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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Point-ed question

UPDATE: The Vancouver Sun has now raised the 'nation' issue in its lead editorial today.

In light of the controversy two years ago over Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean's dual citizenship--a controversy that focused on the question of which nation she would be loyal to in the event of a showdown between Canada and France--I wonder if the same question might not now be asked of B.C.'s new lieutenant-governor, Steven Point.

Mr. Point has had a distinguished career as an aboriginal leader, a lawyer, professor and judge, and will likely make a fine lieutenant-governor, serving as an inspiration for B.C.'s native Indians and helping move forward the B.C. Liberal government's reconciliation program.

But, as the premier's press release says, Mr. Point was once the elected head of the Skowkale First Nation  [emphasis added] in B.C.'s Fraser Valley, and was also tribal chair of the Sto:lo Nation [there's that word again].

To hear some of B.C.'s more outspoken aboriginal leaders tell it, this "nation" concept is very serious stuff. For example, they consider treaty talks between their leaders and the representatives of B.C.  and the federal government to be negotiations between three equal partners. Is this what Mr. Point thinks? If so, then I think we are entitled to ask with which "nation" -- Canada or the Skowkale -- he places his foremost loyalty.

Mr. Point has already served as a provincial court judge and commissioner of the B.C. Treaty Commission, so I have little doubt that his loyalty to the Crown is uppermost. Nevertheless, I would like to see him address this interesting and potentially important question.

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Could this be a blatant attempt to assimilate an Indian into the mainstream or .....

just more of the the purge is to rid the world of white English speaking people.

Notice to all applicants of any government position ... white English speaking men need not apply.


Posted by: John | 2007-09-04 8:15:48 PM

I would be interested to know why one nation (Canada) has to pay and pay and pay and... for the other nation to exist. Isn't a nation an independent and self-supporting body?


Posted by: RightGirl | 2007-09-04 8:35:42 PM

...aboriginal lieutenant-governor.

Hopefully it is a good sign of natives breaking free of the poverty mentality.

Then again with the First "Nations" thing...if it wasn't so serious, this would make for a great Monty Python dead parrot skit

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-09-04 9:02:19 PM

Well, interesting problem you have highlighted there! Im sure he will be a fine Lt. Gov. I wonder if he will become a hero or outcast of the aboriginal people.

Posted by: whelansm | 2007-09-05 1:48:48 AM

...you know there used to be a time when someone got a job, they earned it. Oh yes, partisan, in-house, family type promotions were around then, but mostly someone got the job for doing hard work.

Now-a-days I have to do a double take if the person got the job because they were native, minority, gay, female or is as far opposite of a "MicMac" sounding name.

Sad. I want to be happy this native made the post, but because of today's PC environment, I have my doubts.

Yes, thanks Mr. T.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2007-09-05 10:55:10 AM


I used to sit with the BC provincial negotiators representing local government at the treaty negotiations table and I used to ponder the following:

Thanks to historical revisionism, the SCC, and PC politicians the question of Crown sovereignty has been pushed to the brink of legitimacy based on seemingly permanent FN negotiations. I've often thought (in a perverse sense) that we should encourage the push a little further and start fresh from total anarchy. The FN minority would be an easy question to deal with given demographics but think of the other benefits related to non-FN issues.

Hey these were boring meetings!

Posted by: John Chittick | 2007-09-05 10:58:22 AM

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