mugs perched on a round patio table.

It looks unexceptional, but it isn’t. When the RCMP found the snapshot during a recent raid in Vancouver, they identified the men as Ivan Apaolaza Sancho, Victor Tejedor Bilbao and Mario Ines Torres — all wanted terrorists.

What they were doing at the isolated Moon Farm, deep in the Coast Mountains, remains a mystery, but two have since been captured by the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency, which say they are members of the terrorist organization ETA.

The third, Mr. Torres, remains on the loose. Canadian immigration has issued an arrest warrant. It describes him as a member of the International Revolutionary Action Group. All three men in the picture are alleged to have violent pasts.

Police files obtained by the National Post say Mr. Torres kidnapped a bank director, placed two car bombs in front of an Iberian airlines office in Belgium, was caught with weapons in France and has ties to ETA and several other leftist terror groups. […]

There is no evidence the Spaniards were planning attacks in Canada. Officials believe they were simply here for “R&R.” Despite being wanted on international warrants, the men spent years living freely in B.C. One drove a black SUV to work. Another took his parents on a vacation to the Rockies last year. […]

The RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team in B.C. showed the photo they found to a “confidential source” who identified everyone in the shot.

The informant told police a woman in the foreground was Mr. Torres’ wife, Margaret Moon, the organic farmer who runs Moon Farm and sells her produce at the market in Whistler, B.C.

A Canadian immigration report says Mr. Torres was stopped at the Douglas border crossing in B.C. in April, 2005, as he was returning to Canada from a holiday in Mexico.

Interviewed by immigration officers, he said he had been living in D’Arcy and confirmed he had been a member of the International Revolutionary Action Group.

Asked if he had any involvement with ETA, he said: “No, I don’t like nationalists, particularly.”

The CBSA decided to deport Mr. Torres for terrorism. Instead of holding him in custody, he was instructed to come to a hearing before the IRB in Vancouver on Jan. 12, 2006.

He never showed up. Police are still looking for him. (National Post)

Divine Bed and Breakfast at the Moon Farm in D’Arcy, B.C. offered a Spanish in a Weekend Summer Retreat starring you know who:

Included in the package are 3 meals per day and accommodation, two per room and private rooms where available. We feature various dishes from Spain and Latin America. Saturday afternoon includes a cooking demonstration with Mario Ines-Torres from Barcelona, now a resident of the valley, followed by a sumptuous feast. Then we are entertained by Mario’s flamenco guitar around the bonfire. (#)

On the homepage:

Mario Ines-Torres. Mario is a resident of Devine, a gypsy born in Barcelona, Spain. He is a flamenco guitarist and singer of flamenco styles of music renown in North America. A great entertainer, he also tells the history and culture of the gypsy or Rom people. He’s been cooking “paella” and other typical spanish dishes since his boyhood in his grandmother’s kitchen.

Mario Ines-Torres was also featured in a May 2005 newsletter published by the University of Toronto which reviewed Romani Music Night at Kino Café in Vancouver:

Mario and Margaret now operate an organic farm located a three hours’ drive north of Vancouver, and come to the city occasionally when Mario performs with his new band Tato Pani (#)

Margaret is the Margaret Moon and Mario is a wanted terrorist/flamenco singer and guitarist.

So to sum this up, one Mario Ines-Torres who in 1974 was involved in kidnapping a bank director in Paris and involved in two car bombings has been playing in a flamenco band in Vancouver when not hiding out at his wife’s farm in D’Arcy, B.C..

As the National Post story above tells us he probably had no reason to hide.

In unbelievable parody Mario Ines-Torres was interviewed in a 1999 National Film Board of Canada documentary titled Opre Roma: Gypsies in Canada:


You can watch the clip here at the NFB’s Across Cultures


In today’s National Post (Sept 28):

A Spanish man described by Canadian immigration officials as a former left-wing terrorist lived for a decade in B.C. as “Lolo,” singer of a flamenco band called Los Canasteros.

Mario Ines Torres was being deported from Canada for terrorism last year when immigration officials in Vancouver lost track of him and issued a warrant for his arrest.

He has still not been found, but before he vanished he was a regular at a Vancouver tapas bar, where he sang and played guitar, and also performed at the Vancouver Folk Festival.

“When I sing, I am just a transport for the voice of my ancestors. I didn’t choose to sing, they chose me,” Lolo says on the band’s Internet page, which says the band is named after the “Gypsies of Southern Spain.”

“He’s actually a very nice fellow,” said Mark Bellini, manager of Kino Cafe, where Mr. Torres performed. […]

Despite his alleged past as a terrorist, Mr. Torres was well-known in flamenco music circles and was even featured in a National Film Board documentary about ethnic Roma in Canada.

c/p Dust my Broom

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Who cares? Even if he is apprehended, some Leftoid judge will release him on $1,000 bail, allowing him to escape once again. Or if he feels like getting truly tough, the judge may place him under "house arrest".

Posted by: obc | 2007-09-27 11:37:30 AM

obc you left out that he would only need to claim refugee status and would be accepted like all the others. Our system, if one can call it that, is a laughing stock throughout the world.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-09-27 3:50:58 PM

Based on these comments it appears that people are only too willing to believe whatever appears in the media.
Give me a break. Have we found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet ?

Posted by: Morgan | 2007-10-23 3:16:01 PM

Based on these comments it appears that people are only too willing to believe whatever appears in the media.
Give me a break. Have we found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet ?

Posted by: Morgan | 2007-10-23 3:16:06 PM


Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-23 3:19:14 PM

Indeed we have.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-23 3:43:38 PM

Nobody told you about it because you wouldn't believe it anyhoo, Morgan.

Posted by: Speller | 2007-10-23 3:49:42 PM

The leftoid web sites are in denial mode whenever something arises that contradicts their template.

They will go completely bonkers when P.M. Harper wins a majority. Watch for allegations of voter fraud a la Al Gore, Jr. when he wins it.

Posted by: obc | 2007-10-23 3:57:01 PM

I'm always into discussions on anything organic, so this read made me feel at home.
I'll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

Posted by: Acai Berry Detox | 2008-08-24 3:26:38 PM

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