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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Point taken

I think the questions I raised in my posting last week --  about the implications of the appointment of former Indian chief Steven Point, who has headed two aboriginal "nations,"  as lieutenant-governor of B.C. --  are more germane than ever now that Canada has voted against the big UN declaration on aboriginal rights, on grounds related, in part, to the impossibility of giving more rights to the country's 650 "First Nations."

Where do you stand on the "nation" issue, Mr. Point? Do you believe that distinct aboriginal bands are "nations" with nation-like powers? If so, do you consider yourself part of one or more of those nations? And, if so, do think that this nationality is on a par with your Canadian nationality? In other words, to which "nation" do you give your highest alliegance?

Posted by Terry O'Neill on September 13, 2007 in Aboriginal Issues | Permalink


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Oh here we go with the "allegiance" thing again... I thought we got over that when Michaelle Jean made her first trip to Afghanistan.

Aboriginals are arguably much more Canadian than any white man or woman who set foot on this land. So to question their allegiance is, I think, simply an exercise in xenophobia... in fact, should we maybe be pledging our allegiance to them?

Posted by: Chris Alemany | 2007-09-13 8:49:24 PM

Alemany, you are a racist and very contemptible. "Arguably much more Canadian than any white man"? You probably have no idea how disgusting you are to normal intelligent people.

Posted by: anon | 2007-09-13 9:05:23 PM

"You probably have no idea how disgusting you are to normal intelligent people."
Posted by: anon | 13-Sep-07 9:05:23 PM

I'm not normal and even I'm disgusted.
Here's my argument against Alemany's.

Canadians are the most overtaxed people on this continent.

Indians by and large don't pay taxes, therefore Indians aren't Canadians.

We're pledging $10+ billion of our taxes to Indians annually.
If that isn't allegiance it's sure a good counterfeit.

How's that for an argument, Chris?

Posted by: Speller | 2007-09-13 11:05:44 PM

Actually Michelle Jean is a good example. She went on public record that she was a separtist, till this appointment came along, then suddenly she was a national heroine of the first order. (drawing a large paycheque!)

The large cheque is key, as I believe that is why this man in question changed or hid his agenda.

And as for agendas, why is it wrong for the left to scream that the right has agendas, and then scream when ordinary people question the very agendas of anyone who isn't on the "right".

Questioning the agenda of anyone in public office is a very patriotic and sensible thing to do.

Posted by: canadian freedoms fan | 2007-09-14 4:21:58 PM

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