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Monday, September 24, 2007

CCLA stumbles into politics

The Canadian Civil Liberities Association has entered the Ontario election fray by demanding the end of all funding for religious schools.

"It's time to get religion out of all of the schools," says Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, director of the freedom of expression project for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.  "Indoctrination of children with particular religious values should not be happening at public expense in places where all kids are required to be, like the schools," she adds.

But doesn't such a position run contrary to the CCLA's supposed commitment to protect individual freedom against state power? Moreover, why didn't the CCLA use the opportunity to discuss some real educational reforms, such as charter schools and voucher systems, of the sort that would undoubtedly enhance liberty?

It's a sad day, indeed, when a group that is supposed to defend liberty supports a monolithic, no-choice, state-run program. But perhaps the CCLA's strictly-secular stance means that it supports only one type of indoctrination.

Posted by Terry O'Neill on September 24, 2007 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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"indoctrination of children with particular religious values should not be happening at public expense in places where all kids are required to be, like the schools"

I could not agree more with her on this which is why I oppose the present system where children are forcibly indoctrinated with the religion of the Left. This outfit is our version of the ACLU and they have nothing whatsoever in common with liberty.

Posted by: Alain | 2007-09-24 9:42:03 AM

If the CCLA was concerned about liberties, the quote should have been: "It's time to get the state out of all of the schools". How can a nation with so-called "multicultural values" please all interests within a collectivized school system without turning it's curriculum into mush. A fully funded free choice school voucher or tax credit is the only way this can happen.

The CCLU should be called the Politically Correct Radically Secular Left Lib Association.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-09-24 10:04:11 AM

"Ms. Mendelsohn Aviv" of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association(CCLA) is quoted in the Globe and Mail article as saying,"the anachronism of Catholic school funding will be eliminated."
I believe the CCLA is an "anachronism" and if it believes in "civil liberties," does it advocate forced public funding for public schools? By the way does anybody out there know if the CCLA receives any public funding?

Posted by: Stephen J. Gray | 2007-09-24 10:57:56 AM

"indoctrination of children with particular religious values"

...what this Noa Mendelsohn Aviv airhead doesn't know is that she/he is also guilty of religious indoctrination.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-09-24 11:20:04 AM

Have you ever wondered why the Civil Liberties Association does not object to compulsory unionism and forced association? Here is a quote from "Underground Nation" by Diane Francis, page 119.
"Borovoy's Civil Liberties Association is supported financially in large measure by trade labour-union leaders, and their representatives sit on his board. Borovoy himself was counsel with the Canadian Labour Congress before creating the association. That is why he,and his board,have never had any appetite for individual rights when they challenge union rights."
The president of the Canadian Labour Congess sits on the board of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association(CCLA). To see all the CCLA directors go to:
It is interesting to note that some trade unions have been vocal against taxpayer funding for private schools. Meanwhile trade unions pay NO TAXES and some of them have received taxpayer funded government grants including the Canadian Labour Congress.

Posted by: Stephen J. Gray | 2007-09-24 12:27:27 PM

CAW General Motors just walked out on strike!GM
may very well walk away from Canada CCLA used to be dominated by Communists until Brother Stalin went on to his just reward -CCLA think that Brother Castro's
Cuba is the worker's paradise not realizing that's its really Prince Edward Island - Macleod

Posted by: Jack MacLeod | 2007-09-24 1:22:00 PM

I continue to be amazed at how socially backwards Ontario is on the education issue.

Alberta's model works well.

Funding follows every student, whether to public, seperate (Catholic), home-schools or charter.

Why is this freedom of choice for parents such a difficult concept for Ontarians to grab?

Posted by: set you free | 2007-09-24 1:32:06 PM

Nova Scotia funded all Pubic Schools including religious schools for seventy five years -Liberals
were in power for seventy two years, and simply funded Parochial Schools first, others followed
-Archbishop McNally Halifax ensured that every Roman Catholic Priest was a member of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party. Our family was educated in RC Parochial Schools right up to University. Public funding worked because of political will, and devine
intervention as my late Mother would have said.

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2007-09-24 2:13:40 PM

Yep...stop the funding! Then stop the funding for all your other non-liberal supported causes(for that week anyway, because a liberal changes their spots depending on the prevailing winds)...and after a few years make these groups illegal by branding them with you sick perverted anti-hate laws...Ontario need a dose of reality.

Posted by: Sean Whelan | 2007-09-24 2:19:38 PM

Like I said last week, the Lieberals in Ontario are RACIST!

Dullton's kids are able to enjoy faith based schools funded by the taxpayers, Dullton's wife draws a paycheck from government funded religoous schools too. Sorbara's kids never went to a public scholl as daddy was rich.

I guess that their WHITE children are better than Jewish children, better than Hindu kids, beter than Muzzie kids.

Any government policy that is so blatantly RACIST should NOT be continued! Fund ALL religous schools, or fund none.

Posted by: Hoser | 2007-09-24 3:20:56 PM

"Indoctrination of children with particular religious values should not be happening at public expense"

What many here seem to have missed is that this witch is saying that she believes ALL religious education is indoctrination, but there's a limit to what government can control - so far!

Posted by: obc | 2007-09-24 6:14:38 PM

Teacher's Pet Dolton McGuinty only opposes funding all religious schools because he is owned by the Teachers Union - otherwise he would certainly drop millions of dollars on anything 'ethnic' - he buys their votes in other areas.

The Teacher's Union orders McGuinty to take certain positions and he does exactly what they say - he can't afford to lose the Union money or their influence - he wrote them blank cheques after the last election and the Teachers are pulling out all the stops to get McGuinty re-elected, but of course they won't do it at the expense of their own control over the education billions in Ontario.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2007-09-24 7:27:30 PM

Dennis Prager:

"When the left ceaselessly repeats the mantra "Bush lied," it may simply be projecting onto George W. Bush what comes quite naturally to the left -- when it offers false Iraqi death statistics, false homeless data, false rape statistics, false secondhand smoke statistics, false claims about the percentage of gays in the population, and false claims of just about everything else the left cares about."

LEFTOIDS HAVE NO shame when it comes to lying as long as it furthers their cause. Of course, stealing rings from jewelry stores is the natural progression of public dishonesty.

Posted by: obc | 2007-09-25 6:58:26 AM

Why not take relious preferences etc out of prisons and make all prisoners equal.
Why is it ok to bend over backward for some in prison, but make it wrong to have religion in school.
If those muslims in prison are so religious why are they in jail.

Posted by: marylT | 2007-09-25 7:31:41 AM

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